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Welcome to the Asia Pacific Career Development Association

APCDA connects career development professionals who work in or are interested in the Asia Pacific region and provides a global forum for sharing career development ideas, research, and techniques that are effective in the Asia Pacific region. To learn more about APCDA, click "About APCDA."  To donate, click "Support APCDA."

2020 Conference

Think Globally, Act Locally

In 2016, Dr. David Reile pressed the Board of NCDA to form a Credentialing Commission.  For over 100 years, NCDA had debated and defined the skills and training required for excellence in our profession.  Why did it take so long?  What was so difficult about defining all of this?  How much effort will it take for the Asia Pacific region to define its own values, ethics, and standards of practice?  Dr. Reile will raise these issues in his morning keynote on March 12, then he and Dr. Suddarth will dive deeper into the details in the 3-hour Professional Development Institute in the afternoon, looking specifically at the differences between Career Counseling and Career Coaching.  By analyzing the characteristics of a competent training program for career practitioners, they will provide guidance both to individuals searching for training and to those providing training for others.

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Dates to Remember

Mar 10-15, 2020 APCDA Conference, Delhi, India
Jun 30-Jul 2, 2020 NCDA Conference, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Oct 20-22, 2020 IAEVG Conference, Rigga, Latvia
May 25-29, 2021 APCDA Conference, Singapore
May, 2022 APCDA Conference, Kazakhstan

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