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Country/Area Council Summary

May 2021

By Hector Lin

The Country/Area Council met on May 5 and reports from this meeting can be found on the Country Information Pages on our website.  Please use the links below to read these reports and learn the details behind these short summaries.

Australia: COVID caused job loss, but economy is recovering well.  New tools are available free from the government and Career Week May 17-23.

Azerbaijan: Making exciting improvements in career services offered, including government employment centers, university courses in career planning, and Ministry of Education focus on career guidance.

Canada: COVID is still a major concern in Canada. The government has launched several major programs to identify the skill that will be need in the future, help Canadians to up-skill, and to make job transitions based on the skills they have.

Indonesia: Progressing in survey needs for career planning services, increasing the services provided, and building the Career Counselor Training program at Krida University.  Also working on translating APCDA’s Glossary, Ethical Guidelines, and Competencies into Indonesian and building participation in APCDA.

Japan:  The hiring season has started.  It is not as big as in past years, but the activities are normal.  Japan has 7 new APCDA members and a large group are attending the conference.  JCDA now has over 20,000 members.

Kazakhstan: 6% of the population has been vaccinated.  Universities are using a combination of online and in-person courses and career fairs. The labor market has begun to recover, but employment is still heavily affected by COVID.

Korea: Progress continues on the High School Credit System which will be implemented I 2025 and will allow more variety of courses for high school students. In addition, a new licensing system has been proposed that requires a background in psychology for all professionals offering counseling services.

New Zealand is still closed to outsiders, but has had very few incidents of COVID and recently held an in-person one-day career conference in Auckland. The Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ) is working on a new Client Relationship Management system.  The Accident Compensation Corporation, which is part of the public health system for New Zealand, is working with CDANZ on its proposed “Back to Work Service.”

Philippines:  The Manila region is experiencing significant restrictions due to COVID, schools are online, and online learning is the primary mode of gaining new skills.

Singapore: PCDA is offering valuable webinars and approaching Workforce Singapore and employers to discuss introducing career development in the workplace.  2-Jul to 15-Aug 2021 is SkillsFuture month in Singapore.

South China: Veganism has been embraced by the Chinese government in response to the concern about the spread of viruses in “wet markets” and climate change. Dao Foods is now a major developer of vegan products sold in many countries.

Sri Lanka: The Central Bank reported that In 2020, the percent of labor market declined slightly and unemployment increased slightly while the number people working outside the country dramatically decreased.  This report indicates the stress the economy was experiencing during the pandemic.  The Asian Development Bank has approved a loan for upskilling Sri Lankan youth.

Taiwan: Several exciting new initiatives are announced in this report, including the opening of the Women Empowerment Center in the historic district in Taipei.  COVID is still a concern, but Taiwan traced the case occurring when people enter the country quickly so that it has not spread into the local population.

USA:  A list of conferences, new books, articles, and other resources for our field is provided.

Vietnam: The Vietnam CDP (Career Development Practitioners) announces the release of the Competency Framework in Vietnamese and describes the journey to create this important resource tool.  It is also proud to have increased its membership by 80% in one year.

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Greetings to APCDA Members and Friends!

By Sing Chee Wong, APCDA President

As April begins, it is hard to believe I am half-way through my presidency.  The past 6 months have been packed with activity and progress.  APCDA has offered two webinars a month, one free with members mentoring other members, and one paid. We have planned an exciting virtual conference with a great balance of interesting presentations, fun contests to build relationships, and other activities to enrich the experience while being virtual.  We awarded 24 conference scholarships this year and struggled to select Award winners from an amazing array of nominations.  We are listening to a new Podcast each month and just received another issue of the APCD Journal packed with great articles.  We are excited about the articles our members and friends have been contributing to our weekly news blog.  We are adding new members and holding regular meetings to welcome newcomers.  Our Country Representatives have kept us up-to-date about the exciting events in member countries. Whew, that’s a lot.

With all of this activity, there is a lot to keep track of and many challenges to overcome.  We are still eager to hear from our members and look forward to hearing feedback at the Member Meeting in May.  We are excited about the many nominations for wonderful people in our field who deserve awards.  The choices are difficult. And we are very happy that we were able to offer conference scholarships to 24 people who are beginning their careers in our field.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you on May 19 at our Awards Ceremony and Member Meeting, which are open to all, whether or not you have registered for the conference.

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Committee Council Report April 2021: Thriving During Pandemic - APCDA Leads the Way

By Allan Gatenby, Committee Council Chair

When leadership is shared, and collaboration drives the organization then in times of challenge the organization will thrive. This is the experience of APCDA. New memberships are up. Number of scholarships applications have increased from 5 to 24. Inter-committee collaboration has increased and from both News and Programs Committees we see evidence of increasing strategic alignment with both professional competencies and member engagement. The conference is quickly approaching full subscription. This is the good news. All thanks must go to the Committee Chairs & Co-chairs with the support of staff and leadership.

Highlights from the Committee Council include:

  • Conference Report which highlighted the high interest reflected in high registrations and increases in membership. As the conference draws closer engagement is increasing. Look also for the Awards and Member meeting with an orientation to the conference platform.
  • News Committee: Themes have been selected based on the 2020 Member Survey and articles are requests the remainder of this year. A list of themes and instructions for submitting articles can be found on the About News page. Catherine Hughes, Committee Chair, has been identifying the key competencies expressed in the articles submitted, so what the news article is tied to the APCDA Competencies. This increases opportunity for members not only be enriched but also to contribute to enhancing professional practice across the region.
  • Program Committee: a very comprehensive analysis of webinar data was presented along with the key questions raised by the data and suggestions for increasing engagement in professional learning. Webinars are a key strategy to UPDATE, EDUCATE, INSPIRE and AWAKEN professional practice. The committee have embraced this purpose with a series of recommendations which will see closer connections between membership and learning, high quality input from eminent presenters and recognition of the contribution of both presenters and learners. Content will become more closely aligned to professional competencies and member requests/recommendations.
  • Membership Committee & Awards, Scholarships Committee & Ethics, Standards & Glossary Committee:  all committees are to be congratulated on significant increases in applications and member engagement. The committees are looking to enhance their reach through engaging with regional groups for increased intelligence and data about professional practice, innovation and creativity. Ethics & Standards have become the foundation for service offerings across APCDA.

Leadership & Professional Learning opportunities: in this climate of growth and increasing spirit there comes increasing opportunities for members to grow through leadership. Participation in any of the committees is a professionally enriching activity, from which everyone benefits. Consider the benefits of joining a committee, contributing to the news blog, reflecting upon your own practice and share your thoughts and recommendations. As we say to our clients “be active, to be attractive.” So should we do.

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Statement of Solidarity with People of East Asian Decent

Part of APCDA’s mission is to promote intercultural understanding, diversity, and inclusion in the Asia Pacific region. During the pandemic, in some parts of our region, acts of violence against people of East Asian decent have increased.  APCDA condemns these attacks and asks that all of us take action to prevent scenarios where hate, discrimination, bullying, and inequity are allowed. Hateful acts cannot be accepted and will only decline if we act collectively to stop them.

We continue to work in partnership with those who envision a just, safe, and caring world. We rededicate ourselves to supporting the worth, dignity, potential, and uniqueness of everyone and honoring diversity. Indeed, any form of violence against any individuals is equally abhorrent, whether it is based on gender, race, labor, class, immigration, or country of origin. We ask all members to stand in solidarity, challenge discriminatory systems, and also confront our own biases, stereotypes, and racial worldview.

Approved by the APCDA Board of Directors April 1, 2021. Send comments to

Response by Members

I deeply appreciated this united stance as an organization regarding this recent social issue that’s happening in other developed/higher income countries. News from my relatives in the U.S. and Australia saddens me as they are either fearful to go out and be bullied during this time or perhaps shy away from being a Filipino. Though as a guidance counselor I would like to understand this behavior as one of the offshoots of the health crisis, I hope this shall end and not exacerbate the racism that has long been a social ill.

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Discovering What People Value about APCDA

By Dr. Marilyn Maze

At the beginning of November 2020, we added Google Analytics to our website at the request of the Qatar Foundation, because they wanted to know how many people download the Arabic version of the Glossary, which they translated for us.  Google Analytics is a free service that counts the number of visits to webpages.  It reports on:

  • Views: The number of times anyone looked at a page
  • Users:  The number of people who looked at the page
  • New Users: The number of unique people who looked at a page (people like staff are only counted once)
  • Views per User: the average number of times each person looked at a page
  • Average Engagement Time:  The average number of seconds each person spent on a page.

Of course, these data can be misleading.  Staff visit many pages to check/update them, and those views get counted.  When the phone rings or a person gets coffee, the software may indicate that a user “viewed” a page for a long time, when no one was actually looking at the screen.  Everyone lands on the welcome page when they first come to our website (unless they are coming from a link in an email or news blog), so that page is, of course, our most visited.  But this data does give us a way to measure what people care about and how often they visit our website.  The data below reflect 2 months (November and December 2020).

In the table below you see totals by Main Menu topic for each of the statistics provided.  Looking at the “Views” column to see which part of our website had the most use, we see the most views in Webinars (which is called Events to include the New Member and Non-Member Meetings). People looked at large numbers of recorded webinars, as well as registered for six live events during that period.  For the second and third columns, totaling these data is not really correct statistically, because the total counts the same person every time they visit another page. But the New User numbers do give us some idea about the volume of people visiting each part of our website.  The Welcome area attracted the largest number of new users.  During November, a lot of people were looking at our Call for Proposals, so that part was visited by the next largest number of new users, then Country/Area Information and News are tied for 3rd place. 




New Users

Views per user

Engagement time





































Country Information






Profile Management






What, specifically, were people doing in these sections of the website?  For each of these menu topics, we have selected the most popular pages under that topic.

Under the Welcome topics, we have a lot of information about APCDA as an association.  This table shows which pages in that area were visited by the most people.  We can see that a lot of people visited the “About” page which contains our Vision and Mission, and they visited our Leadership page which contains bios for each of our leaders.  A noticeable number also considered donating to APCDA, although only a couple did so.





 About APCDA




 History of APCDA




 Contact Us




Under the Conferences topic, of course the Call for Proposals and the 2021 Conference received the most attention.



 Call for Proposals


 2021 Conference




 2020 Conference


 2019 Conference Presentations


People also looked at past conferences and at other information about the conference such as Scholarships, Awards, Proposal Tips, and Presentations Tips.  They also looked at Past Award Recipients.

In the Membership area, the largest number of people looked at the Join-Renew pages.  But they also looked at the Benefits page, each of our Member Organizations, and our Legacy Partners.  Members who log in see the Member Directory, so that page was well used.





 Member Benefits


 Member Directory


 Member Organizations


 Legacy Partners


Under Webinars, our November and December live events offerings were, naturally, very popular.  But many people also looked at our libraries of past webinars and watched many recorded webinars.



 ReimagineU (event registration and recorded webinar)


 December APCDA Meetup


 The Past, Present, and Future of Career Counseling


 Recorded Webinars


 Free Webinars


 Live Webinars


 Recent Webinars


 November New Member Orientation


Each of our News pages was visited by large numbers of people, including the Through COVID series which, by this time, was old news. And 25 people decided to add their names to our mailing list.





 Career Trends


 Association News


 Member Recognition


 Through COVID




Our Resources were not visited as often as other topics, but the Journal and each of the past issues of the Journal had many visits.  The Arabic version of the Glossary, which was announced on November 15, drew a substantial number of people. Our other glossaries, ethics, and competencies also were used.





 Arabic Glossary


 APCDJ Sept 2020




 Ethical Guidelines




 APCDJ Subscription


Many people visited our Country/Area Information pages and every country had several visits with people clearly reading several articles on the pages that interested them.











 North India


The last section of the webinar is not part of the menu, but rather a service that is offered by the website.  Each person in our database can see their own profile, and while looking at the Member Directory, they can view the profiles of others.  Some people also asked for help with passwords, told our system not to send them any more emails, or looked at invoices (probably in the process of paying). 



 Member profile (someone else's profile)


 My profile (self-profile)


 Reset password request


 Unsubscribe from emails


 Invoice (for payment)


In addition, 150 people used the website Search function.

These data provide important information about how our website is used and which parts of our website are valued most.  We plan to continue to study these data over time and see what more we can learn.  Given the amount of work we put into maintaining and updating the pages on the website, we are happy to know people are reading our webiste.

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Career Support for Arabic Youth Boosted by QCDC’s Arabic Edition of Career Development Terms Glossary

Initiative part of QCDC’s ongoing efforts to promote Arabic language resources

Doha, Qatar, 15 November 2020: A successful collaboration between Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC) and the Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA) has culminated in the Arabization of the Glossary of Career Development Terms, which will benefit Arabic speakers and professionals around the world. View the announcement here.

Primarily intended to serve as a resource for professionals in the career development and vocational assessment field, the Arabic guide will assist career counselors, academic advisors, career practitioners, human resource professionals, trainers and teachers working with Qatari and Arab youth, across the region and globally, in planning their career paths.

Given the diversity of the field, the glossary is an important step toward establishing a shared understanding of commonly used terms and phrases. The Arabic edition will be dynamic and continue to develop and grow as experts suggest improvements or additions to its contents.

QCDC, a Qatar Foundation (QF) member, has long endeavored to address the gap in Arabic resources in the field of career guidance and professional development, which continues to pose an obstacle to QCDC’s mission to provide support services for Arab youth.

Mr. Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Director, QCDC, said: “Through this latest initiative, QCDC has made an important contribution to the promotion of the Arabic language, offering a resource to Arabic speakers and professionals around the world for creating impactful content and training programs. The achievement will empower career development experts to better guide our youth, not only in Qatar but all across the Arab World, on their ambitious career journeys.”

APCDA is a non-profit association incorporated for educational purposes in the state of Maryland, USA, providing training for specialists engaged in facilitating career development in the Asia Pacific region. Conferences, workshops and networking events enable the exchange of knowledge and collaboration on professional projects.

The initial development of the Glossary in English stemmed from APCDA’s objective for the Asia Pacific region to speak the same language related to career planning and development. The English language glossary was completed in 2017, with the aim of eventually offering versions in all languages spoken by its members.

Gulnur Ismayil-Isparova, Executive Director, APCDA, said: We embrace more than 300 members from over 20 countries around the world under the APCDA umbrella. Association is a wide multicultural and multilingual platform. It is important for us to ensure the exchange of ideas and best practices is communicated smoothly. The Glossary gives us chance to understand each other and effectively serve our clients in various corners of our regional coverage. We are thankful to Qatar Career Development Center for this valuable contribution and opening access to the APCDA glossary for Arabic speaking nationalities.”

As a member of APCDA, QCDC has traditionally participated in their annual conference and the publication of an Arabic edition of the glossary was therefore the next logical step, which enables APCDA to now offer this important resource to all its members.

In recent years, QF has increased its efforts to promote Arabic, the world’s sixth most spoken language. QF has launched several initiatives to address the challenges of modernizing academic programs and incentivizing linguistic institutions to keep abreast of technological advances in a bid to promote classical Arabic, which faces intense competition from colloquial dialects.

In keeping up with that mission and as part of its own efforts to promote career guidance resources in Arabic, QCDC was the first institution to offer the Career Advisor Training Course in both Arabic and English, in Qatar and the GCC region. The program aims to equip professionals with the basic skills and knowledge to offer career planning and counseling services to guide Qatari youth to embark on career paths. More than 150 participants have successfully graduated from the program to date.

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Announcing the New

APCDA Ethical Guidelines

Adopted October 2020 by the APCDA Board

The APCDA Board wishes to express its sincere gratitude to the Ethics Taskforce which has just completed its work of reviewing the original APCDA Ethical Guidelines, questioning every word, comparing our statements to those our other career practitioner associations, and including wording appropriate to the many countries that are represented by APCDA.  This taskforce consisted of Dr. Joseph Chan (Hong Kong), Dr. Vandana Gambhir-Chopra (India), Leonila Urrea (Philippines), Gulnur Ismayil-Isparova (Azerbaijan), and Dr. Marilyn Maze (USA). 

According to Dr. Brian Hutchison, “Upon reflection, this is what makes us a professional body in that we are a band of similar and dissimilar professionals in so many intricate ways that only an agreed upon set of principles, grounded in common values makes us one body.  It does not feel like hyperbole to me to say that today I think APCDA became a professional organization in the truest sense of the word.”

We recommend that each member read these ethical guidelines and think about their implications for practice.  In order to make them come to life for our members, Dr. Chopra has planned a series of Member Webinars in 2021 to review case studies related to ethics and discus our real life examples of time when ethics may get trampled by expediency or financial constraints.  We hope you will join these webinars/

You can find the APCDA Ethical Guidelines here, which is under Resources on our website.

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APCDA Career Services Competencies

April 2020

After months of work, the Standards Taskforce is proud to announce the new list of APCDA Career Services Competencies.  This list is valuable for improving your skills and those of your co-workers.  Find out which competencies you have and which could use improvement.

This Competencies List is intended to be used in conjunction with the APCDA Glossary of Career Development Terms.  The definitions of terms will be helpful in understanding these competencies. 

These Competencies reference the APCDA Ethical Guidelines, which are available here:

This list will be revised as needed.  Suggestions for additions and revisions should be submitted to

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APCDA Member Logos

Members are invited to get a copy of the new Member Logo from the APCDA Website.  Now that we have a legal agreement published on our website, is it possible for us to provide a logo for use by our members.  We currently have three kinds of member logos:

  1. Individual members
  2. Organization members
  3. Professional associations which offer Joint Membership with APCDA

If you fall into groups 1 or 2, please go to our website at and click Login.  Then put your mouse over the Member menu and you should see "Member Logo Usage" as an option.  Choose that option and read the agreement, then click on the appropriate link on the bottom of that page.  If your membership is Active, you will be able to see and copy the logo. 

If you fall into the third group, you should have received the logo from us by email.

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