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Peer Supervision for the Helping Professional

By Dr. Timothy Hsi
Wednesday, Jan 27/Thursday, Jan 28, 2021

Traditionally, practitioners from the helping professions are required to receive clinical supervision form a senior practitioner/supervisor as part of their professional development.  However, as career practice in much of the Asia Pacific region is still in its early stages of development, there are currently very few qualified career supervisors within the community.  Until this changes, a highly effective alternative is for career practitioners to engage in peer supervision as part of their professional development.  This approach harnesses the power of social learning (Bandura, 1971) which proposes that new behaviors can be acquired by observing and emulating others.  Dr. Timothy Hsi will explain the process of peer supervision and the benefit for organizations.

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APCDA Scholarships

Applications for the Annual Scholarships for the 2021 APCDA International Conference are now open.  Scholarships for this virtual conference cover registration for all events at this conference which will be held from May 19 -29, 2021.  Scholarships are available to students earning a degree in counseling or a related field, or students in a certification program in the field of career development and those who graduated from such a program within the last 5 years. You can apply if plan to attend the entire conference, have not previously won a scholarship from APCDA, and can explain how this conference will help you to provide better career services in your home country.

This APCDA Conference will be completely virtual – so you can attend from anywhere.  It is designed to allow you to attend while completing your normal responsibilities, with only 3 hours per day of activities and plenty of breaks for networking.  The schedule is most convenient in the time zone for China, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Western Australia. Schedules for 16 different time zones are provided on our website. For more information about the events, visit our conference pageClick here for an application form.

Recognize Your Colleagues

There is no better way to say thank you to those who have mentored you professionally than to nominate them for an APCDA Award.  If you have observed a colleague who is truly inspiring, let that person know what you think by nominating that colleague.  We are looking for these types of professionals:

Outstanding Career Practitioner Award: a person who provides career services to others with love an dedication, whether a new career practitioner or one with many years of experience

Outstanding Educator of Career Professionals Award: a person who trains others in this field, whether at a university, through a private academy, or as an individual who offers training to others.

Lifetime Achievement Award: a person who has spent at least 25 years in this field, providing services to career seekers, educating/mentoring others, leading groups toward success, or convincing policy-makers to take career development seriously.

For each of these awards, we are seeking nominees who have continually exhibited outstanding effort to improving career development within the community and who inspire our APCDA community members as exemplars by their innovative ways of delivering theory-based and research-driven career development services.

The deadline for submitting a nomination is March 15, 2021

Why not start today?

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Member Mentoring Webinar

Virtually Excellent 2.0

It is clear! We will continue to work, meet, coach, and train virtually in 2021 and beyond.

As a gift to you and our industry... this free, interactive DEMO shares some of the most powerful virtual excellence strategies we have learned in the last couple of months. (It requires specific technology, see 'Required' at left). RSVP now and join. Build your expertise and confidence and interact with some great people as we all improve together.

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More Ethical Dilemmas

We had a wonderful first webinar on ethical dilemmas this past week, but there were as many committee members as attendees.  We discussed two pre-determined dilemmas in small groups, and this discussion was helpful in untangling the many issues we face in each ethical dilemma.  Dr. Gambhir Chopra showed us the points in the APCDA Ethical Guidelines that related to these cases.  We found up to 20 of our ethical points were relevant in each of these dilemmas.  It was enlightening to read the relevant sections of the document and think about how those words applied in each case. 

Those who watch the recorded webinar will miss out on the small group discussions, which are not recorded.  These opportunities for professional discussion are often very powerful as we personally grapple with naming the principals that guide us in our work.

The next Ethical Dilemmas webinar in late March will include ethical dilemmas submitted by our members.  Please think about the ethical dilemmas you have faced in your work and submit your dilemmas to the Ethics and Standards Committee Chair, Vandana Gambhir Chopra at  Please plan to attend this valuable webinar in which we will each examine the dilemmas you have submitted, untangle the many ethical values that are involved in each situation, and discuss the many ways we could react in these situations. Discussing complex situations together strengthens us by giving us time to think carefully about the issues and prepares us to face difficult situations we may encounter in the future.

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