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Subscribing to the News Blog

Asia Pacific Career Developments is emailed weekly. It is free to anyone who wishes to receive it. Click here to subscribe.

Submitting Articles to the New Blog

Please submit articles in Microsoft Word format to Articles are normally 600 to 1500 words in length, although we also accept longer articles.  Our Blog is not a research journal and our APCD Journal is happy to accept research articles.  The tone of our News Blog is usually relaxed rather than formal.  We are looking for announcements of local events, practical information, opinions, or experiences.  A bio and photograph per article author also is required for first time authors. If you are planning to write about a topic, please let our News Committee know which topic you have chosen and when we might receive the article.  Please also use this email address if you have questions.

Our weekly blog is published on Sunday each week.  Articles received by Monday can be edited and ready to release on Sunday.  Because the blog is weekly, there is no fixed deadline, but there is usually a delay of almost a week to get the article ready for publication.  If it is necessary to delay publication because we already have too many articles, we will let you know.

Career Trend Articles

We invite your contributions.  Articles on the following topics have been requested by our members.  Please consider writing on these or other topics.  If you are planning to submit and article, please let us know in advance when you will be able to submit your article and what topic you plan to write about.

Aligned with 2020 Member Survey Results

Articles about the provision of career services for adult clients in different countries.

Articles about using social media, technology, and ethics in careers practice.

Oct 2021

Theme 5 – The Business of Careers and Marketing the Value of Career Services

Articles on different types of careers practice business and models of careers practice, including private practice, marketing career services, and the importance of career development to individuals and the nation.

Nov – Dec 2021

Theme 6 – Using Labor Market Information: Anticipating Future Job Trends and Skill Requirements

Articles on resources and initiatives available in different countries on national, regional, and local labor market information, including future projections in relation to job outlook and future skill requirements in each country.

Jan 2022

Theme 7 – Careers and Creativity

Articles on supporting creative clients to develop their creative career and creativity in professional career development practice.

Please volunteer for topics about which you have knowledge to share.

Citing APC Developments

You can quote a newsletter in a formal research report using this format:

Asia Pacific Career Development Association [APCDA]. ([insert year article was published]). News Blog. Retrieved [insert today’s date], from [insert URL of the news article]

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