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Job World Tour and Opening Ceremony

The conference started at Job World, with a tour, dinner, and keynote talk.

CCF President Eunmee Hwang greeted us at the door to Job World.

Representatives from many countries met on the bus.

There were also many guests Korean guests.

Job World made a great first impression

We enjoyed meeting the Job World staff.

We received packets, nametags, and gifts at the registration table.

We were divided into tour groups.

Job World makes career choices fun and interesting.

Many rooms are devoted to groups of related occupations.

Quizes and games add to the fun.

Dinner was a good time to get to know each other.

The Job World cafeteria was a lovely place for dinner.

We shared ideas over dinner.

Korean dignitaries met Dick Bolles, the keynote speaker.

For some, talking was more important than eating.

Dick Bolles prepares for his talk.

Dick Bolles explains how he could reorganize his skills if he needed to find a different job.

These ideas were very interesting and practical.

Shelley Kim invites questions for Dick to answer.

Dick and Marci Bolles and friends say goodbye to Job World.

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