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Welcome to the Asia Pacific Career Development Association

APCDA connects career development professionals who work in or are interested in the Asia Pacific region and provides a global forum for sharing career development ideas, research, and techniques that are effective in the Asia Pacific region. To learn more about APCDA, click "About APCDA."  To donate, click "Support APCDA."

2022 Hybrid APCDA Conference

Hybrid conferences are very popular in this second year of the pandemic.  We all want to meet in person in 2022, but COVID has been surging again.  Even if COVID disappeared tomorrow, we know that some of our members need a Virtual option because they can’t travel halfway around the world for a conference. 

How can the in-person experiences and the virtual experience be merged?  Virtual audiences need short bursts of intense activity while attendees put their normal life on pause for a few hours.  APCDA serves 16 time zones, and there is no time of day when a 3- hour Virtual event is comfortable for everyone, although recording the sessions for on-demand viewing eases the timing problem a bit.  In-person events require that activities be packed into a couple of days to reduce hotel and other travel expenses.  We can expect the full attention of the audience for about 2 days, with some people staying engaged longer.  The best wisdom in the event industry is to offer both types of experience, rather than a blended experience that satisfies no one.

The 2022 Hybrid APCDA Conference will begin with a week of Virtual-only activities.  We think the Virtual-only activities should be scheduled first because some attendees will need to spend a week in Singapore in quarantine, and they can participate virtually. This first week will consist primarily of breakout sessions. All breakout sessions will be offered virtually, so presenters do not need to attend in person.  Please think about a topic you would like to share, and visit the Call for Proposals page to learn more.

The second week will focus on the In-Person experience in Singapore.  Keynotes, panel discussions, and other events planned by our association will be presented to a live audience, COVID permitting, although some presenters may be remote.  Panel discussions will be designed to accommodate virtual and in-person panelists. Virtual attendees will be able to ask questions and participate in the activities as much as the in-person audience.  The in-person events will be packed into 2.5 days.  Some events may happen in the middle of the night for some of our Virtual audience, with recorded versions for on-demand viewing.

Visit our 2022 Conference page for more details.  Please consider presenting.  Make sure to submit your presentation proposal by November 30, 2021.

Dates to Remember

Oct 19-21, 2021 IAEVG Conference, Rigga, Latvia
Jan 24-26, & Feb 4, 2022 Cannexus22 Conference, Ottawa, Canada
May 24-28, 2022 APCDA Conference, Singapore
May, 2023 APCDA Conference, Kazakhstan

APCD Journal

Asia Pacific Career Development Journal (APCDJ) is an international biannual scholarly journal dedicated to all career development and intervention related topics. The Journal also has a monthly Podcast that includes interviews with experts in our field.

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