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Call for Volunteers:
APCDA’s Local Organization Educational Program Accreditation

APCDA has often been asked to accredit educational programs provided by or Organization Members.  Each program is related to career development, but each is a bit different.  The Officers of APCDA have developed a plan to begin the evaluation of our first educational program offered by a local organization in China.  We hope to repeat this process when other local organizations ask us to accredit their educational program, so we have adopted a new acronym: LOEP Accreditation.

The first program we will evaluate is one that helps college graduates to understand and become experts in the job search process.  We have every reason to believe it is an excellent program and we are happy to use it as our first example for the process of accrediting an education program.

We know that many of our members provide job search assistance and training in their own university or community.  While cultural issues may differ in each country and setting, APCDA has many members who understand the basic structure of such a program.  Our Career Service Competencies provide a list of the relevant competencies for such a program. In this case, the students pay a fee for this training program, so they want to believe it is excellent.  After APCDA members evaluate this program, we can provide this reassurance to the students.  The process of evaluation will be one of learning on both sides.  The team of APCDA Members who conduct this evaluation will learn how one local organization conducts an outstanding job search training program and can offer suggestions for ongoing assessment and improvement.  The local organization will also learn a great amount through this evaluation process.  Of course, our evaluation process will be conducted remotely and will result in use of the APCDA logo to assure students of the value of this program.

If you are a member of APCDA who helps college students to navigate the job search process and are interested in participating in this evaluation team, please send an email to

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Researching Career Development Issues

By Dr. Hsiu-Lan (Shelley) Tien and Dr. Poh Li Lau

Tuesday, August 17/Wednesday August 18, 2021

Bring your research ideas and learn how to make them a reality.  Find others to join in multi-country research. Design our next research study.

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APCDA Glossary of Career Development Terminology, Version 2

April, 2022
By the Glossary Taskforce

APCDA is proud to announce the release of Version 2 of the English version of our Glossary of Career Development Terminology containing over 100 terms.  This is the product of years of work by a very dedicated group of career practitioners.  The names and bios for the team are at the front of the document. The Ethics and Standards Committee, which is chaired by Dr. Vandana Gambhir Chopra (, is responsible for the Glossary (in addition to ethics and standards).

The new Glossary Taskforce has already begun work on another 60 terms and is seeking fresh volunteers.  Our goal is to have Version 3 ready by May, 2022.  Please contact Dr. Chopra at to volunteer.

We also have translations of Version 1 into several languages.  We would love to have more languages, and updates from Version 1 to Version 2.  If you are interested in translating the glossary into another language, please contact

News Committee

Call for Articles

June - August Theme:

Career Practices and Techniques

Write a 600-900 word article about Career Practices and Techniques to be published in the Asia Pacific Career Developments news blog. Any age or stage of career development or career service context is appropriate. Describe your setting, then share the technique you use to make career development more effective for your clients. Our News Committee, Dr. Catherine Hughes, Momoko Asaka, and Carla Siojo are eager to hear about the article you intend to write. Write to us about your ideas or plans at

Articles about this topic will be published from June through August. We would prefer to receive either the article or information about the topic you intend to write about by May 17. More information can be found on the About News page or our website.

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