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Legacy Partners

Han Kok Kwang, Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2014

Han Kok Kwang is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and lecturer. He has empowered more than 50,000 individuals in their career planning journeys through his books, seminars, and workshops. He has also worked with many enlightened organizations, like the Ministries of Defense, Education, and Social & Family Development, as well ask Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University to train selected officers to empower youth to succeed in the new world of work. He holds the Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor certification awarded by the National Career Development Association. You can connect with Han at Han is APCDA's first Legacy Partner.

Soonhoon Lee Ahn, Founding Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2014

Soonhoon Lee Ahn, APCDA's first President, has extensive experience in executive career coaching and counseling, including training for job search and career transition, international recruitment, and leadership development strategies. She had a long career with the World Bank and Asian Development Bank where she was recognized for her work in effective strategies for international recruitment and planning careers in international development. In 2014, the National Career Development Association named Soonhoon International Practitioner of the Year. Through a major donation and numerous loans, she supported APCDA during its formative years, making it possible for APCDA to incorporate, create a global presence, and hold its first conferences.

Marilyn E. Maze, Founding Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2014

Marilyn E. Maze, PhD, APCDA's first Executive Director, has been a career counselor since 1975. She spent most of her professional life focused on computerized career planning tools. She received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Maryland Career Development Association in 2010 and served as the Treasurer of the National Career Development Association. In addition to a major donation and continuous use of her credit card to pay APCDA's bills during its early years, she coordinated its incorporation, its website, its conferences, and its daily operation during its formative years.

Richard L. Knowdell, Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2015

Richard L. Knowdell, MS, NCC, NCCC, GCDFI, CMF and National Career Development Association (NCDA) Fellow is the President of Career Research & Testing, Inc. He was part of the original group that founded APCDA and immediately began providing substantial support.  Mr. Knowdell paid the airfare for our first keynote speaker, Richard Bolles, to fly to Korea with his wife and he arranged for APCDA to use the military hotel in Honolulu for our second conference at a dramatically reduced rate.  These and other substantial financial contributions launched APCDA onto a firm financial footing.  Mr. Knowdell is author of six books, including Building a Career Development Program: Nine Steps for Effective Implementation and From Downsizing to Recovery: Strategic Options for Organizations and Individuals. Mr. Knowdell has taught Career Assessment Techniques at the University of California, San Diego and Employee Career Development for human resource managers at San Jose State University. In 1995, President Clinton appointed him to the Board of Examiners for the United States Foreign Service. In 2013 Mr. Knowdell received a Centennial Presidential Award from NCDA. In 2015 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the CCDA and in 2018 he earned APCDA's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Roberta Floyd, Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2015

Roberta A. Floyd, MA, NCC, NCCC, LPC, NCDA CDF Master Trainer is a past president of the National Employment Counseling Association (NECA) and has over twenty years of experience as Coordinator of Career Counseling in Employment and Training Programs. She was a member of the Career Development Training Institute team at Oakland University that developed the Career Development Facilitator Curriculum and produced Workforce in Transition: A Blueprint for Adult Career Development and Job Search Training. She was the recipient of the Professional Excellence Award from the Michigan Career Development Association and the Professional Development Award from the National Employment Counseling Association. She currently works as a counselor at Oakland Community College.

Cheri Butler, Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2016

Cheri Butler became as staunch supporter of APCDA when she was President of NCDA and APCDA was an idea looking for form. She supported APCDA then and continued to support NCDA by becoming our 3 President. She is a career and personal development counselor, coach and educator with more than 20 years’ experience working with individuals and organizations creating successful career, leadership and life paths. Proven ability to identify, design and deliver educational and developmental programs for clients young and old and at various life stages. She has excellent leadership and mentoring skills with both professional and para-professional staff. She is a national and International speaker and trainer.

Andrew Rimington, Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2020

Andrew Rimington, Past APCDA Treasurer and Past Australia Country Representative, has worked on Employment, Education & Training (EET) program delivery and policy in Australia for over 25 years.  During his years working for the Victorian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, he attempted to advance career planning services in Australia through government policy.  As the President of the Career Development Association or Australia, he joined NCDA and serves on the boards of the Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA), the International Centre for Career Development, Planning, and Policy (ICCDPP) and the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG).  Through this international involvement, he conveyed Australia’s vision for career planning to the rest of the world.

Barbara Suddarth, Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2020

Barbara Suddarth, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Career Development Alliance, is a licensed psychologist with more than 20 years of professional experience in career counseling and organizational consulting. She is a National Certified Counselor (NCC), Certified Career Counselor (CCC), and an active member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the American Psychological Association. She received the Outstanding Career Practitioner Award from NCDA in 2012 and became an NCDA Fellow in 2014. She is a Master Trainer for the NCDA Facilitating Career Development training program.  She and Dr. David Reile wrote the curriculum for this training program in 2012. Dr. Suddarth is founding member of the India Career Development Association (ICDA), as well as an invited guest speaker and a member of the ICDA 2013 Conference Committee.

David Reile, Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2020

David M. Reile, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, Certified Career Counselor, with over 20 years of education and experience in career planning and psychological consultation. David’s experience has been applied in organizational development and consultation as well as management of counselors and career development projects in a variety of settings, including healthcare, banking, international organizations, educational institutions, government, and private practice. David has been a faculty associate in various counseling master’s programs at The University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, and Loyola University. David is a Past President of the National Career Development Association and served as chair of its Ethics Committee for many years. David is founding member of the India Career Development Association (ICDA), as well as an invited guest speaker and a member of the ICDA 2013 Conference Committee.

Ji-Yeon Lee, Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2020

Dr. Ji-Yeon Lee, Senior Research Fellow at the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (KRIVET), is the Director of the National Career Development Research Division of KRIVET.  She is also President of the Korea Career Education Association, a past editor of The Journal of Career Education, on the Board International Center for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP), and a member of the University Structure Reform Committee of the Ministry of Education. Dr. Lee received a Ph.D. from Ohio State University, 1994. She has been received the Prime Minister’s Award (2011) and the Education Minister’s Award (2004) for her efforts in improving the Career and Vocational Education of Korea

Narender Chadha, Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2020

Prof. Dr. Narender K Chadha is a Professor and Dean, International Relations and Chairperson (Council for Doctoral Program) at Manav Rachna International University. He is the former Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi; former Director and Head, Department of Adult, Continuing Education and Extension; and Chairman, Board of Research Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Delhi, Delhi, India. Prof Chadha was awarded the National Career Development Association, USA presidential award, June, 2017 and “Global Practitioner of the year 2015”. Prof Chadha received the Life Time Achievement Award by the Asia Pacific Career Development Association during its annual 2019 meeting.

Constance Pritchard, Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2020

Constance Jenkins Pritchard, PhD, works in leadership, business consulting and career development. The Pritchard Group serves clients internationally in face to face consultation and trainings as well as through her corporate eLearning site. Dr. Pritchard has been active in career development associations regionally, nationally, and internationally.  Currently she is treasurer of APCDA and a Board member of the Institute of Career Certification International.  She has developed curriculum contributed to professional publications. Dr. Pritchard earned a doctorate in education from the University of South Carolina.

Effrosyni Parampota, Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2021

Effrosyni Parampota is a global citizen with more than 20 years of diverse experience, using career development to drive change. A DEI advocate, she works on untapping career guidance potentials to improve the transition of PwD into Labor Market systems, encourage employers to create inclusive workplaces and shift the perception of disability to an anthropocentric experience that can be transformative. She is an accredited career professional and trainer, a member of key international professional bodies, and sits on several technical committees and working groups on career guidance. For the last decade she works with Qatar Career Development Center, a member of Qatar Foundation. Currently she leads QCDC’s inclusive initiatives; she also coordinates the development of a set of national level projects including the National Career Guidance Framework and a Qualification Programme for Career Practitioners in collaboration with an international educational consortium. She has authored and co-authored various publications and delivered numerous presentations nationally and internationally that enrich and support career planning practices, as well as influence policymaking. She is an alumna of INSEAD and Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education and a PhD candidate of Social Care, Management and Leadership at Tavistock & Portman, NHS Foundation Trust.

Elisabeth Montgomery, Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2022

Since 2014, Dr. Elisabeth Montgomery developed and implemented international programs in the K-12 public school system and implemented career development education programs in keeping with school reform goals. Nanshan district is Shenzhen’s free trade economic zone of China and currently serves over 230,000 students, and 25,000 teachers. As a specialist in English Language Learning programs grades K-12, she also implemented Great Books/Shared Inquiry Discussion classroom programs throughout the district English departments, training over one thousand teachers.

Jason Low, Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, 2023

Jason Low is a Principal Career Coach for Workforce Singapore with over 10 years of experience. He helps people to seize job and career opportunities through self-discovery, exploration and action planning. He has contributed to APCDA in many ways and was both and instrumental part of the 2021 Conference Planning Team and the DJ for the conference. He earned a master's degree in Instructional Systems from Florida State University and bachelor’s degree from the National University of Singapore. He earned a Conversations Matter Masterclass Training Certificate, he completed the Top View Program from Points of View, and he holds a Yoga Instructor Certificate.

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