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Sing Chee Wong, President, is a Career Consultant and Trainer with more than 30 years of experience in career coaching, counselling and training. She is accredited by the National Career Development Association (NCDA,  USA) and Institution for Adult Learning (Singapore) to be a Career Development Facilitator Instructor (CDFI), and Master Trainer for the Advanced Certificate in Career Development Facilitation (ACCDF) respectively. In 2019, She was also awarded the "Certified Master of Career Services" by NCDA. She is the Founding President of Singapore’s “People and Career Development Association,” which aims to develop career practitioners and those interested in career development. Contact Ms Wong at

Woongtae Kim, PhD, Past President, is CEO & President of Career Building System & Consulting Co. Ltd. and a professor at Shinheung College and Graduate School of Kwangwoon University.  Dr. Kim earned a Ph.D. from Konkuk University (Seoul, Korea).  He is also a Global Career Development Facilitator and CDF Instructor. Contact Dr. Kim at

Satomi Yaji Chudasama, NCC, CCC, GCDF, President-Elect, is a founding member of APCDA. Her past leadership positions with APCDA include Treasurer, Chair of Public Relations, Chair of Membership, and Lead of Membership Engagement through Technology Taskforce. She is currently Senior Associate Director, Student Engagement at the Center for Career Development at Princeton University in the United States. Since embarking on her journey in the career development field nearly 20 years ago, Satomi has gained significant experience in career counseling, career educational programming, employer and alumni engagement, and technology. She is active in the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE) among other organizations. Contact Ms. Chudasama at

Constance Jenkins Pritchard, PhD, Treasurer, works in leadership, business consulting and career development. The Pritchard Group serves clients internationally in face to face consultation and trainings as well as through her corporate eLearning site. Dr. Pritchard has been active in career development associations regionally, nationally, and internationally.  Currently she is treasurer of APCDA and a Board member of the Institute of Career Certification International.  She has developed curriculum contributed to professional publications. Dr. Pritchard has earned a doctorate in education from the University of South Carolina. US. Contact Dr. Pritchard at

Momoko Asaka, Secretary, is CEO at Veriteworks Inc., and member of the Japan Career Development Association (JCDA), Japanese Psychological Association (JPA), Occupational Safety and Health Legal Services Center (OSHLSC), Career Consulting Conference, Japan Stress Check Association (JSCA), National Anger Management Association (NAMA), Japan Anger Management Association (JAMA), Communication Quotient Association (CQA). Contact Ms. Asaka at

Board of Directors

Officers and Staff serve on the Board, plus:

Mr. Allan Gatenby, Committee Council Chair

Dr. Brian Hutchison, Committee Council Representative

Mr. Hector Lin, Country/Area Council Chair

Dr. Rich Feller, Country/Area Council Representative

Dr. Poh Li Lau, Country/Area Council Representative

Dr. Lorraine Godden, Country/Area Council Representative

Journal Editor

Brian Hutchison, PhD, LPC, CCCE,Journal Editor, is a Core Clinical Mental Health Faculty at Walden University (online) and a Past President of APCDA. Dr. Hutchison received his doctorate degree in Counselor Education & Supervision from Pennsylvania State University and has worked as a career, school, and mental health counselor. Brian’s career consultation and education work operates within the brand of Global Career Guywhere he specializes in developing career publications, keynote talks, workshops, and on-line career coaching and mentorship content for global career professionals. He has more than four dozen publications and is currently writing the 13th Edition of School to Career, a textbook for high school students. Contact Dr. Hutchison at

Committee Chairs

Soonhoon Ahn, Membership Committee Chair, a progressive and visionary Global Career Strategist, Career Mentor and Career Strategist, is passionate about helping clients with their career planning, career development, job searches and career/life transitions. She is a lifelong advocate of careers in international development for professionals seeking to advance the quality of human life. Her extensive professional work experience is rooted in her decades-long international recruitment and human resource management experiences with the World Bank Group (WBG) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). She earned a MA in Career Counseling in 2002 and has provided career counseling, outplacement services and job search trainings to individuals and consulted on various US federal government assignments. Soonhoon is the Founder, Founding President, and a Legacy Member of APCDA.  Contact Ms Ahn at

Vandana Ghambhir Chopra, PhD, Ethics and Standards Committee Chair, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, Keshav Mahavidyalaya, University of Delhi, and the Former Country Director of India for APCDA. She started her professional career as a medical physician, excelled and later received her doctorate in Psychology. Known as an expert in Psychometrics, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and Vocational & Career Counseling, she helps corporations with their employee wellness and productivity through training and assessments. Her field of involvement in psychology research work spans across career competencies, personality, social psychology, competency mapping, positive psychology, and consumer behavior and geriatrics mental health. Contact Ms Chopra at Ethics@AsiaPacificCDA

Tuna Dagli, Program Committee Chair, earned her BSc in Chemical Engineering from METU, Turkey. After 5 years of engineering experience, Tuna studied I/O Psychology in Koç University to change her profession to one with a more human touch. She pursued an international HR career for 10 years before joining Koç University Career Development Center in 2015. As the Director, she does career coaching with students & staff and instructs Start Your Career Today Seminar. Tuna is serving APCDA as the Director of Program Committee and recently joined ICCI as a member of Board of Governors. Contact Ms. Dagli at

Allan Gatenby, FRIM CMF, Bylaws and Policies Committee Chair, is a thought leader in career and talent development. Began practicing as a school-based careers adviser in 1977, consultant to schools 1980 – 87. Established his private practice in 2007 and now is globally networked and servicing. Active member of APCDA, CDAA, ACPI and Chairman of the Board of Governors Institute of Career Certification International (ICCI). Recognized by UNDP as an expert practitioner in career education and partnering with AIM in the development of Leadership for IR4.0 training. Contact Mr. Gatenby at

Catherine Hughes, PhD, News Committee Chair and 2020 Outstanding News Contributor Award Recipient, founded the Grow Careers website for Australian school communities.  Her doctorate is in vocational psychology and he has authored books on careers work in schools and career development resources to support the work of school-based career practitioners. Dr. Hughes is a Sessional course Leader for the Graduate Certificate in Career Education and Development at RMIT University.  Her research has been widely published and she has presented at national and international conferences. Contact Dr. Hughes at

Claire Ouyang, PhD, Public Relations Committee Chair, is the Chairperson and founder of the Macao Career Development Association. She received her PhD in counseling psychology at the University of Macao. Her current practicum and research has been focused on career counseling for adolescents and emerging adults and career education in middle school settings. Contact Dr. Ouyang at

Vijay Keshaorao Paralkar, PhD, Awards and Scholarships Committee Chair, is a Ph.D. candidate at Old Dominion University in Virginia and holds a doctorate from Miami University in Student Affairs. He earned his Master of Science in Counseling from the University of Nebraska Omaha with a concentration in student affairs in higher education. He is also a career practitioner experienced in providing career planning, assessments, exploration and international development to college students, graduates and mid-career professionals. Dr. Paralkar's interest in career counseling, teaching, research, and practice focuses on the holistic wellness for shaping sustainable careers and satisfactory lives of international students and the global community. Contact Dr. Paralkar at

Hsiu-Lan (Shelley) Tien, PhD, Research Committee Chair,  received her Ph.D. in Counselor Education from the University of Iowa in 1993. She is a professor and Department Chair at the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling at the National Taiwan Normal University. She was a Fulbright visiting scholar at the Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland (2005-6; 2011-2012). She has also served as President of Taiwan Career Development and Consultation Association (TCDCA), Taipei Counseling Psychologist Association, and APCDA. Currently she is Representative of TCDCA. She earned the 2016 International Practitioner of the Year Award from the National Career Development Association. Contact Dr. Tien at

Country/Area Representatives

Raza Abbas, Pakistan Representative, is the Chief Executive Officer of Pathway Global Career Institute and Founder of professionalization of Career Education in Pakistan. He earned the Outstanding Career Practitioner Award from APCDA in May, 2017, was recognized by UNESCO as one of the leading Social Entrepreneurs in Asia in the Philippines in 2017, and was profiled in a global bestselling book, The World Book of Hope. Raza walks his talk: currently serving on the Boards of leading global professional career development associations (ARACD, IAEVG and APCDA), collaborating globally, delivering keynotes, leading ground-breaking research, consulting, executing social reform projects on career development, inspiring countless people. Contact Mr. Abbas at

Toghrul Alakbarov, Azerbaijan Representative, is an experienced personal development trainer, coach and mentor. Mr. Alakbarov is currently Head of Career Guidance Sector at State Employment Service of Azerbaijan. As a Fulbright scholar, he did his master’s degree in the field of Workforce Education and Development at Bowling Green State University. Moreover, he got a professional ICF certified coaching education from Adler International Learning. Mr. Alakbarov is passionate about human capacity development and for the last 10 years he has been engaged in plenty of educational, social and community building initiatives throughout Azerbaijan.  You can contact Mr. Alakbarov at

Robyn Cannell, New Zealand Representative, is a National Executive Committee Member of Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ) and has worked as a careers advisor in the secondary school education sector for the last 15 years. She is passionate about has engaging all students in planning their futures.  She previously working as a career counselor in the Cook Islands and in medical, legal and commercial businesses in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Career Practice. Contact Ms. Cannell at

Joseph Chan Kai Nin, APCDA Hong Kong Representative, has over forty years of experience in human resources management in the private sector and career counseling at the University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong plus career counseling training in both the secondary and tertiary sector in Hong Kong and China. He holds a master’s degree in business administration, counseling and education and fellow membership in the HK Institute of HRM and HK Professional Counselling Association. Contact Mr. Joseph Chan at

Anne Rouh-Ling Chen, Taiwan Representative, is the Senior Consultant of Aspire Academy. She is the President of Taiwan Women Career Development Association.  Anne is the CEO of Global Career Development System. She was an executive for international IT and logistics companies. She usually worked closely with the CEO in designing and executing Talent Career Development, Strategic Human Resource Management, Cross-Cultural Team Building, and Culture & Core Competency and Leadership Development Programs. She is also an Executive Coach for global managers. Ms. Chen is the pioneer who established the Career Development Center at Soochow University in Taiwan. She is an active member of APCDA, and Board Member of TCDCA (Taiwan Career Development and Consulting Association), and Supervisor of CHRMA (Chinese Human Resource Management Association in Taiwan). Contact Ms. Chen at

Rich Feller, PhD, USA Representative, is NCDA Past-President, Professor Emeritus of Counseling and Career Development and University Distinguished Teaching Scholar at Colorado State University, and recipient of the NCDA Eminent Lifetime Career Award. Dr Feller is a Past President of the National Career Development Association, Professor of Counseling and Career Development at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, University Distinguished Teaching Scholar at Colorado State University, Career Specialist for NSF Gaussi Project, Colorado State University and Semester at Sea, Thought Leader for AARP, Life Reimagined Program, Washington, DC, Chief Advisor for YouScience, Nashville, TN, and Co-owner of Valer Productions, Inc., Fort Collins, CO and of One Life Tools, Inc., Toronto, Canada. Contact Dr. Feller at

.Lorraine Godden, PhD, Canada Representative, is an adjunct Assistant Professor at both Queen’s and Yorkville Universities where she teaches policy, leadership, and adult education courses on bachelor of education and masters programs. Dr. Godden’s research is rooted in understanding how educators interpret policy and curriculum to make sense of career and life planning, work-integrated-learning, adult learning, school-to-work transition, and other educational multidisciplinary and public policies. Her research has been published in national and international journals and conferences, and she has successfully completed many collaborative, empirical, and community-based research projects that have informed theory, policy, and practice-based initiatives. Dr. Godden currently serves on the Board of Representatives of CERIC and was a Member of Team Canada for the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (2017-2019). Contact Dr. Godden at

William Gunawan, Ph.D., CLC, Indonesia Representative, is a Senior Lecturer with more than 15 years of experience in Counseling, Coaching, and Training.  He is a strong research professional with an S3 focused on Career Development from Griffith University, Australia and an S2 focused on Educational Psychology from the University of Indonesia. Dr. Gunawan has a special interest in Career Development and acts as a full-time lecturer in the Faculty of Psychology, Krida Wacana Christian University (UKRIDA). Dr. Gunawan is also the founder and chairman of the Center for Career Development and Assessment (CCDA). Contact Rr. Gunawan at

Phoenix Ho, Vietnam Representative, Founder and CEO of Song An Career Development Social Enterprise, was raised by traditional Vietnamese parents and influenced by educator mentors in the Bay Area of California, USA.  She completed a Bachelor of International Business in the US, Master of Educational Leadership and Management in Australia, and Master of Career Development Counseling in the US. Ms Ho has trained herself to become bilingual and bicultural in Vietnamese and American cultures. Her career development journey took 12 years to discover her current career. As a result, her passion is to enable young Vietnamese discover their motivated skills and find a suitable career. Ms Ho’s current projects include creating a career assessment tool for Vietnamese youth and building a Dictionary of Occupational Titles in Vietnam.  She wishes to achieve those goals by working closely with local community associations, business entities, and government offices. Contact Ms. Ho at

Zhijin Hou, PhD, North China Representative,  is a Professor at the Beijing Normal University. She has expertise in career development and counseling psychology. She has over 40 peer reviewed journal publications, 2 series of textbooks, and 3 translated books and presented over 40 conference presentations in these areas. She has been PI on grants funded by the National Social Science Fund of China to support her research. Contact Dr. Hou at

Mohit Jain, Nepal Representative, Founder of Discover Within, is an International Certified Career Coach who believes in pursuing the soul purpose. He has been working in the field of sustainable development goals, majorly concentrated on SDG 4. In 2019, he attended the World Youth Forum in Egypt is a member of the Global Peace Chain and Global Goodwill Ambassadors. He coaches high school students and undergraduates to discover their career paths. He inspires them to look inward and discover their potential. He loves to dig into people’s perspectives to understand their mindset and nature. He provides direction and meaningful insights through expanding their awareness and level of perception.  Contact Mr. Jain at

Raushan Kanayeva, Kazakhstan Representative, Director of the Corporate Development Department at KIMEP University/Kazakhstan, has over 15 years of working at KIMEP University. As head of the unit, she is responsible for all relationships with the business community and alumni association.  That includes fundraising and sponsorship, career and employment, grant management and alumni affairs. As an expert, she has been involved in different working committees as an executive team member at different business associations such as the European Business Association of Kazakhstan, British Chamber, and participated in developing of national CSR concept.  Also Ms Kanayeva was a jury member of the national CSR competition “Paryz.”  Contact Ms. Kanayeva at

Anjana Kulasekara, Sri Lanka Representative, Founder/CEO of CareerMe®, is an alumnus of the University of Hong Kong where she graduated with a FirstClass Bachelor of Science degree, Dean's Honor's List with a double major in Biotechnology and Finance. She is a recipient of the Philip K H Wong Foundation Scholarships and recipient of the Lee Chung Yin Jubilee Prize for best student in Biotechnology 2014. During her school academic years, Anjana was also a sports captain and has a Cambridge High Achiever Award for A/L Mathematics. Additionally, she was an organizing member of a Hong Kong volunteer group that focused on holding vocational skills transfer programs for women within disadvantaged communities in Kolkatta, India. Post-graduation, Anjana worked in Singapore for several years in the area of Responsible Investment before deciding to return to Sri Lanka in 2017, with the aim of giving back to the country. Contact Ms. Kulasera at

Poh Li Lau, PhD, Malaysia Representative, is a senior lecturer in Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling at University of Malaya. She received her BA and PhD in Counseling from the University of Malaya, Malaysia. Her research interests include career counseling, positive psychology, resilience and well-being, special needs programs, cross-cultural and psychological testing. She is responsible for in teaching and learning, evaluation activities in undergrad and postgrad counseling program, and consultation projects. She is also a registered counselor in Malaysia. Contact Dr. Lau at

Bora Lee, PhD, Korea Representative, earned her Ph.D. from Penn State University in Human Development and Family Studies. She is currently an associate professor at Korea University. Her research interests revolve around work, family, and gender. Questions that Dr, Lee is particularly interested in are the role of family contexts in youth’s career development, why the world of work is gendered, and how men and women navigate their work and family lives.  Contact Dr. Lee at

Hector Lin, Singapore Representative, is the Secretary-General of the People Career Development Association (PCDA) of Singapore. He is currently serving as a Representative at Jobkred, a technology company that uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to provide career technologies, digital guidance systems and tools. Hector is trained in Singapore’s WSQ Advanced Certificate in Career Development Facilitation (ACCDF) / Global Career Development Facilitator-Singapore (GCDF-SG) and Singapore’s WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA). He is also a Practising Management Consultant (PMC) certified by Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council (SBACC). Hector possesses an Executive Master of Science in Marketing from Baruch College, City University of New York. He also graduated with a Double Masters in Business Administration and Applied Project Management from the University of Adelaide, Australia. Contact Mr. Lin at

Serene Lin-Stephens, Australia Representative, is a career educator, researcher, and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She advocates inter-discipline and inter-cutural collaboration. The extensive collaboration she has with universities in Australia and the Asia Pacific region has led to award winning outcomes that benefit the wider career and employability communities, such as the  APCDA Glossary Project, Univative, and various studies on career information literacy, visual narrative interventions, and employment-related anxiety. Contact Ms. Lin-Stephens at

Maryrose Macaraan, Philippines Representative, is a University Counselor of De La Salle University College of Law. She is a registered guidance counselor, licensed psychometrician and a professional teacher. Currently, the Auditor of Philippine Association of Counselor Education, Research and Supervision, Inc. (PACERS). She was the former chair of the Student’ Career-Industry Linkage and Placement in the University of Santo Tomas. She took her Bachelor's and Master's degree in the University of Santo Tomas and graduated with honors. She loves mentoring the youth in aspects of personal growth and development. Her current research interests include mental health and career development programs for legal education students. Contact Ms Macaraan at

Elisabeth Montgomery, PhD, South China Representative, is Nanshan Education Bureau’s first foreign Senior Advisor on Internationalization for public schools 1-12. For over ten years she has innovated education groups in Shenzhen’s central Special Economic Zone. Specializing in school-based curricula design training, Green STEAM programs and implementation of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. She serves as Foreign Deputy Vice Principal for South China University of Science and Technology (SUSTECH Education Group). She is the founder of several model international programs in Shenzhen’s premier high schools. Specializations include career supervision and training of education providers; International college preparedness and placement; Job search, job shadows and internships; and Social Entrepreneurship. Contact Ms. Montgomery at

Rahul Nair, South India Representative, is a Lifologist, Occupational Psychologist and an Organizational Development Professional with over more than 12 years of intensive experience in Organizational Development industry. Have coached and mentored senior managers and top officials of MNCs. Corporate houses, Governmental Agencies and brought out tremendous positive results. Mr. Nair is the Representative – Technology and Academics to, a Guinness World Record Holding organisation. Contact Mr. Nair at

Yoshinobu Ooi, MBA, CDA, Japan Representative, is a freelance career development support and management consultant. After obtaining a master's degree in electronic information engineering from Toyama Prefectural University, he worked continuously for over 20 years at a Japanese telecommunications company. Mr. Ooi acquired CDA qualification when assigned to the HR department in charge of new employee training and supported a wide range of people from career development for university students to company employees He is a member of the Japan Career Development Association. Contact Mr. Ooi at

Claire Ouyang, Macau Representative, is also the Public Relations Committee Chair and described above under Committees. Contact Ms. Ouyang at

Chavi Bhargava Sharma, North India Representative, Professor, PhD, is Executive Representative & Dean of the Faculty of Behavioral & Social Sciences, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies and Trustee & Secretary of the Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation- A community Initiative of Manav Rachna Educational Institutions. She has a Ph.D. in Psychology with 30 years of experience.  She is a practicing psychologist and psychotherapist and a Mindler-certified International Certified Career Coach. She was involved in two educational startups, Amity University, Rajasthan, and Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad. In addition, she has been instrumental in creating a philanthropic foundation and has implemented many projects and schemes for nation building and community service. Contact Dr. Sharma at

Bory You, Cambodia Representative, President of Talent Excellence Development Partner Co, LTD which provides Human Resources Consulting, Career and Performance Coaching services and supports SME (Subject Matter Expert) in Human Resources restructuring. She is a Certified Behavioral and Career Consultant, Instructor of Job Career Transition Coach and Certified Trainer for Women Entrepreneur Program by ILO.  Ms. You has held leadership positions in JCI Cambodia, Young Entrepreneur Association of Cambodia and Cambodia Women Entrepreneur Association. Contact Ms. You at


Gulnur Ismayil-Isparova, Executive Director of APCDA, is currently the Career Management Center Representative at ADA University. Ms Ismayil has been involved in various volunteer trainings for the youth of SABAH Groups, ASAN Volunteers and others to speak about essentials of career planning and management. Before joining ADA University, Mrs. Ismayil has worked for the international executive recruitment agency, Michael Page International, in Moscow, Russia. She holds a degree in Area Studies and IR from the Volgograd State University, Russia, a postgraduate certificate in Talent and Career Management from the Charted Institute for Personnel and Development; Middlesex University, UK and a Master degree in Diplomacy from the University of Nottingham, UK. She is an active member of NACE and NCDA. Contact Ms. Ismayil at

Emily Rose L. Lizada, General Administrator of APCDA is a Career Advisor in the Office of Placement and Career Services at Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines since 2011.  She is a licensed Psychometrician.  Emily is a recipient of Excellence Award for Professionals in Ateneo de Manila University for school year 2017-2018. She is an active professional and formator in Ateneo serving as Retreat Guide in the Office of Campus Ministry and core team member/Homeroom Adviser for Introduction to Ateneo Culture and Tradition (InTACT) – formation subject for first year students.  Emily worked as Guidance Counselor and Student Activity Coordinator at John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University from 2001 to 2011. She finished her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and MA Ed Psychology and Guidance (completed academic requirements) at the University of San Agustin.  Contact Ms Lizada at

Marilyn Maze, PhD, Financial Administrator, has organized the annual APCDA Conference since its inception, conducted numerous research projects on hot labor market and career counseling issues, and presented at international conferences. Dr. Maze received the President’s Award from NCDA in 2016, the NCDA Credentialing Commission Service Award in 2016, and became an NCDA Fellow in 2017.  She received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Maryland Career Development Association in 2010. Dr. Maze formerly developed the ACT Profile (previously called DISCOVER). Contact Dr. Maze at

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