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APCDA Member Logos

Members are invited to get a copy of the new Member Logo from the APCDA Website.  Now that we have a legal agreement published on our website, is it possible for us to provide a logo for use by our members.  We currently have three kinds of member logos:

  1. Individual members
  2. Organization members
  3. Professional associations which offer Joint Membership with APCDA

If you fall into groups 1 or 2, please go to our website at and click Login.  Then put your mouse over the Member menu and you should see "Member Logo Usage" as an option.  Choose that option and read the agreement, then click on the appropriate link on the bottom of that page.  If your membership is Active, you will be able to see and copy the logo. 

If you fall into the third group, you should have received the logo from us by email.

Country/Area Council Summary for Nov, 2019

The November meeting of the Country/Area Council included reports from many countries.  Please view our video recording of the meeting here:  

Below is a summary of the written reports submitted.

Australia has joined JobKred from Singapore in using Big Data to help job seekers.  They also inviting us to their conference in Canberra in September.

Azerbaijan: ADA University teams with UK to improve graduate employability and create entrepreneurship hubs.

Cambodia partners with Young Entrepreneur Association of Cambodia and builds a career coaching center.

Canada continues building a Career Development Practitioners Competency Framework to identify the standards and guidelines for competency in our field.

China: Macau is working on a career development curriculum for middle school students and attempting to clarify college entrance requirements for their students now that China has diversified its requirements.

China: South China is working on a career planning curriculum for primary schools and created a database of parent occupations for use in job shadowing.

Korea reports that the second Thursday in November is Soo-Neung (national university entrance exam) and the attention of the nation is focused on getting students to the testing places.  This year, around 540,000 students took the national university entrance exam.

Malaysia: The University of Malaysia just completed a program encouraging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer, and Math) occupations.

New Zealand, like Canada, has developed Professional Standards and is surveying the needs of members for professional development.  They are also advocating for increased government funding for career development.

Singapore: The People and Career Development Association is partnering with Workforce Singapore (a government agency) for funding of professional development programs and reminds us that APCDA will be in Singapore in 2021.

Taiwan has convened an international Youth Trends Forum to examine changes impacting youth, as well as several other projects.

USA: Our representative Dr. Rich Feller asks how much credentials tell us about competency in career professionals and whether clients actually use credentials when searching for assistance?

Free Member Mentoring Webinar Series

Do you have any questions you would like to ask an expert in Career Development?  APCDA has members with experience in every aspect of Career Planning, Development, and Management.  Please send us your questions.

Use this link to submit your question(s):

1 Minute survey

We will group the questions into general topics and ask our members to let us know if they have experience in the topics identified.  Then we will set up a Question-and-Answer Webinar for each of the general topics.  Those with questions can ask a panel of members with experience.  This new series is FREE to APCDA members. 

In order to kick off this new series of webinars, we have chosen a topic that we hear a lot:  How can I organize a local Career Development Association?  This free webinar will be held on January 21/22 and will cover any question you want to ask about the best way to start or energize a local Career Development Association.  Many local chapters struggle.  Some are struggling to start and others are struggling to start over.  When an experienced leader moves away or gets tired, things can fall apart quickly.  Join this lively discussion if you have either questions or suggestions, or both.

Click here to register. (It is free.)

Please contact us at if you have experience and would like to be a panelist. 

President’s Message Dec 1, 2019

The Leadership of APCDA has decided to change our Newsletter into a News Blog.  Each message will be shorter and messages will be more frequent.  Hopefully this will allow you to get information from us more quickly.  Based on past experience, we have set up 4 channels: 

  1. Association News:  Reports from our leadership about their concerns, challenges and accomplishments.
  2. Member Recognition: Member profiles to help us know each other better, member accomplishments, career moves, and any other information members would like to share.
  3. Career Trends: What is new in our field?  Includes articles about best practices, information about labor market trends, recommendations for helpful books and other resources, and other articles submitted to us about topics of interest to career professionals.
  4. Announcements: Information about our events and events in our member countries, or job announcements.

Change is always challenging – please let us know what you like and don’t like during the transition.  This is our first news blog, but we would be happy to change the format and style based on your suggestions.

Registration for the 2020 APCDA Conference in Faridabad, India is now open.  Details about this information-packed event can be found in the rough draft of the Conference Program. This 6-day conference begins with a celebration of Holi, in which our hosts have invited us to join the Manva Rachna family and experience a festival normally celebrated with relatives and close friends.  The next 4 days include mornings filled with keynotes and breakout-sessions by presenters from over 20 countries, and unscheduled afternoons in which you can tour the area and see India’s history.  We are excited about this conference and hope you will join us.  I hope you can take advantage of our “Earlybird” registration (our lowest registration prices), which are only available in December.  Prices increase in January.

See you in India in March!

Woongtae Kim, Ph.D., MCDS, CDF-I, GCDF

CEO & GCDF-Korea Program Director
Career Building System & Consulting Co., Ltd.

APCDA President

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