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APCDA Privacy Policy

The Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA) respects the privacy of its members and visitors. APCDA does not gather information from its visitors. APCDA does maintain a contact and member list. APCDA does not share its contact or member list, but members can see some of the contact information for other members.

  • Outside Websites

    This website contains links to other sites. APCDA is not responsible for the privacy practices of such web sites. Inclusion of links to an outside website is not an endorsement of the outside website or a guarantee that the information it contains is accurate.

  • Email Contact List

    To join APCDA's contact list and receive communications from APCDA whenever they may be sent, click Free Subscription on the menu to the left. To unsubscribe, use the unsubscribe option on any email you receive from APCDA.

  • Credit Card Information

    If you a paying by credit card, the screen where you enter credit card information belongs to an external credit card processor called AffiniPay. APCDA does not collect or retain credit card information. AffiniPay is a leading provider of payment management services to thousands of online businesses. Privacy and data protection are of the utmost importance to AffiniPay. AffiniPay will use Order Information during the course of providing processing services to you. AffiniPay may also use Order Information at an aggregate level for internal business analyses and fraud prevention. During the course of providing Gateway Services to AffiniPay Customers, AffiniPay may disclose Order Information to banks, processors, card associations, and other financial institutions that are involved in the course of processing or screening the transaction applicable to the Order Information.

  • Changes to Privacy Policy

    APCDA reserves the right to alter its privacy policy. Any changes to the policy will be posted on the APCDA web site. For members of APCDA, this privacy statement is a supplement to, not a replacement for, any other agreements or terms already provided by APCDA to its members. Questions about the APCDA privacy policy or the related practices of the site should be addressed to

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