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The Past, the Present, and the Future of Career Counseling

By Dr. Susan R. Barclay
Thursday, December 3/Friday, December 4, 2020

Globalization and the growth of information and artificial technology present many challenges for workers. Work and career are infused with uncertainty and instability as workers adjust to a rapidly changing work environment. This presentation will include an overview of theoretical approaches to career development and how the rapidly progressing changes in work environments necessitate transitions in how career practitioners work with their clientele. 

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Susan R. Barclay, PhD, NCC, LPC, GCDF is an associate professor at the University of Central Arkansas, where she teaches in the College Student Personnel Administration graduate program. Susan holds specialization certification from the State of Arkansas in Career, and she is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator training instructor. Her primary interests include identity development, career counseling, and life design.

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An Evidence-based Review of the Singapore Career Development Standards

By Jeremiah Wong
Recorded on October 21, 2020

Career Practitioners around the world constantly seek new frontiers of learning and practice so that we are useful and relevant to our clients’ career needs. Our work, identity and growth are guided by professional standards, competencies and credentialing policies either locally or internationally. In 2018, Singapore had launched its own career practitioner competency and credentialing framework – dubbed the Workforce Singapore Career Development Framework (or WSG CDF). Since launch, it has trained and supported local career practitioners in the education, union, public employment and career services sector. In this webinar, we will shed insights and learnings on what might be the first local, postgraduate qualitative study on career practitioner skills policy, its impact and support for pre-existing and new career practitioners at the CDF’s introduction. Factors covered in this study includes skills acquisition, skills utilisation, skills measurement at the workplace, continuous professional development and professional recognition with international models.

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Mr. Jeremiah Wong is a Career and Life-Design Counsellor and a Capability Developer with Workforce Singapore, a government agency that renders career services to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. He oversees the capability building and career development of career practitioners in Singapore, and constantly hones his practice with modern theories and practices to help shape the future discourse and design of career services. Jeremiah’s strengths lie with helping people transition, redesign their career-life and manage their careers, programme design and capability building of career practitioners. In 2018, he was awarded the Public Service ExCEL (Excellence through Continuous Enterprise and Learning) Innovation Champion Award for Career Development Innovation and Services, and Public Service ExCEL Innovation Champion Award for Re-branding of WSG Career Centres (team prize). He is also an Associate Lecturer and Supervisor for the Specialist Diploma in Career Counselling programme at Republic Polytechnic.

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Think Soft Skills for Workforce. Think Critical Core Skills.

By Hannah Lennon and Corrine Peng
Recorded on September 24, 2020

The adoption of technology, automation and digitalization over the years have led to the transformation at work and in living. The current COVID-19 crisis has accelerated these changes, impacting the lives of billions around the world. In the past, individuals and employers have assigned lower priority to soft skills while emphasizing technical skills acquisition for employment and careers. The crisis provides a timely reminder on the importance of building soft skills that would allow individuals to stay resilient, agile and connected in the increasingly digitalized world.  What can our career practitioners do to change the mindset of individuals related to soft skills, to encourage them to develop these skills and apply them to serve their lifelong career-learning development? A set of 16 Critical Core Skills for the Singapore workforce identified in consultation with industries will be introduced.

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Hannah Lennon, a Project Manager for Mercer’s Talent Consulting Business in Singapore, is a Project Manager for the SkillsFuture Framework Implementation in various industries in Singapore.  Ms. Lennon specializes in understanding how the future of work impacts jobs and skills and is passionate about enabling organizations to create meaningful employee experiences.  She gained valuable industry and cultural insights working with clients across multiple sectors, notably Financial Services, Education, Manufacturing, and Fast-moving Consumer Goods, both in the United Kingdom and Singapore.  Ms Lennon earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from University College London in 2015.

Corrine Peng, a Jobs-Skills Analyst at SkillsFuture Singapore, collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to develop and derive jobs-skills insights and skills trends relating to evolving sector landscape and end users’ needs. She also engages with other teams of the organization to participate in jobs-skills analysis and proof-of-concept (POC) projects. With an extensive background and experience in capability and professional development, Corrine has contributed immensely to the development of Skills Frameworks and Critical Core Skills.

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Engaging our Clients with MI

By Constance Pritchard
Recorded on September 10, 2020

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is not what it sounds like. We tend to think it has something to do with career information interviewing or talent acquisition.  Not at all!! It is a proven technique for framing questions and conversations to engage and empower a client. MI is designed to strengthen personal motivation for and commitment to a specific goal. In this skill-based webinar, we will learn about these techniques to add to our toolbox. Join us to learn about this methodology of client engagement!

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Dr. Constance Jenkins Pritchard, APCDA Treasurer, PhD, works in leadership, business consulting and career development. The Pritchard Group serves clients internationally in face to face consultation and trainings as well as through her corporate eLearning site. Dr. Pritchard has been active in career development associations regionally, nationally, and internationally.  Currently she is treasurer of APCDA and a Board member of the Institute of Career Certification International.  She has developed curriculum contributed to professional publications. Dr. Pritchard has earned a doctorate in education from the University of South Carolina, US.

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The Future of Work: Future of Digitalized Workforce

By Phi Van Nguyen
Recorded on August 23, 2020

Around 1% of the world’s population are actively engaged in the creative economy through tech & innovation knowledge and skills.  Are we leaving everyone else behind in the digital transformation era? 75 Million jobs are destined to disappear, and 135 million new jobs will be created.  Is our existing workforce ready for the change? Re-skilling and up-skilling have never been a more pressing issue, in the face of IR 4.0. Join this session on The Future of Work to share how we can contribute and engage in building a sustainable future with a digitalized workforce, together!

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Nguyen Phi Van holds an MBA from Australia majoring in marketing communication. Her experience spans over 20 years as a senior executive in brand, retail, and franchise development across global emerging markets in Asia, The Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe.  She is also an advisor to Project 844 under the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam on startup & innovation, chairwoman of Vietnam Business Angel Network, and chairwoman of Open Innovation Vietnam. Phi Van is 2015 award winner of Retail Leadership presented by Asia Retail Congress, and 2017 & 2018 award winner of 100 Top Great Retail Minds presented by World Retail Congress, and 2019 award winner of ASEAN Outstanding Business. Phi Van is the author of six books, Franchising – The Short Route to Global Markets; Cross The Rice Field, Reach The World; Go Global: An MSME’s Guide to Global Franchising; I, The Future and The World; In Search of Myself; and Nym – My Future Self.

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Career trends in the new normal

By Dephy Oon
Recorded on July 15, 2020

  • What ‘new’ is around the corner, and what could it be like ahead?
  • What could be permanent change, and what will not?
  • What will it take to ‘be noticed’? Or to ‘have more impact’? Or to lead?
  • What kind of jobs and careers will be most or least affected?
  • What can be done to be more prepared?

In this interactive session we will explore what the “new normal” means for career practitioners and their clients and what it would look like to have more readiness for a future in a higher volatile, uncertain, complex and changing time ahead. As industries evolve, we will explore what that could mean for how to plan and have personal strategies to create resilient careers.  

We will discuss ideas for depth in creating trust and empathy with a client while giving room for new possibilities, going beyond the norm and what it would take to support a client through this co-creative process. In essence what it means to be wholly present (thinking, feeling and doing), serving and leading others during challenging times, where uncomfortable may be numb, and to go beyond uncharted territories. Together we will evaluate what it means and what is needed to thrive during challenging times. We explore ways in which you can re-design your new normal you want to have and take positive actions forward. 

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Ms Dephy Oon is a highly regarded leader personal coach who works with career and business professionals and those with high political aspirations. Her clients are CEOs, members of the Board of Directors and high-performers. Dephy helps leaders to have more fun and empowering conversations to grow their careers and businesses to the next level. She helps her clients to:

  • increase profits by engaging authentically
  • increase sales by engaging the emotional need / wants
  • achieve higher business and personal goals
  • have meaningful ways to increase collaboration
  • multiply success by multiplying possibilities
  • engage others in new leadership culture
  • ... and more.

She is a trained professional to manage business outcomes for Malaysia’s Cyberjaya smart city project, bring diverse stakeholders together and achieving a singular mutually beneficial and profitable business vision. She held several positions as Executive Director in companies in Malaysia and China, and is currently Chief Executive of Paddee Connexions LLP, a provider of 21st century leadership skills for leaders. She is a Alumni member of National University of Singapore and member of Malaysia institute of Corporate Governance.

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The Journey of Becoming a Self-Sustained Career Center by Employer Partnership

By Francesca Saracino
Recorded on June 9, 2020

The Career Service of Politecnico di Milano, one of Europe’s top leading public universities for Engineering, Architecture and Design, has been active for about 15 years and it has grown from a team of 5 to a team 19 and from serving 1,000 to over 10,000 students every year, thanks to a business model based on fee-based partnerships with employers. In my webinar I will share the journey that has led the Career Service to become free from the uncertainty of central budget, bringing insights that will surely help you see how this can apply to your context as well.

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Francesca Saracino is Head of the Career Service office at Politecnico di Milano, one of Europe’s top leading universities for technical studies. Being a native American-Italian bilingual and having obtained a Master degree in Languages and Cultural Mediation, she sees how students and employers need help in understanding each other because they speak different languages. The Career Service she manages is entirely self-financed and serves 45,000 students with 19 people in staff. Since 2018, she also manages the first Diversity & Inclusion Program of the University, called POP (Pari Opportunità Politecniche). Previously, she worked as an English language teacher and translator.  Francesca is also a lindy-hop dancer, yoga learner, occasional singer and concert addict.

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Building Career Resilience and Rejuvenation in the Time of COVID-19

By Dr. Brian Hutchison

Recorded on May 10, 2020

Most of the world has had weeks or months to adjust to physical isolation and labor market disruption. Career service professionals have helped clients begin to cope with unprecedented uncertainty, yet many feel unprepared to build career resiliency for the long term. This webinar will use two essential questions to orient clients to their circumstances, build career resiliency, and rejuvenate themselves for an unknown future world-of-work. Part webinar and part Question & Answer session, participants will leave with tools for their own resiliency and rejuvenation as career practitioners.

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Dr. Brian Hutchison, Ph.D., LPC, CCCE is a Core Clinical Mental Health Faculty at Walden University. Dr. Hutchison received his doctorate degree in Counselor Education & Supervision from Pennsylvania State University and has worked as a career, school, and mental health counselor and clinical supervisor. Brian’s career consultation and education work operates within the brand of Global Career Guy where he specializes in developing career publications, programs, keynote talks, workshops, and on-line career coaching and mentorship for global career professionals. He has more than four dozen publications and is currently writing the 13th Edition of School to Career, a textbook for high school students.

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The Future of Work: Preparing Ourselves for Jobs of Tomorrow

By Gog Soon Joo and Jeremiah Wong
Recorded on April 19, 2020

How we live, work and play are changing as technology becomes increasingly adopted and integrated for the betterment of life. The impact is most visible at the workplace where technology has blurred industry lines, re-shaped business models, changed the concept of work, redefined jobs and the skills that go with them. Do we stand a chance in surviving the future of work? How can Singapore's Employment and Career Guidance (ECG) and Career Development (CD) effort better prepare us to make sense, navigate the changing world of work, and thrive in multiple-careers? The first part of this webinar will highlight how the world of work is changing, and discuss the approach of ECG and CD toward lifelong career-learning advisory. The second part of this webinar will examine some rising themes regarding the future roles of Career Practitioners.

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Dr Gog Soon Joo is the Chief Futurist, Chief Skills Officer and Chief Research Officer at the SkillsFuture Singapore Agency.  She leads a team of Skills Analysts, Data Scientists, and Futurists, to identify global trends that impact jobs and skills. Soon Joo and her team work with local and international partners to prototype solutions in the areas of future of work, future of learning and future skills. Her research interests include capitalism in the digital economy, new economy firms, skills ecosystems and skills policies.  Some of her more recent projects include the use of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled data to develop predictive modelling of skills, and comparative study of new economy firms in advanced economy.

Jeremiah Wong is a Capability Developer and Career Practitioner in Workforce Singapore’s Careers Connect. His strength lies in programme design and capability building for career development practitioners. He received the 2018’s Public Service EXCEL Innovation Champion Award for Career Development Innovation and Services, and was part of the team awarded the Public Service EXCEL Innovation Champion Award for Re-branding of WSG Career Centres in the same year. Mr Wong also currently serves as an Associate Lecturer for Republic Polytechnic, where he lectures and supervise student practices in the Specialist Diploma in Career Counselling programme. He is currently completing his MSc in Skills and Workforce Development, where he investigates the future of work, human capital development and the pivotal role of Career Development Practitioners in shaping the future narrative of work and careers for Singaporeans.

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Steering Career Transitions Nationally and Globally

By Raza Abbas
Recorded on January 5, 2020

Are your clients ready to take the first steps towards meaningful change in their career? During this webinar, we will review the formula for building a dream career and explore what it takes to make an effective career transition nationally and globally.

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Raza Abbas is the CEO of Pathway Global Career Institute. He is currently serving as APCDA’s Pakistan Country Director and is a lifetime member of APCDA. He is the pioneer of professional career counseling and career education in Pakistan.  Mr. Abbas has demonstrated strong leadership to enhance professionalism in career education in Pakistan and received NCDA’s International Career Practitioner Award in 2019 and APCDA’s Outstanding Career Practitioner Award in 2017. He has 14 years of transformational leadership experiences at leading institutions, organizations and associations in Pakistan and globally. He has inspired hope in countless people from all walks of life. As an impactful social entrepreneur, for his inclusive career reforms in Asia he was thrice selected for UNESCO’s flagship entrepreneurship education annual meeting, in Philippines-2017, Sri Lanka-2018, and China-2019.  He has collaborated on innovative career reform programs across the globe. He currently serves on the Board of Asian Regional Association for Career Development- ARACD and is an Editorial Board member of IAEVG.  He has contributed to the global best-selling book titled: The World Book of Hope: The Source of Success, Strength and Happiness. Mr. Abbas, for his inclusive peaceful career reforms in Asia, was selected for a UN High Level meeting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace at UN Headquarters in 2018.

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