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By Dr. Farouk Dey
Recorded November 16, 2020

Today we see emerging a new vision of equitable access to life purpose for all students regardless of background or social capital using principles of integrative learning and life design. Socioeconomic changes, technological advances, and generational trends provide the impetus for a major paradigm shift in the delivery of career services in higher education.   Dr. Dey will provide an overview of the changing nature and emerging trends that are shaping the future of career services in higher education and explain how career services of the future will differ from those of the past.

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Dr. Farouk Dey, Vice Provost for Integrative Learning and Life Design at Johns Hopkins University, leads programs and services that bridge curricular and experiential learning with life aspirations for undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and alumni across the university’s schools and divisions. He works with education and industry leaders at Johns Hopkins University to launch a new vision of equitable access to life purpose for all students regardless of background or social capital using principles of integrative learning and life design. Dr. Dey has held senior leadership and board roles at Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, the University of Florida, the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE), the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), and various startups and non-profit organizations. A native of Algeria, Dr. Dey was named one of LinkedIn’s Top Ten Voices in Education and is recognized in higher education circles for his thought-provoking writings, engaging speaking, and transformational leadership.

Reacting to Dr. Dey will be Dr. Rich Feller, the USA Country Representative. Ms. Anne Chen, the Taiwan Country Representative, and Dr. Vijay Paralkar, one of APCDA’s 2020 Scholars.

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What Brings You to Life?

By Dr. Lee Richmond
Recorded November 4, 2020

Based on an upbeat book by the same title, this workshop by one of the book’s authors stresses how to enable counselors to help discover what enlivens and deepens their connections to their own spirituality. Participants will discover their own sources of energy. Through thoughtful reflection and conversation, participants will learn how to tap into what enlivens them, what prompts people to give of themselves to others and to discover what gifts they would benefit from giving to themselves.

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Lee J. Richmond, PhD, Professor Emerita, Loyola University Maryland, is a licensed psychologist in the State of Maryland. Her books include co-editor of Connections Between Spirit and Work, co-author of Soulwork: How to Find the Work You Love: How to Love the Work You Have, and What Brings You to Life?: Awakening Women’s Spiritual Essence. She is a fellow and past president of both the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the American and Counseling Association, and a Distinguished Senior Contributor the Division of Counseling Psychology of the American Psychological Association.

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Chinese Parents Leading the Way

By Dr. Elisabeth Montgomery, Dr. Claire Ouyang, and Dr. Candy Ho
Thursday, Oct 15/Friday, Oct 16, 2020

Join us for an interactive webinar hosted by members of the South China Country region of APCDA. Dr. Elisabeth Montgomery, APCDA South China Regional Director, will show specific program outcomes after six years of the Shenzhen Nanshan District Education Bureau career development programs. She will highlight the Chinese education bureau’s first Job Shadow program in 2020 and practice some of the system dynamics techniques to lead parents into the service of strong job readiness support within the schools. Dr. Claire Ouyang will then guide us to look deeply at the Chinese students' career mindset in Macau SAR, putting forth the theory of career acquiescence to family and local influences. Dr. Candy Ho summarizes the webinar with college graduate influencers and the changes in influencers along the path of lifelong career opportunities.

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Elisabeth P. Montgomery, Ph.D., Senior Advisor on Internationalization-Nanshan District Education Bureau International Affairs; Foreign Vice-Principal South China University of Science & Technology Experimental Schools; Nanshan District Inspector, Foreign Representative-Nanshan People ’s Political Consultative Conference; Foreign Expert Trainer-Nanshan Famous Teachers Research Program; Nanshan EdTech Advisor; District Representative-United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; Nanshan District Career Planning Education & Guidance Grades K-12; Pioneer Leadership Developer for Great Books/Shared Inquiry China; Founder - Nanshan District Dragon & Eagle Dialogues Annual Event K-12; Founder/Headmaster-Shenzhen Yucai Education Group International Department

Dr. Claire Ouyang, Ph.D., APCDA Macao Representative, is the founder of the Macao Career Development Association. She received her PhD in counseling psychology at the University of Macao. As a private practitioner, she currently provides career guidance and counseling, teaches at the City University of Macau, and conducts academic research.

Dr. Candy Ho, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Integrative Career and Capstone Learning in the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada, has worked extensively in university student affairs. Her collective professional experiences to date have culminated in her EdD (SFU) dissertation investigating the conceptions of post-secondary career influencers in student career success, and she readily shares her expertise locally, nationally, and globally. Dr. Ho also serves as Vice Chair of CERIC, a Canadian charitable organization that advances education and research in career counselling and career development, in order to increase the economic and social well-being of Canadians.

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Engaging our Clients with MI

By Constance Pritchard

Recorded on September 10, 2020

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is not what it sounds like. We tend to think it has something to do with career information interviewing or talent acquisition.  Not at all!! It is a proven technique for framing questions and conversations to engage and empower a client. MI is designed to strengthen personal motivation for and commitment to a specific goal. In this skill-based webinar, we will learn about these techniques to add to our toolbox. Join us to learn about this methodology of client engagement!

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Dr. Constance Jenkins Pritchard, APCDA Treasurer, PhD, works in leadership, business consulting and career development. The Pritchard Group serves clients internationally in face to face consultation and trainings as well as through her corporate eLearning site. Dr. Pritchard has been active in career development associations regionally, nationally, and internationally.  Currently she is treasurer of APCDA and a Board member of the Institute of Career Certification International.  She has developed curriculum contributed to professional publications. Dr. Pritchard has earned a doctorate in education from the University of South Carolina, US.

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Post-Pandemic Human Resources Panel

Mr. Jay Chung, Ms Shruti Chhabar, and Mr. JP Orbeta

Recorded on July 26, 2020

Following up on our Regional Discussions, we will ask human resource managers what they will be looking for like when the pandemic is over.  A panel of human resource managers from around our region will discuss how their companies have changed since January 2020 and their implications for hiring in the future.  As the world passes through the pandemic and recovers from the current recession, what are the major issues faced by Human Resources?

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Jaeyoung (Jay) Chung, Vice President of the Leadership Development Center for LG Corporation in Korea, began as an officer in the Korean Air Force.  He joined the LG Corporation, a South Korean multinational corporation that makes electronics, chemicals, and telecom products, and offers financial products, 26 years ago.  After working in several divisions, he joined corporate human resources and is now in charge of the LG Academy training program for corporate leaders. 

Shruti Chhabra, Organizational Psychologist and HR and OD Consulting, has over 17 years of experience.  She spearheaded the Human Resource Consulting Vertical (Assessment Services) for Randstad India Ltd. Her OD consulting includes JD & KRA/KPI design; Competency Mapping, Framework Design & Assessment; Psychometric testing; Performance Management; HR Audits; Employee Engagement & 360 Degree Feedback. She has served various companies As a Psychometric Expert and Advisor. Ms Chhabra holds a master’s degree in Psychology from Delhi University and an MBA from SCMHRD in Pune. She co-authored the book Management Concepts & Practice.

John Philip S. Orbeta, Managing Director, Chief Human Resources Officer and Group Head for Corporate Resources at Ayala Corporation, is responsible for Strategic Human Resources, Information & Communications Technology, AC Synergy, Brand & Reputation Management, Knowledge Management, and Corporate Support Services. He has been with Ayala Corporation since 2005 and has established several initiatives to drive synergy across the Ayala group such as the Ayala Rewards Circle, HCX Technologies, Acentives and most recently, the Ayala Enterprise Circle. He graduated Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in A.B. Economics and has taken advanced management programs at Harvard Business School, IMD and INSEAD.

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Post-Pandemic Labor Market Panel

by Mr. Rahul Nair, Dr. Hao Zhang, and Dr. Fei Yu
Recorded on June 29, 2020

What will the world of work be like when the pandemic is over?  A panel of labor market analysts from around our region will discuss the changes observed locally since January 2020 and their implications for the labor market of the future.  As the world recovers from the current recession, which industries will boom, and which will continue to suffer?  How will the way we work be different as we recover? Panelists  provide valuable insights.

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Rahul Nair, South India Country Representative, is a Lifologist, Occupational Psychologist and an Organizational Development Professional with over more than 12 years of intensive experience in Organizational Development industry. Have coached and mentored senior managers and top officials of MNCs. Corporate houses, Governmental Agencies and brought out tremendous positive results. Mr. Nair is the Representative – Technology and Academics to, a Guinness World Record Holding organization.

Dr. Hao Zhang, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Labor Relations at Renmin University in Beijing.  He earned his doctorate in International and Comparative Labor at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York and his master’s in Labor Policies and Globalization from the University of Kassel and Berlin School of Economics and Law in Germany.  He is co-author of Beyond the Iron Rice Bowl: Regimes of Production and Industrial Relations in China.  His research focuses on employment relations, informal work, and human resource development, with special attention to China.

Dr. Fei Yu, Ph.D., has served as the Deputy Representative in the North American Representative Office, Asian Development Bank since 2016. Her responsibilities include advancing shareholder support for ADB’s role in the Asia-Pacific region, mobilizing resources for ADB’s developing member countries, and contributing to ADB’s participation in North American policy dialogue on developing Asia and the Pacific. Before her current assignment, she led the ADB-China Regional Knowledge Sharing Initiative based in ADB’s China Resident Mission in Beijing. From 2012 to 2015, she was based in ADB’s headquarters in Manila. Dr. Yu received her PhD in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School, specializing in development and environmental economics.

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Practice Being Virtually Excellent

by Marilyn Maze
Recorded May 29, 2020

The webinar reviewed the skills taught by Elisabeth Sanders-Park during her webinar on May 5, Being Virtually Excellent.  While watching the recorded version, you are welcome to stop the video at any time and practice the skills.  Most of the practicing by attendees during this webinar has been removed. 

With any virtual experience, there are three concerns: Content, Technique, and Technology.  The primary focus of the webinar is on reviewing techniques for presenting virtually.  During this webinar, some attendees focused on the technology.  After mastering the technology, it is worth the time to master the techniques for presenting well.  Please use this recording to help with that process.

This webinar is free for all.  Register here.

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Career Advice for Graduating University Students

Recorded on April 28, 2020

Join other members of APCDA who work in university career centers to share the advice you give to students who are about to graduate in this time of COVID.  What have you learned from employers about job openings this year? Give the current recession, what can new graduates do to attract the attention of employers? Are there other learning opportunities, such as internships, to move their careers forward during the pandemic? Where are the opportunities? 

This webinar is free for all.  Register here.

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Innovative Career Services Interventions in Higher Education: Cases from Azerbaijan and Turkey

By Tuna Dagli and Gulnur Ismayil
 Recorded on November 25, 2019

Innovative ideas in service area don’t always mean to design from scratch, but to apply already known ideas, theories and practices in a new structure that best serve clients’ needs and expectations in their particular contexts. In this webinar, Gulnur and Tuna will present their innovative career interventions in their respective universities’ Career Development Centers. Gulnur will conduct a short throw-back into the history of Career Services and her University and reflect on advantages and disadvantages of best practices under the local context in the region. Whereas, Tuna will be talking about the “E.D.I.T. -Explore.Design.Improve.Transfer - Your Career” Framework that was developed by her and her team and how all the department’s strategy and practices were structured around this framework, improving the interest and participation of students in the center’s services and events.”

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Gulnur Ismayil, 

GCDF, is currently the Career Management Center Representative at ADA University. Ms Ismayil has been involved in various volunteer trainings for the youth of SABAH Groups, ASAN Volunteers and others to speak about essentials of career planning and management. Before joining ADA University, Mrs. Ismayil has worked for the international executive recruitment agency, Michael Page International, in Moscow, Russia. She holds a degree in Area Studies and IR from the Volgograd State University, Russia, a postgraduate certificate in Talent and Career Management from the Charted Institute for Personnel and Development; Middlesex University, UK and a Master degree in Diplomacy from the University of Nottingham, UK. She is an active member of NACE and NCDA.

Tuna Dagli, earned her BSc in Chemical Engineering from METU, Turkey. After 5 years of engineering experience, Tuna studied I/O Psychology in Koç University to change her profession to one with a more human touch. She pursued an international HR career for 10 years before joining Koç University Career Development Center in 2015. As the Director, she does career coaching with students & staff and instructs Start Your Career Today Seminar. Tuna is serving APCDA as the Director of Program Committee and recently joined ICCI as a member of Board of Governors.

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Social Media in Career Services:
From Delivering Information to Co-careering

By Jaana Kettunen
Recorded on October 24, 2019

A growing number of career practitioners and career centers are reaching out to individuals and community members in new ways by integrating various social media tools, into their professional practice.> This presentation examines career practitioners´ experiences in this technology, and competencies required for using social media in career services. Practical examples and strategies for developing the necessary skills and competencies are discussed>

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Dr Jaana Kettunen is a Vice-director and Researcher at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research of the University of Jyväskylä. In her work she has been focusing on the design and pedagogical use of information and communications technology (ICT) in learning and working environments. Her current research focuses on the career practitioners´ ways of experiencing and conceptualizing social media in career services, and aspects that are seen as critical in the successful use of these new technologies in career services. Recently her research has also looked into the ethical practice in social networking and in the role of ICT in relation to national lifelong guidance policies.

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Credentialing Basics to Build Consumer Confidence

By Constance Pritchard and Allan Gatenby
Recorded on August 29, 2019

On the surface, venturing into credentialing seems like a natural pathway to support career practitioners.  However, it is not a journey to be taken lightly.  The presenters will share information about the credentialing business. The presenters will discuss rationale, structure, and operational key components (quality, assessors, independence, communication, marketing, and logistics).

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Dr. Constance J. Pritchard is well known for her work in leadership, business consulting, and career development in many sectors, including nearly every industry sector. As President of The Pritchard Group, a training and consulting firm she founded in 1993, Dr. Pritchard presents seminars and workshops around the country on career, life management, and organization development topics.  She has delivered career training and consulting training nationally and internationally. Dr. Pritchard is an NCDA Master Trainer, NCDA Fellow, and the Chair of NCDA’s Credentialing Commission.

Mr. Allan Gatenby, after a very successful career in education, including both a Careers Adviser, Consultant Pupil Wellbeing and Principal, now leads a highly successful change and transition group of services. He was nominated for a national award for Leadership in 2005. Mr. Gatenby is a sought-after presenter and trainer who has presented and facilitated internationally in India, China, Singapore, Canada, USA, UAE, Malaysia.  He was an invited expert for the UNDP workshop on Career Development in Schools (Delhi). He is leading projects in India, Philippines and China in career & talent development and leadership services, particularly in the education sector and leadership space.

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Wired to Become: The Neuroscience of Purpose

By Britt Andreatta
September 25, 2019

Purpose is the driving force that gives our lives meaning.  Humans are wired for purpose and in fact, recent discoveries in neuroscience offer a fascinating look into what motivates us to become our best selves. The ability to align purpose is what distinguishes the most effective leaders from the rest, and purpose is at the heart of engagement, productivity, and retention. It’s no wonder that organizations that know how to harness the power of purpose thrive and excel while their peers falter or fail.

In this session, Dr. Britt Andreatta will share the latest research about the brain science of purpose and why it’s such a powerful force. You’ll learn how you can leverage purpose to create a better work environment, more engaged employees, more effective leaders, and a positive culture that attracts and retains top talent. You’ll leave with tips and strategies for weaving purpose into a wide range of learning and talent programs, all of which will contribute to your organization’s success.

 This webinar is free to all. Click here to register.

Dr. Britt Andreatta, PhD, is an internationally recognized thought leader who creates brain science–based solutions for today’s challenges. As CEO of 7th Mind, Inc., she draws on her unique background in leadership, neuroscience, psychology, and learning to unlock the best in people and organizations. Britt has published several books on the brain science of success including her most recent book, Wired to Grow: Harness the Power of Brain Science to Learn and Master Any Skill.

As the former Chief Learning Officer for (now LinkedIn Learning), Britt is a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience. She regularly consults with businesses, universities, and nonprofit organizations on leadership development and learning strategy. Corporate clients of her learning solutions include Fortune 100 companies like Comcast and Apple, and also EY, Microsoft, Domino’s, Franklin Covey, TransUnion, and Zillow. She has over 10 million views worldwide of her courses and is a TEDx speaker. Britt’s industry accolades include several prestigious awards from Chief Learning Officer and Talent Development magazines and the World Training Congress. To learn more, visit

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Career Planning Around the World
by Marilyn Maze
Recorded on July 24, 2019

A new book called International Practices of Career Services, Credentials, and Training (National Career Development Association, 2018) is available free at: & model_name=news_article.  This book explores career services on every continent, with a special focus on the training and credentialing of career service providers.  It includes chapters written by experts from 12 countries which illustrate the stages of development of career services throughout the world and the complex factors that facilitate or impede this development.  This comparison provides an important learning opportunity, offering insights relevant to issues faced by all career services providers.

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Marilyn Maze, Ph.D., is the Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Career Development Association. She has organized the annual APCDA Conference since its inception, conducted numerous research projects on significant labor market and career counseling issues, and presented at international conferences. Marilyn is a Fellow of the National Career Development Association, and received NCDA’s President’s Award and the NCDA Credentialing Commission Service Award in 2016.  She received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Maryland Career Development Association in 2010. Dr. Maze formerly developed the ACT Profile (previously called DISCOVER).

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Blending Psychological Type and the Ancient Wisdom of the I Ching to Form a Universal Career Assessment Model

By Dr. Brian Schwartz
Recorded on March 11, 2019

Psychological type has become one of the major underlying systems in career assessment worldwide. What is far less known is that Dr. Carl Jung was inspired to write Psychological Types (1921) after reading the Richard Wilhelm translation of the i Ching or Chinese Book of Changes. The oldest book in the world gave Dr. Jung the portal through which he then not only developed the basis for modern type theory but for his concepts of synchronicity, the collective unconscious, the “shadow” aspect of personality and the archetypes. Using the structure of the “bagua” or octagon from the i Ching, I have developed a framework for understanding the destiny (not fate) embedded in the 16 mindsets of type theory and their relationship to impassioned skills, values, career selection and intrinsic motivation.  Drawing from the Laws of Attraction or Opposites and of Cycles or Periodicity, the elegance of the i Ching’s depth about Man’s relationship to Nature is explored and applied to modern day work and life situations.

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Dr. Brian Schwartz is an American psychologist. After 34 years of career management consulting and 30 years of organization development consulting, Dr Schwartz moved from the USA to China. He was on a mission to bring career assessment to young people and to train career and life design as well as talent development professionals in China as well as other countries/regions within the Asia Pacific area. He developed his online career assessment and personal branding software, CareerDNA, and has developed, with partners, the Accredited Career and Talent Development Professionals program, the CareerDNA Leaders Certification Program and is a frequently invited speaker/lecturer in China and the Philippines.

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Systems Thinking, Systems Stories and

Narrative Career Counselling

By Mary McMahon
Recorded on February 5, 2019

Systems thinking permeates our everyday life. Applications of systems thinking can be found in computer systems and transport systems. Our career development occurs in the complex cultural and contextual systems of family, community, education, and work as well as in the geographic, socioeconomic, socio-political and historical contexts in which we live. To make sense of our experiences in these contexts we tell stories to ourselves and others. Career counsellors can harness systems thinking and storytelling to assist clients with their career concerns. This webinar will provide practical examples of systems thinking and its applications in career development. In particular, the application of systems thinking in storytelling and narrative career counselling will be considered and tips and strategies provided.

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Dr. Mary McMahon is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at The University of Queensland, Australia where she taught career development and narrative career counselling. She is a developer and co-author of the internationally recognised Systems Theory Framework of Career Development which takes a holistic ‘individual in context’ view of career development. Mary is particularly interested in the application of systems thinking in career development. Her research and publications focus on career development across the lifespan and narrative career counselling>

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Lifology: It's Contents and Goals

By Praveen Parameswar
Recorded on January 7, 2019

Lifology is the study of human beings in association with their profession and occupational eco-system. It attempts to address profession as a platform to manifest the inner self and attain real purpose. The off-shoot of the research in Lifology, attempts to place Purpose, Passion, Personality and Possibilities of a person in same line and ensure fulfillment. Lifology is growing on a rapid pace. Brainstorming and sharing of ideas on the concept will enrich it further. Team Lifology is also interested to extend such conversation to deeper inter-country researches. The webinar is intended to host such a very academic discussion among with the intention to build this subject better.

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Praveen Parameswar is the chief researcher behind the newest subject, Lifology and the CEO of, a sophisticated growth ecosystem helping students to find out the best career options. He is a passionate entrepreneur who cherishes a vision to create a world where every child is led towards a meaningful future. Before venturing into, he was heading Thoughts Academy Plc, a pioneer in Organization Development Interventions across South India.  Mr. Parameswar is a TEDx speaker, author of the best seller ‘Thinking Beyond the Paradigms’, educated at the London School of Economics, holds a MBA from the University of Cardiff (UK), and Sir Julian Hodge Prize winner for the best performance in Human Resource Management.

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5 Steps to Your Dream Job

By Vernon L. Williams
Recorded on December 3, 2018

According to Gallup Daily tracking, 32% of employees in the U.S. are engaged -- meaning they are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace. Worldwide, only 13% of employees working for an organization are engaged.  Mr. Williams will explain 5 proven, Bible-based steps that can be taken by job seekers to achieve a job to which they can be fully engaged and perform at their highest level.  These steps will help job seekers to increase confidence, reduced stress, increase productivity, and increase job satisfacfont>

We all know that religious inspiration can help some clients to greater achievements.  This is the first in a series of religion-based webinars which illustrate how to incorporate the benefits of faith into the practice of career development.

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Vernon L. Williams is a Certified Federal Job Search Trainer and a national speaker, coach and author. It is his mission to use his expertise in helpful thinking and behavior to equip and inspire Christians to live every moment with joy. He completed a master’s degree in applied behavioral science and spn >more than twenty years leading high performing corporate customer service and marketing teams.  More recently, he completed >post-graduate theological leadership program and now serves as a consultant to numerous churches, hospitals, government and non-profit agencies and associations. He also serves as a chaplain and spiritual counselor for terminally-ill patients.  Mr. Williams has authored six self-help books. More information is available at and

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It Takes a Village: Maximizing Engagement in School,

at Work, in Life

By Roberta Neault
Recorded on November 5, 2018

Teachers and school administrators want to facilitate student engagement. Supervisors and managers focus on employee engagement and how it contributes to productivity and retention. Individuals, across the globe, want lives that are meaningful, interesting, and manageable. The Career Engagement model bridges these silos, providing a conceptual framework for understanding how the right mix of challenge and capacity can result in optimal (and sustainable) engagement, across the lifespan. Without such alignment, individuals can begin to feel overwhelmed or underutilized. Spending too long in either or both of those states can result in disengagement. Join co-developer of the career engagement model, Dr. Roberta Neault, for an introduction to this model and tips on how to use it with students, parents, community members, employers, and government policy makers to maximize engagement across diverse life roles and settings.

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Dr. Roberta Neault, CCC, CCDP, GCDFi was honoured to receive APCDA’s Outstanding Educator of Career Professionals Award in 2017.  President of Life Strategies Ltd. and a Project Director for the Canadian Career Development Foundation, Roberta writes extensively and presents/trains internationally on topics related to career development, engagement, and work-life balance / sustainability. Roberta walks her talk and has personally sustained her own high level of engagement, working in the career development sector for over 40 years!

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Intro to Design Thinking & Positive Psychology

by Julie Neill
Recorded on October 17, 2018

this webinar will provide an introduction to two influential fields that are impacting career development in the us. design thinking, a problem-solving methodology used by companies such as google and apple to spur innovation, is now being used to help individuals navigate careers that are no longer linear. >design thinking can help unlock creativity within the career planning process eliciting more varied options and spur individuals out of analysis paralysis into concrete action.

at the same time, the field of positive psychology which focuses on strengths has brought attention to the notion of purpose and meaningful work.  this webinar will provide a brief overview of both design thinking and positive psychology and discuss how to apply the principles of both to help individuals thrive in the ever-changing future of work>

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Julie Neill is an award-winning career services professional with a diverse background including over 18 years of experience working in higher education, government and the nonprofit sector in the US and overseas.  Julie currently works for the University of Maryland where she provides career coaching for working professionals in the MBA program and also serves as an adjunct faculty member. Julie received a Fulbright Award to Germany in 2010, and she has also previously been recognized as a National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) Chevron Award finalist. Prior to working in career services, Julie started off her career working for the world’s largest humanitarian organization, the Red Cross.  Julie graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University in New York City and earned a master's degree in development from the University of London's School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS).  She is currently completing a leadership coaching certification program at Georgetown University

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Millions of Millennials and the Career Search

By Hao Guo and Season Yao
Recorded September 25, 2018

One of the most highly rated presentations at our 2018 Conference, Millions of Millennials focuses on young adults and their place in the workforce. As millennials become increasingly crucial players in our companies, schools, and institutions, generational differences must be explored and embraced. This webinar will discuss some of the most striking and consequential ways that young workers are reshaping the world around them, and raise ideas about how educators can bridge the gap between young workers’ expectations and the professional needs that they must fulfill.

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Hao Guo is the Director of Employer Relations of the Career Development Center at NYU Shanghai. She is responsible for providing guidance and support to students regarding their career planning, decision-making, and job search processes. Her primary focus is on employer relations and building long-term collaboration with external partners for programs such as Off-Campus Internship, Industry Mentorship and On-Campus Recruitment. In addition to these responsibilities, she also collaborates closely with the NYU campus in New York City and the NYU Abu Dhabi career development centers. She holds a master’s degree in Comparative Education from East China Normal University.

Season Yao is the Coordinator of Employer Relations of NYU Shanghai. Season is responsible for managing career programs, marketing and employer relations. She liaises both Chinese and global employers to set up strong relations with the university for internships and year-long engagement. Before joining NYU Shanghai, Season worked as a Reporter & Editor in Shanghai Media Group for 5 years, taking care of new media content production including reporting, editing and maintaining the social media platform and TV program production for International Channel Shanghai. Season graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a master's degree in Journalism. She earned her bachelor's degree in International Business from the University of Nottingham.

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The Use of Metaphors in Career Development

by Norm Amundson
Recorded March 12, 2018

Story telling is an integral part of career development. A key component within stories are the metaphors being used by clients, counsellors and coaches. Metaphors encourage imagination, add clarity, and help to build understanding. In this presentation, he will be expanding on many of the themes (and metaphors) included in his book “Metaphor Making” and will be exploring the dynamics of metaphors and analogical reasoning. He also will be sharing some practical career development exercises that build upon metaphors and lead to greater self-awareness, clarity, and action. This session will be of interest to a broad range of career educators and practitioners.

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Norman Amundson, Ph.D. is a Full Professor in Counselling Psychology, Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He has given numerous workshops and seminars and also has been a keynote speaker at many national and international conferences. In his writings, Dr Amundson emphasizes the importance of creativity, imagination, cultural awareness, positive affirmation and action as career development strategies. His publications include over 100 journal articles; training DVDs (Active Engagement in Action, 2009); books such as Active Engagement (2009, 3rd edition), The Essential Elements of Career Counseling (2014, 3rd edition), The Physics of Living (2003), Metaphor Making (2010), Career Flow: A Hope-Centered Approach to Career Development (2011), Hope-Filled Engagement (2011); Counseling Around the World (2013); and several career workbooks – Guiding Circles and Career Pathways. Dr Amundson has won many awards from professional associations for his work, including an honorary doctorate from the University of Umea, in Sweden.

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How can Career Professionals Identify Students with Potential for STEM?

By Vandana Gambhir Chopra
Recorded February 9, 2018

Worldwide, students pursuing STEM-centric academic courses tend to leave and shift their focus on other subjects across various transition points. Recent evidence indicates that students who are misfit for STEM education have gone through depression and resorted to attempting and many a times committing suicide. Thus, it is essential to seek ways through which STEM pipeline can be developed which has a high probability to continue and thrive in STEM careers. Dr. Gambhir has built a psychological framework that helps career professionals to identify students with potential for having STEM career nearly a decade before they pursue it. The framework has been extensively used with school and university students and helped them in their pursuit of the STEM professions. 

Click here to register.

Dr. Vandana Gambhir Chopra, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, Keshav Mahavidyalaya College, University of Delhi and Country Director, India for APCDA, is an alumnus of Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, one of the premier and reputed homoeopathic colleges of India. A gold medalist of University of Delhi, she started her professional career as a physician and later excelled and received her doctorate in the discipline of psychology. Her field of involvement in psychology research work spans across psychometric testing, organizational behavior, career competencies, personality psychology, social psychology, competency mapping, positive psychology, consumer behavior, and geriatrics mental health.

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Workforce of the Future

by Regina M. Hechanova
Recorded January 9, 2018

Workforce trends will impact the workforce in the future. What will be the impact of issues such as political and economic shifts?  As the demographics of the workforce change, how will the workplace adapt and accommodate diversity issues? How will future technological changes impact the way we work? As new work designs and organizational structures become more common, how will this affect employee engagement and the mental health of workers? What are the implications of these changes for career development and management?

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Regina M. Hechanova, PhD, is Full Professor and former Chair of the Department of Psychology in Ateneo de Manila University.  She was the past President of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) and is currently the head of the PAP Taskforce on Drug Recovery Support. She has over 20 years of experience as an HR and OD practitioner and consultant in the Philippines and in the US. Gina has a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Central Michigan University and obtained her M.A. in Psychology and B.S. degree from the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman. In 1996, she received the UP Chancellor's Award for Most Outstanding Faculty. In 2005, Gina was also named Outstanding Young Scientist by the National Academy of Science and Technology.  In 2010, she was named one of the Ten Outstanding Women in Nation’s Service for her work as an organizational psychologist. Gina edited/authored a number of books including The Way We Work: Research and Best practices in the Philippines, Leading Philippines in a Changing World, Pinoy@Work, Workplace Wisdom, Rebirth and Reinvention: Transforming Philippine Organizations and Understanding and Managing the Filipino Worker and Organization.

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The HEROIC Mindset:  Navigating a Lifetime of Transitions

by Rich Feller
Recorded December 12, 2017

Without a HEROIC mindset, the Smart Machine Age leaves workers nervously employed and worried about becoming invisible. HEROIC is an acronym for six behaviors which can help you and your clients to stay focused on what really matters.  Using this acronym with clients can help them to live more fulfilling lives.  Two highly effective interventions ( and the Who You Are Matters! personal discovery game) will also be explained.

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Rich Feller, PhD (, is Professor Emeritus of Counseling and Career Development and one of 12 University Distinguished Teaching Scholars at Colorado State University. He’s served as NCDA President, consultant to NASA, UN, NFL, AARP, and international and small organizations. Lead trainer for the JCTC Coach Certificate held by 8,000 coaches, he’s co-author of three books, six film series, and the Who You Are Matters! ( game; Chief Scientist to; thought leader for; US Director for the Asian Pacific Career Development Association; and Advisory Board Member for National University of Singapore’s Center for Future Ready Students He has consulted on six continents, all 50 US states and six Canadian provinces. Dick Bolles, author of the seminal bestseller What Color is Your Parachute?, called Rich, “A world-class professor.”

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The Chaos Theory of Careers

by Jim Bright
Recorded November 21, 2017

We all know that careers can seem chaotic, but to really understand the Chaos Theory of Careers, we must turn to the world expert, Dr Jim Bright.  Dr Bright has developed a chaos and complexity-based theory that provides an account of the complexity of influences on career development, the nature of change and unplanned events, as well as the limiting factors and emerging patterns in individual careers.Data shows clients who receive CTC counseling report higher levels of career self-efficacy and greater satisfaction with the outcomes of the process compared to traditional approaches.

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Dr Jim Bright is a Visiting Professor of Career Development at the University of Derby in the UK and a Professor of Career Education and Development in the School of Education at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) based in Sydney. Together with Prof. Robert Pryor, he developed the Chaos Theory of Careers which focuses on complexity, change and chance in career development. In addition, he is interested in applying chaos and complexity ideas to Leadership and has a long-standing interest in evidence-based job hunting advice.  He is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA), and National Institute for Career Education and Counselling (NICEC,)and Lifetime Member of APCDA, and Member of NCDA. He is the author of 11 books translated into 10 different languages.

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Career Services in a Rapidly Automating World: Issues and Challenges for 21st Century Career Planning

by Eric Anctil
Recorded October 25, 2017

Automation is the single greatest threat to the human labor and the modern human-based workforce. As humans adapt to the capitalist realities of a fully-automated workforce, the challenge for career counselors and specialists is to recognize and provide services to clients with an understanding of the future of work. This webinar will discuss the rapidly changing landscape of automated labor and the threats as well as the opportunities that lie ahead.

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Eric Anctil is the author of the books Selling Higher Education: Marketing and Advertising America's Colleges and Universities; Curriculum Leadership: Readings for Developing Quality Educational Programs; and Curriculum Planning: A Contemporary Approach.  Mr. Anctil is a professor of media and technology in the School of Education at the University of Portland and director of the Higher Education and Student Affairs graduate program. His work broadly centers on K-20 education and the nexus of technology and society.

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A Paradox of Labor Market in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Increasing Student Employability

by Ashique Rafi and Dana Downey
Recorded March 7, 2017

The countries of the Arab Gulf have historically been a top choice for the global expatriate workforce due to high economic growth, quality of life, employment prospects, and good governance. Recently however, these countries are facing significant economic pressure from the ongoing slump in oil prices, political disputes, and rising youth unemployment. This creates a paradox of possibility. In this context, NYU Abu Dhabi will review the current status of employment in the Arab Gulf and highlight strategies to improve international graduate employability in the GCC labor market.

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Ashique Rafi is working as an Employer Services Specialist at New York University Abu Dhabi. His primary assignments are focusing on campus recruitment, employer engagements, employer events, reporting, and managing employer centric activities on NYUAD CareerNet portal. He joined NYUAD Career Development Center in June 2012 but prior to that he was actively involved in career services while serving as a Global Academic Fellow and during his graduate study at KAUST. He completed his Masters in Engineering from University of Nottingham and KAUST respectively.

Dana Downey serves as the Associate Director at the Career Development Center, overseeing employer relations and communication strategy. Prior to joining the team at NYU Abu Dhabi, Dana worked as a career development counselor in the United States for six years. She completed her Masters in Counseling Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin, specializing in global mental health and career development.

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Chinese Returnees’ Conceptions of Positive Career Outcomes after Graduating from Australian Universities

by Serene Lin-Stephens
Recorded February 21, 2017

This study targeted Chinese international students who had received at least one Australian university qualification and returned to work in the greater China region. The main research questions sought to address what Chinese returnees referred to as positive career outcomes, what they actually experienced, and what they deemed as contributing factors to the positive career outcomes they experienced. Data was collected from the returnees via questionnaires and individual interviews. Observation of and interviews with industry stakeholders were also conducted as a contrast. Key findings from the study will be shared in this session along with practical considerations for service designs for Chinese international students and recommendation for further research.

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Serene Lin-Stephens is a Career Development Consultant at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. She holds postgraduate qualifications in both Higher Education and Career Development Education. Serene has worked in various roles in the field of career development and employment services, including consultant for both faculties of Science and Engineering and Business and Economics at Macquarie University. In the last five years, Serene has implemented various strategies to incorporate career education into the higher education curricula. At the same time, she shares a special interest in enhancing international education. Her current research projects include building career information literacy in capstone units and Chinese returnees’career outcomes.

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An Overview of Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Implementation in Singapore

by Virginia Cheng and Esther Tan Chuan
Recorded December 6, 2016

There has been a nation-wide effort to support students and adults to make informed education, training and career choices. The Ministry of Education has strengthened education and career guidance (ECG) in schools. This presentation aims to share an overview how ECG is implemented in Singapore through our policies, systems and structures, strategic resources and the ECG framework, which guides the design of ECG activities and resources. There are 4 key pillars to ECG delivery, namely i) Robust ECG curriculum designed by specialists and taught by teachers, ii) Quality ECG counselling by newly-recruited and trained ECG Counsellors, iii) Competent ECG personnel in schools and iv) Supportive partners such as parents, alumni, industries, economic agencies, etc.

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Virginia Cheng is the Project Director of Education and Career Guidance (ECG) at the Singapore Ministry of Education. As Project Director, she leads a team of officers in the development of policies, framework, standards and benchmarks, and programmes to bring about the effective implementation of ECG. This includes the setting up of systems and structures; developing and implementing the ECG curriculum, teaching and learning resources in schools; building the capacity of schools in the delivery of ECG; overseeing the professional development and growth of the fraternity; and establishing key strategic partnerships. Previously, she contributed to the profession as a teacher, principal, inspector of schools, and cluster superintendent, and she was awarded the Public Administration Medals (Silver and Bronze).

Esther Tan Chuan Loo is working as a senior specialist in the Ministry of Education, Singapore, currently focusing on the professional development of Education and Career Guidance Counsellors. She is also a licensed counsellor with a Master’s of Education in Risk and Prevention in Guidance Counselling from Harvard University. She has conducted seminars in the United States, South Korea and Singapore, in the areas of mental health and career explorations. Her assets include being able to train in both English and Chinese. With her passion in vocational psychology and human development, she is interested in research and tools that help people venture deeper in self-exploration to achieve their career-life aspirations.

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Career Readiness Program of a Private University in Pakistan

by Raza Abbas
Recorded October, 2016

Career readiness skills play a key role in the life of a university student. Providing career readiness skills and career counseling at the right time changes the whole scenario of a student’s future career and leads to hope and career prosperity. A career readiness institutionalized program of a leading private university in Pakistan is analyzed in this webinar. The pilot program had been developed strategically; keeping in view the global career readiness best practices as well as culturally adapting them to the corporate industry and higher education requirements in Pakistan.

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Raza Abbas is the pioneer of professional career counseling and career guidance in Pakistan. He is an advocate for the career counseling and career guidance profession. He has consistently presented at premier career forums in six continents of the world: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Middle-East. He has transformed the lives of thousands of youth, teachers and employees across the globe. He is profiled in the global bestseller “The World Book of Hope” as one of the Top 100 Researchers in the world.

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Cognitive Information Processing Theory

by Deb Osborn
Recorded August, 2016

This webinar describes key concepts from the Cognitive Information Processing approach to career problem solving and decision making that are used to help clients and practitioners better understand the content and process of career decision making. Key concepts include the Pyramid of Information Processing Domains (the “knowing” part of decision making) and the CASVE Cycle (the “doing” part of decision making). The session will also describe how the theory is applied in practice, including a three-level differentiated service delivery model and a readiness assessment model. A specific example of service delivery will also be presented.

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Dr. Deb Osborn is a Professor of Counseling and Career Development in the Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems at Florida State University, a past president of the National Career Development Association, and a member of the Board of NCDA. She is part of the team that has developed expertise in the use of cognitive strategies in the design and delivery of career counseling and guidance services and the appropriate use of computer technology in counseling. Her presentation on this topic at the 2015 APCDA Conference in Tokyo was rated highly and attendees were eager to apply the CIP theory in their own practice.

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Telling Stories of Career Transition through Scores and an Integrative Structured Interview Process

by Mary McMahon and Mark Watson
Recorded March, 2016

In today’s world of work, it is not uncommon for people to change occupations and to re-engage in learning during their adult lives. This presentation reports on research that used the qualitative Integrative Structured Interview (ISI) Process and the quantitative Self-Directed Search instrument to understand the career transitions of university students who had worked for at least two years prior to returning to study in a different field. Case study examples will illustrate the rich stories told by the participants that provided a contextual and nuanced understanding of their transitions. Suggestions are offered for career counsellors.

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Dr Mary McMahon teaches career development and narrative career counselling in the School of Education at The University of Queensland where she works as a Senior Lecturer. She is interested in the career development of children and adolescents and how young people may be supported by career counselling and career programs. Mary is the co-developer of the internationally known Systems Theory Framework of Career Development. Currently Mary is working on practical applications of her framework including her story-telling approach to career counselling and qualitative assessment instruments.

Distinguished Professor Mark Watson lectures, writes and practices in the field of career psychology. Mark publishes nationally and internationally in journals and books, sits on the editorial board of several international journals, is co-author of a book onCareer Psychology in the South African Context, and is co-editor of three new books on career development, counselling and assessment. He is a co-developer of theMy System of Career Influences, a qualitative career assessment instrument. Professor Watson is a Research Fellow at The University of Warwick in England and an Honorary Professor at The University of Queensland.

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Critical Ingredients for Career Interventions

by Dr. Marilyn Maze
Recorded January, 2016

Researchers have identified the five critical ingredients in career interventions, but are we using them? And are they relevant in the Asia Pacific region? Researchers worked for years using meta-analysis on research describing successful career interventions during the last half of the previous century to identify factors which were crucial to getting good results. They looked at the length of the intervention, individual versus group counseling, types of career information available, and many other factors – but none of these made decisive differences. Finally, in 2000, by looking at a variety of factors, 5 were found to make a substantial difference in effectiveness. Are these factors being used widely in the Asia Pacific region? Are the findings relevant today? Do these factors produce results? This webinar will engage participants to answer these questions.

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Marilyn Maze, Ph.D., is the Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Career Development Association. She has organized the annual APCDA Conference since its inception, conducted numerous research projects on hot labor market and career counseling issues, and presented at international conferences. Marilyn serves on the board of the National Career Development Association and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Maryland Career Development Association in 2010.

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10 Tips for Supporting a Globally Mobile Workforce

by Dr. Roberta Neault
Recorded July, 2015

The impact of a global economy is inconsistent in the Asia Pacific region. Highly skilled workers leave home to work abroad, while industries emerge locally to produce products/services for export. Students study abroad and international universities set up local campuses. Facilitated by technology, workers serve customers/clients around the world without travelling. “Global careerists” see the world as their workplace, pursuing attractive career opportunities regardless of location. Career practitioners, advisors, counsellors, and HR professionals need to rethink their approaches in order to improve services to globally mobile workers. You will leave this 1.5 hour webinar with tips and strategies to support this significant segment of our future workforce.

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Dr. Roberta Neault walks her talk; she has travelled to 65+ countries and counselled/coached immigrants, expatriates, repatriates, trailing spouses, third-culture kids, and global careerists. Her work on 6 continents includes board leadership, keynotes, research collaboration, consulting, contributions to international publications, and teaching students from around the world. Recipient of the Gold Medal and Diamond Pin for international career development leadership, Roberta is passionate about raising the bar in career services for the globally mobile workforce. President of Life Strategies Ltd. and Associate Dean at Yorkville University, Roberta also currently serves as Treasurer for the Asia Pacific Career Development Association.

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Chaos Theory of Careers and the Changing World-of Work

by Brian Hutchison
Recorded March 24, 2015

The world-of-work is changing. This can cause anxiety, difficulty making decisions, and feelings of desperation which requires new approaches to career coaching and counseling. This 1.5 hour webinar will focus on incorporating principles of chaos theory of careers to plan practical interventions for working counselors and coaches.

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Brian Hutchison, Ph.D., is currently an Associate Professor, Coordinator of the School Counseling Program, and International Studies Fellow at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. He received his Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision from Penn State University. His scholarly work is focused on the study of social class bias in the delivery of school counseling interventions, international school and career counseling, counselor feelings of social class dissonance as it applies to their work, and the delivery of career development interventions that incorporate the concept of human agency and social justice as it impacts the career development of underserved and international populations. Brian is an active member of ACA, ACAM, ACES, MoCDA (where he is a past-President), and NCDA (where he serves as Co-chair for the Global Connections Committee).

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From Super to Savickas: Theory to Guide Practice

by JoAnn Bowlsbey
Rrecorded October 7, 2014

Which career planning theories guide your practice? For many of us, all of the theories sound fascinating, but it is hard to choose between them. This confusion may cause us to ignore them. Dr. JoAnn Bowlsbey will compare the various theories of the 20th century and provide insights into the strengths and applications of each, so that we can decide when to use them to guide our practice.

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JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey has enjoyed a long career in the field of career guidance and development. She began this career as a high school counselor and in the late 1960’s she pioneered computer-based career planning. She first developed the Computerized Vocational Information System (CVIS), then developed DISCOVER. When ACT took over responsibility for DISCOVER development, she became the Executive Director of ACT’s Educational Technology Center in Maryland. JoAnn wrote three different versions of the Career Development Facilitator curriculum – for schools and workforce centers in the >United States, for Japan, and for the U.S. Prison System. She is currently Executive Director for Content Development at Kuder, Inc. and co-author with Dr. Spencer Niles and Dr. Norman Amundson of two best-selling textbooks on career development theory and practice in the United States. A past president of the National Career Development Association, JoAnn has received that organization’s highest award – the Eminent Career Award.

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10 Key Concepts Foundational to Our Work

by Roberta Neault
Recorded March 5, 2014

Why do you do what you do in career counselling or coaching? This presentation categorizes popular theories and models, foundational to our work, into 10 broad categories. Learn about traditional and emerging conceptual frameworks. Make strategic choices about which approaches would be most effective with the client group(s) you serve.

If career practitioners and counsellors don’t have a solid grounding in career theories and models, their work with clients or students is little different from having a conversation with a compassionate friend. Theories and models can assist with case conceptualization, developing customized interventions, and evaluating results.

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Dr. Roberta Neault, APCDA Treasurer, was editor of the Journal of Employment Counseling from 2008 – 2011 and serves on the boards of the Career Counsellors Chapter of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association as well as the Asia Pacific Career Development Association. Dr. Neault has written, presented, and taught internationally on the topic of career theories and was awarded the Gold Medal for Leadership in Career Development in 2011.

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