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APCD Journal - March 2020

The latest issue of the Asia Pacific Career Development Journal has just been released.

Also, notice in the Editor's note that a podcast will be available soon featuring the author of the Lead Article. Watch for this new podcast series featuring authors of the articles.

Read the March 2020 Issue.

Coping with COVID-19:

Positive Thinking

April 5/6

The many challenges caused by this pandemic have raised mental health issues for many. Fear, insecurity, and loss of contact with friends can be overwhelming.  Learn techniques for dealing with the stress for yourself or to help your clients.

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$10 USD for non-members in high-income countries
$5 USD for non-members in other countries.

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The Jobs of Tomorrow

How do We Prepare for Them?

Sunday, April 19/Monday, April 20

As a center for industry in Asia, future trends related to work are likely to appear first in Singapore. Two Singaporean futurists have been studying clues and trends, and will share their insights. This is a unique opportunity to gain a new perspective on the future of work and is certain to stimulate our thinking on this important topic.

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2021 APCDA Conference

Embracing Lifelong Career Development

May 25 - 29, 2021

This island nation has created amazing career planning programs for its citizens.  Could this be one of the secrets to their economic success?  Find out how they do it and enjoy the wonderful food and beauty in this fascinating country.

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Nominations for President-Elect
are Officially Open.

Nominations will continue to be accepted through May 31.  According to our bylaws, we must publish our Call for Nominations in our Asia Pacific Career Developments. The election will be held in early July and the new President-Elect will take office October 1.

Please seriously consider who you would like to see as the next President-elect of APCDA.  Click here for a description of President-Elect.  This is a 3-year term (President-Elect, President, Past President).

Self-nominations are welcome.  Send your nominations to Past-President Carla Siojo at before May 31 (but sooner is better).  Nominations should include a letter or email from the nominee stating his/her willingness to serve and the resume of the nominee.

Nomination Deadline:  May 31

You are welcome to self-nominate.

Recorded Webinars

Have you visited the APCDA library of recorded webinars lately?  You would be surprised how much information is available there.  Webinars over 1-year old are free to members, and $10 USD to non-members.

For example, listen to Dr. Rich Feller explain his six steps to career awareness.  His acronym, HERIOC helps us to remember these steps.  He has been explaining this process to audiences small and large for years, but it is as fresh and useful today as it was when he recorded this webinar.

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