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APCDA Glossary of Career Development Terminology, Version 3

May, 2022
By the Glossary Taskforce

APCDA is proud to announce the release of Version 3 of the English version of our Glossary of Career Development Terminology containing 178 terms.  This is the product of years of work by a very dedicated career practitioners.  The names and bios for the team are at the front of the document. The Ethics and Standards Committee, which is chaired by Dr. Vandana Gambhir Chopra (, is responsible for the Glossary (in addition to ethics and standards).

We have translations of Version 1 into Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Malay, and Vietnamese.  We would love to have more languages, and updates from Version 1 to Version 3.  If you are interested in translating the glossary into another language, please contact

APCDA's Recorded Webinar Library

APCDA has many recorded webinars, some by famous people and all containing really valuable information about our field.  Some webinars are free to all.  Other webinars use dual pricing based on the average income of your area. After six months, all paid webinars are free for members and low-priced for non-members.

To make it easier to find past webinars, we just added a new feature which allows you to search by topic.  This new feature can be found on the Recorded Webinars page. Prefer to read the full titles to find ones that interest you? Look for the Free Webinars page.

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