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avid adventures

At Avid Adventures, we are all about helping students and working professionals navigate the rapidly changing and increasingly complex world of jobs.

Career design is an essential life skill in our rapidly evolving job world, and everybody should understand its basic building blocks. Anchored on decades of academic research and condensed for the layman, the Wit, Grit, Fit framework was born.

In order to flesh out the principles of Wit, Grit and Fit through experiential learning, we have developed the Career Design Life Game. In this simulated world, they make choices, face consequences, and find out where their unique smarts, values and personalities could lead.

We work with schools, companies and non-profits to help their students and stakeholders learn more the 21st century jobs scene, and gain motivation to upskill themselves.  We have also run volunteer programmes for companies wanting to make an impact with the skills message.

Take advantage of our free career adventure tools to perform skills gap analysis for selected jobs, find out which skills to upskill in, see similar jobs based on significant skills overlap and more. Our tools are based on data from the SkillsFuture's Skills Framework which was co-created by industry leaders, education institutions and the government for the Singapore workforce. Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to collaborate and add these tools to your website.

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