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APCDA connects career development professionals who work in or are interested in the Asia Pacific region and provides a global forum for sharing career development ideas, research, and techniques that are effective in the Asia Pacific region. To learn more about APCDA, click "About APCDA."  To donate, click "Support APCDA."

Lifelong Guidance in the Heart of Lifelong Learning

We are delighted to welcome Raimo Vuorinen as a Keynote speaker for APCDA for a second time.  He also spoke to us in Japan in 2016 and shared with us valuable information about European efforts to build cross-border awareness of career development programs and measures of quality.  Many European countries trace career development back to the Middle

Ages, when they developed apprenticeship programs for youth.  Each country implements career guidance differently, accommodating treasured cultural values.

Dr. Vuorinen spent many years as the head of the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network, ELGPN.  We could not find a better person to address our theme this year: Embracing Lifelong Career Development.  He knows well the importance of continuing to learn and adapt In this time of rapid technological change, where skills quickly become obsolete. As our lives shift to accommodate the increased reliance on technology for learning new skills, we are also shifting away from the reliance on experts to teach us. This new way of learning promises to dramatically impact career guidance practices and policies.

If Dr. Vuorinen looks serious, it may be attributed to living on Finland, which shares a long border with Russia. Many of us are concerned about the fate of Finland in these troubled times.  Please keep Dr. Vuorinen and his country in mind as you watch the news.

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Dates to Remember

May 16-27, 2022 APCDA Conference, Virtual
June 27-29, 2022 NCDA Conference, Anaheim, USA
May 17-26, 2023 APCDA Conference, Kazakhstan (Hybrid)

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Asia Pacific Career Development Journal (APCDJ) is an international biannual scholarly journal dedicated to all career development and intervention related topics. The Journal also has a monthly Podcast that includes interviews with experts in our field.

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