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Member Community Instructions

Whenever you want to visit the Member Community, click the new "Member Community" button on our website:

We highly recommend using the Chrome browser when accessing this community.  If this page does not function as expected, check to be sure you are using the Chrome browser.  If you are, then contact

This new service does not replace the existing website, which we will call APCDA Resources.  Note that the original “Log in” button is still there and still needed.  Use the “Log in” button for APCDA Resources, such as membership renewal, event registration, and editing your master profile. The “Member Community” button will take you to the new online community where you can interact with other members.  When you click on either button, you will be asked to you log in.  Use the same credentials for either button.

If you notice important errors in your information, be sure to change this information in the original APCDA Resources website.  Changes made in your master profile on the APCDA Resources website will be automatically transferred to the Member Community page within a few hours.  In other words, if you make changes to your job title and organization on the Member Community, those changes will be overwritten a few hours later if you have not changed your Master Profile in the APCDA Resources website.

Screenshot Instructions

Use the same email address and password for both locations. 

If you can’t remember your password, click “Forgot password.” This sends an email to you asking you to choose a password.  Use any password that you can remember easily.  This same password will be used for both the Member Community and the APCDA Resources.

Next, you will be asked to follow our Code of Conduct.  Please read this page closely before you agree.
Completing your basic information comes next. Other members of the community will want to know who you are, what you do, and where you work.  This information will only be visible to other members.
Why not get active?  There are 3 kinds of “Groups.”
  • Interest groups: joining an interest group allows you to post comments to others who share your interests, and see their posts.
  • Committee: joining a committee means giving a small amount of your time to make APCDA work better for everyone.  Only members are allowed to join committees.
  • Governance: these groups are only open to Committee Chairs. Country/Area Representatives, and elected Officers. 

When you post a comment, you can use tags to get the attention of others who share your interests.  When others post comments and choose the tab you chose, you will see their comment.

Don’t see your interests? Contact to get a new tag added.

We already have 3 sponsors.  “Follow” them to learn more about their products and services.
These are the 5 steps we hope you will complete.  If you complete all 5 by the end of February, look for the post from Marilyn Maze and “Comment” on that post to enroll in the drawing for a free conference registration.

Don’t forget to review your Settings.

Under Notifications, you can choose to receive posts by email, or not. When people post comments in Groups you belong to, or use tags you have selected, you can receive a copy of the post in your email.  You can receive these emails in real time or as a digest daily or weekly.

Under Privacy, you can decide which information you want to keep private.  You will see the settings we recommend, but you can overrule them. 

For example, there is no reason to share your email with others – they can communicate with you here.  Under Notifications, you can opt to receive an email when posts relate to you.  But, if you want all members, or both members and friends to have your email, feel free to change this setting.

By default, non-members see only your name and country.  Members also see your job title, company, city, state, credentials, and gender preferences. By default, your email and phone number are always private (visible only to Admins and yourself).

If you have any questions or run into any issues, you can reach us at or ask the software publisher at

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