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New Elite Development Program

New Elite Development Program (NEDP, 新精英生涯) was founded in 2007 by Gu Dian, a well-known career expert in China. NEDP aims to help more and more people in China to:

  • Find career direction
  • Achieve personal growth
  • Tap into their talents
  • Achieve their goals and find happiness through career education, training, guidance, and counseling


Grow, grow to be yourself! (成长,长成为自己的样子!)


Providing an integrated platform for the new elite who want continuous development and are eager to go beyond themselves, by spreading the ideas and methodology of career development, providing professional training and counseling, supporting their learning, thinking, practicing and sharing, and fulfilling themselves and their vision in their career.

Current Business

  • Individual career training and counseling
  • Career facilitator training in universities
  • Employee career development training
  • Career professional (trainer and counselor) training

Since 2014, NEDP has served more than 10,000 people and influenced nearly 10 million people through the Internet and its publications. NEDP is the largest and most professional career development educational organization in China.


To facilitate 30% of the Chinese population to grow to be themselves!

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New Elite Development Program

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