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NORTH China Area Information

North China Representative:
Hou Zhijin
Professor, School of Psychology
Beijing Normal University

China's 3rd Career Conference

New Elite Development Plan (NEDP) hosted the 3rd China Career Conference in Beijing on June 12th, 2015. Sponsors included the China Career Development Association (CCDA) and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China (MOHRSS). The annual China Career Development Conference became a great event in the career development field of China.

The theme for this year's conference was "The Transformation of Career: Challenges and Opportunities." Thirty four guest speakers were invited to share their ideas on the theme, including the current president of CCDA, Mr. Gu Dian. Professor Ryan Duffy from the Department of Psychology at the University of Florida also presented a speech titled "Help Others, Help Yourself: How to achieve happiness in the evolving world," which was a big success. In the afternoon, the conference program involved discussion forums across the 3 themes of: (i) the University, (ii) the High School, (iii) the Industry/Enterprise. There were more than 4 speakers leading a forum for each of the themes. Later in the afternoon, there was an "Open House" which facilitated an exciting exchange of ideas between 15 advisers and attendees through open discussions. In total, over 500 people attended the conference.

Here are some links to the media report about the 2015 conference:

Open House

Conference Hall

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PAC Trains Career Development Advisors for China By Ivy Liao

There are many companies providing training for career development advisors in China. One of these is the PAC Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd ( PAC stands for People Achievement Consulting. PAC reported on its program at the NCDA Conference in Denver. For 22 years, PAC has been providing assessments for doctors in Taiwan and China. It currently offers 10 assessments in the areas of interests, character, abilities, and adaptation. Since 2008, it has also offered computerized assessments and information systems. PAC takes pride in the quality of the training it provides in the use and interpretation of these assessments, It also offers career planning camps for high school students and their parents where the youth plan their careers, with a follow-up "parents club" that meets monthly after the camp ends.

PAC Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd also offers a complete training program based on the NCDA Career Development Facilitator curriculum (which has been localized for China). In cooperation with several government agencies in China, PAC provides training and has developed an online training management system to allow independent master trainers to evaluate the learning of students and award certification to qualified Career Development Advisors. These evaluations are conducted anonymously to assure that strict standards are maintained. This system for managing the certification of Career Development Advisors impressed the NCDA attendees, as well as the training quality standards described by PAC.

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