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Asia Pacific Career Dev Assoc - March 2015
Natalie Kauffman, Editor
Exciting Presentations for Conference
by Shelley Tien

This year's call for presentations for the APCDA Conference in Tokyo in September brought a flood of exciting proposals. Proposals were received from old friends and from people who are new to our association, and countries that are new to us. Countries represented include Australia, Canada, China, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Taiwan, USA, and Vietnam.

The presentation topics are extremely varied. Assessment is a significant theme with presentations ranging from effective use of assessments to research on new assessments, including traditional assessments as well as structured interviews and use of art in career counseling. Several presentations report on ways various populations navigate social and cultural changes. Others look at specific issues such as challenges of the differently-abled, recovery and reintegration after drug abuse, and the unique stressors involved in international careers. Several presentations explore issues of the workforce of the future such as the gender gap, development of soft-skills, and issues unique to Generation Z's as they enter the workforce.

Whatever your setting or area of interest, this conference will hold plenty of valuable information for you!

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Richard Knowdell Awarded Special Recognition

Our first Organizational Member was the Career Planning and Adult Development Network, thanks to its President, Richard Knowdell. As an international entrepreneur, Dick provided invaluable guidance, financial support, and in-kind contributions during our early years. Many of you know Dick through the wonderful card sorts and other materials that he has developed. He has a whole array of materials that are equally useful in any culture, and he offers wonderful seminars and presentations around the world.

Dick has guided APCDA in innumerable ways, advising us in the intricacies of international organizations. Many long discussions ended with his words of wisdom, which resonated for all of us and cut through the confusion. We also appreciated his presentations at our conferences and the value of the products that he demonstrated for us.

Dick Knowdell has been our Program Director since the first conference, helping us to choose topics of international interest. He also arranged for his friend, Dick Bolles, to be our first keynote speaker in Seoul. Those who know Dick Bolles understand that he needed a first-class ticket for such a long flight, so Dick Knowdell donated two first-class round-trip tickets for Dick Bolles and his wife, Marcie, to Seoul.

Our second conference was held in Hawaii because of Dick Knowdell's generosity. As a former military officer, he was able to arrange space for us at the very elegant Hale Koa Hotel in Waikiki. Through this incredible gift, we had a lovely conference in the most beautiful of settings for an amazingly low price. Although organizing a conference is exceedingly tedious, Dick attended to all of the details and assured that everything ran smoothly. He even brought 2 projectors with him so we could avoid paying hotel equipment rental fees and arranged for a refund when our meeting was disturbed by drilling in the floor above us. Once again, Dick Knowdell arranged for Dick Bolles to present at our conference, which was greatly appreciated. Due to these valuable gifts, APCDA was able to pull out of the financial hole that accompanies all start-up organizations and it now has a positive bank balance.

Our debt of gratitude to Dick Knowdell cannot be repaid. As a small token, the Officers have granted him Legacy Partner Lifetime Membership.

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Webinar: Chaos Theory of Careers and the Changing World-of Work

APCDA's next live webinar will be offered on March 24/25 (see schedule below). Brian Hutchison will repeat his highly rated presentation from the 2014 APCDA in Hawaii.

The world-of-work is changing. This can cause anxiety, difficulty making decisions, and feelings of desperation which requires new approaches to career coaching and counseling. This 1.5 hour webinar will focus on incorporating principles of chaos theory of careers to plan practical interventions for working counselors and coaches.

Sign-up now  - this webinar will be here before you know it. Please note the time of the webinar in your location:

Americas Tuesday, March 24 Asia & Pacific Wednesday, March 25
Eastern Time 10 -11:30 PM * New Zealand 3 - 4:30 PM *
Central Time 9 -10:30 PM * Melbourne 1 - 2:30 PM *
Mountain Time 8 - 9:30 PM * Tokyo, Seoul 11 AM - 1:30 PM
Pacific Time 7 -8:30 PM * Taipei, Beijing, Singapore 10 -11:30 AM
    Jakarta, Vietnam 9 -10:30 AM
    Delhi 7:30 -9 AM

* We believe the region is observing Daylight Savings Time. If not, the time may be incorrect.

Cost: $20 for members, $30 for non-members. 

Brian Hutchison, Ph.D., is currently an Associate Professor, Coordinator of the School Counseling Program, and International Studies Fellow at the University of Missouri — St. Louis. He received his Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision from Penn State University. His scholarly work is focused on the study of social class bias in the delivery of school counseling interventions, international school and career counseling, counselor feelings of social class dissonance as it applies to their work, and the delivery of career development interventions that incorporate the concept of human agency and social justice as it impacts the career development of underserved and international populations. Brian is an active member of ACA, ACAM, ACES, MoCDA (where he is a past-President), and NCDA (where he serves as Co-chair for the Global Connections Committee).

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Australian Government Changes Impact Career Services
by Andrew Rimington

A May 2014 Australian Government budget decision, which came into effect at the end of the year, removed $2.4 million of labor market transition program funding to disadvantaged groups such as youth. Since this late spring decision, the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry convened a Career Development Stakeholder Forum, which included industry representatives, senior Departmental decision makers from Education, Employment and Industry portfolios, as well as key stakeholders such as Career Development Association of Australia, other Career Industry Council of Australia members and other peak bodies, to develop sustainable models for State and Territory Governments to consider for co-investment. The outcome is a working group to review current career services activities, identify gaps in service and provide recommendations to government.

A late December 2014 Ministerial reshuffle in the Australian Government included portfolio functions being reallocated across Departments as well as appointments of new Ministers and reallocation of portfolio responsibilities. Specifics and details as to how the Australian career development sector will be affected will be shared in future newsletters.

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CDAA: Inspiring Excellence in an Environment of Chaos
by Greg Parker

The Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) chose this theme for its 2015 National Conference in Perth, Western Australia, on April 8 through 10. Australia is caught in a period of general chaos — economic strains are evidenced by government actions and direction; the proposed government changes receive widespread opposition from large proportions of the electorate; the response of financial restructure is evident, with funding of career development initiatives and baseline support being reduced and even withdrawn. At the same time, the Australian workforce faces general chaotic change as Australia begins to find its way from its historical manufacturing base. For the current and future workforce it means a new landscape —

  • What career opportunities exist now and into the future?
  • What transition arrangements are needed for the Australian workforce?
  • What should students of today be considering when the future is so chaotic?

"All great changes are preceded by chaos"—Deepak Chopra

Does this sound familiar for many other parts of the world? Are other countries at different stages of the continuum? All is not lost! CDAA has brought together an impressive field of Keynote speakers to help all of us get ahead of the chaos.

  • Richard Knowdell — delivering perspectives on yesterday, today & tomorrow — get an insight, and a head start
  • Professor Tristram Hooley — leveraging the internet — a new context for career building
  • Professor Jim Bright — practical approaches to the challenge of change, chance and transition
  • Kate Sommerville and Michelle Cowan — two different perspectives on the diversity factor affecting women in male dominated careers

In addition, the program is filled with great concurrent presentations across streams of Leadership, Research and Practice.

CDAA's conference presents an excellent opportunity for all to work their way through this maze. To learn more, and to register, go to

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Equipping Singaporeans with Skills for the Future
by Sing Chee Wong

Singapore has made significant economic progress since becoming an independent nation 50 years ago. Workers with quintessential skills are important for its continuous progress. However, skills mastery is more than just having the right paper qualifications and being good at what the person does currently; it is a mindset of continually striving towards greater excellence through knowledge, application and experience.

A new program called SkillsFuture was developed as a national movement to provide Singaporeans with opportunities to develop their fullest potential throughout life, regardless of their starting points. Practically, there will be a full system of career guidance to help individuals make choices in education, training and careers, starting from educational and career counselling in schools, and extending throughout a person's working life. It will also foster collaboration between the Government, industry, and educational institutions to provide individuals with exposure to a wide range of occupations and industries from young, and ongoing information on the changing needs of the labour market.

A generous training allowance is given to all workers so that they can participate in life-long learning. Every Singapore citizen aged 25 years and above will receive an opening credit of $500 to support his or her learning needs at every stage of life, including those seeking to re-enter the workforce. The credit can be used for work-skills related courses. Periodic top-ups to individuals' account will also be made. This is in addition to the current highly-subsidised training programmes available to all workers.

To address challenges in anticipating manpower needs and to encourage higher productivity among workers, the Singapore Government appointed a committee "Applied Study in Polytechnics and ITE Review" (ASPIRE) to strengthen Singapore's applied education pathways. ASPIRE will work with students in postsecondary schools and institutes and to provide more opportunities for Singaporeans to realise their full potential and aspirations. ASPIRE has recommended that more career guidance services be available for both secondary and postsecondary students. As a result, approximately 300 Career Guidance Officers will be hired and trained to provide ASPIRE's proposed services within the next few years. A new "Specialist Diploma in Career Counseling" has been launched by The Republic Polytechnic, a government institution, to train some of these Officers.

A second career advisor training program is also offered in Singapore. The Institute of Adult Learning, the training wing of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, offers the Career Development Facilitator course. This course is similar to the one developed by NCDA, but its curriculum has been contextualized to suit the Asian culture. The Institute of Adult Learning's program requires candidates to acquire the 12 competencies required by the US's Center for Continuing Education (CCE) to qualify for the Global Career Development Facilitator accreditation. The Institute of Adult Learning is currently working with CCE to accredit this course.

It is an exciting time for career professionals in Singapore!

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Career Development in the Philippines:
A Rough Sketch of June 2014 to February 2015
by Carmen Siojo

Individual and group Career Counseling/Consultation (face-to-face and/or online) as well as on-campus recruitment initiatives (e.g. recruitment presentations, pre-employment testing) with Students and Alumni typically take place throughout the year at most universities and colleges in the tertiary level in the Philippines. Most institutions resume classes in June and begin career orientation programs for juniors and seniors in July. Mid-year conventions for the two major career professional organizations take place in August.

APPCU is committed to assist in the establishment, growth, and development of functional placement programs of its member schools. More specifically, it seeks to:

  1. enhance the knowledge, competencies, and opportunities for professional development of each member;
  2. make resources and information available to its member schools for the effective and efficient delivery of their placement services;
  3. strengthen linkages among member schools and with partners in the four employment sectors.

In September, employers start doing university roadshows for their flagship recruitment programs. And from fall through December, a series of career panel discussions and networking sessions are scheduled and organized by career field/ industry. The fall, specifically October, also finds employers conducting rounds at the many higher education institutions to filter top teams as university representatives for international marketing competitions. And in December, plans get underway for based career fairs. These fairs are scheduled as week-long events in January. And in February, week-long events include on-campus mock interviews..

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APCDA at 2015 ICCDPP Symposium
by Soonhoon Ahn

Every two years, the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP) hosts a symposium where country representatives gather to discuss the state of career planning services within their own countries and share ideas for improvement. Hosted jointly by ICCDPP and Kuder, Inc., the 2015 symposium will be held in Des Moines, Iowa, USA from June 14-17. The theme of the symposium is Building the Talent Pipeline and Providing Youth with Hope for the Future. It focuses on the challenges facing governments, employers, and communities to ensure young people have economically viable futures.

The 2015 International Symposium has two specific goals:

  1. To engage emerging nations in deeper discussions regarding the role of career guidance in the education and employment sectors as well as its impact on economic development.
  2. To facilitate conversations, awareness, and support for youth workforce development initiatives.

Four subthemes will be examined in detail:

  • Engaging Employers
  • The Role of Emerging Technologies
  • Why Return on Investment (ROI) Matters
  • Integrated Policies: Creating Systems That Work

APCDA learned that some of our member countries are not able to attend this symposium, so four officers of APCDA are planning to attend in order to collect information that can be shared. Member countries that are attending include Australia, Canada, Korea, New Zealand, USA, and perhaps Singapore. We look forward to meeting the members of these teams. Member countries that are not attending include China, Guam, India, Indonesia, Macau, Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

We asked our Country Directors from the countries which cannot attend to provide information about career planning services in their own countries. We received information from William Gunawan of Indonesia, Elvo Sou of Macau, and Hsiu-Lan (Shelley) Tien of Taiwan. Challenges reported by these countries related to providing career development services include:

  • defining a comprehensive plan to serve the various age and service groups
  • training enough career development professionals to fill the need
  • defining standards for the training of career development professionals
  • obtaining sufficient financial support to implement quality career development services
  • finding a method to keep in touch with and learn from engaged professionals from surrounding countries

A combined "country report" has been submitted based on this information. The APCDA Officers attending this symposium will be looking for ways to overcome these challenges. They plan to gather information at the symposium to share with our APCDA members about successful programs in other countries and tips for overcoming these and other common challenges.

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Lisa Raufman Connects with Southeastern China

I was invited to speak as a "cultural lecturer" in January, 2015, at Shenzhen Polytechnic University because I am an author of a career development textbook that has been published in China and is well-known there.

Shenzhen is a very modern city of over 13 million people. People I met really cared about exploring new opportunities for career development. One person who attended my workshop said that living in Shenzhen was like living during a time of science fiction! She had grown up in the countryside and only lived in this very modern city for less than five years. She actually bought a copy of the Chinese version of my book and said she hoped to find a career counselor to help her in the same way that the book helped her believe in herself! There seems to be a universal need for self development and career development. We live in exciting times.

Preparing for my trip, I contacted APCDA's China Country Director, Dian Gu, the President of the China Career Development Association (CCDA). Dian's assistant, Hanchou Hou, sent me the CCDA website link ( Using the Chrome browser (which translates websites), I was able to open and read this website. As you can find out if you look up the "China Country Information" on the APCPA website, "CCDA collaborates with New Elite Development Plan (NEDP), a career development education company, to train Career Development Specialists in China. When training is completed, the specialist can apply for membership in CCDA. CCDA and NEDP have trained more than 2000 Career Development Specialists in China and most of them have joined CCDA. Because China is now experiencing rapid social and economic changes, there is increasing need for career development education in China"

Dian referred me to a true professional in Shenzhen named "Amy" (Guo Nong) who is a Global Career Development Facilitator. Amy had 16 years of background in Human resource management and consulting work having focused more on talent development. She is interested in future work with talent development and employee career development (if anyone reading this article has contacts for her in China, please send to me and I will send to her.) Interacting with Amy was a true example of "Planned Happenstance." Amy was such a helpful and competent professional that she not only reviewed my power point presentation for accurate Chinese interpretation but also served as a translator for my husband's presentation on "Stress Management" for Psychologists and Health Care Practitioners. It was the first time that she presented before a group of 70 people and she was excellent.

I look forward to meeting people from many different countries as I serve as the Public Relations Director for APCDA. I hope to connect by email or Skype with each of the Country Directors in the next two years. Hopefully, I will meet many of you at our conference in September, 2015 in Japan. Together we can help our members network and expand their horizons!

Dr. Lisa Raufman became the Public Relations Director for APCDA in October, 2014. She is a co-author of The Career Fitness Program, Exercising Your Options (Pearson Education Publishers), a popular career book used in community colleges and universities since 1989 now in its 10th edition. Her college positions have included Faculty Development Coordinator and Dean of Counseling at El Camino College as well as an instructor and a coordinator of Career Centers at two different colleges (El Camino College and Moorpark College.) She currently writes a blog for

Additionally, she is involved with her professional organizations: California Career Development Association (President-Elect) and National Career Development Association (NCDA). She is also past President of Los Padres American Society for Training and Development and the California Community College Counselor's Association (4CA). Her doctoral degree is from the University of California at Los Angeles in Higher Education, Work and Adult Development. Her Master's in Counseling degree is from California State University at Los Angeles with a specialization in Community College Counseling and Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling.

In 2014, she received NCDA's prestigious Outstanding Career Practitioner Award. This award recognized her long service to her profession, including her counseling, teaching, writing, and leadership positions for the many organizations listed above. As she now enters "retirement," she has turned her attention to impacting career planning in other countries as well as in the US.

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Which Holidays are Special in Your Country?
by Natalie Kauffman

Attention ALL APCDA members! For our next newsletter we are asking members to consider submitting a short article describing a holiday unique to your county or celebrated in a special way. Share something about the holiday's history, its cultural meaning, how and when the holiday is celebrated today, and why it is special. Please email your articles to: to The deadline for our next newsletter is Friday, April, 24th.

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