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Peer Supervision for the Helping Professional

By Dr. Timothy Hsi
Wednesday, January 27/Thursday, January 28, 2020

Traditionally, practitioners from the helping professions are required to receive clinical supervision form a senior practitioner/supervisor as part of their professional development.  However, as career practice in much of the Asia Pacific region is still in its early stages of development, there are currently very few qualified career supervisors within the community.  Until this changes, a highly effective alternative is for career practitioners to engage in peer supervision as part of their professional development.  This approach harnesses the power of social learning (Bandura, 1971) which proposes that new behaviors can be acquired by observing and emulating others.  Dr. Timothy Hsi will explain the process of peer supervision and the benefit for organizations.

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Dr. Timothy Hsi is the Founding President of the Career Development Association of Singapore (CDAS) and founder of Abundanz Consulting Pte Ltd.  He was instrumental in the development of a whole new generation of career practitioners in Singapore from 2015.  Dr. Tim currently teaches career counseling and psychotherapy at the Australian College of Applied Psychology and travels regularly across Asia, educating and training individuals to be career practitioners.

The Past, the Present, and the Future of Career Counseling

By Dr. Susan R. Barclay
Thursday, December 3/Friday, December 4, 2020

Globalization and the growth of information and artificial technology present many challenges for workers. Work and career are infused with uncertainty and instability as workers adjust to a rapidly changing work environment. This presentation will include an overview of theoretical approaches to career development and how the rapidly progressing changes in work environments necessitate transitions in how career practitioners work with their clientele. 

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Susan R. Barclay, PhD, NCC, LPC, GCDF is an associate professor at the University of Central Arkansas, where she teaches in the College Student Personnel Administration graduate program. Susan holds specialization certification from the State of Arkansas in Career, and she is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator training instructor. Her primary interests include identity development, career counseling, and life design.

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An Evidence-based Review of the Singapore Career Development Standards

By Jeremiah Wong
Recorded on October 21, 2020

Career Practitioners around the world constantly seek new frontiers of learning and practice so that we are useful and relevant to our clients’ career needs. Our work, identity and growth are guided by professional standards, competencies and credentialing policies either locally or internationally. In 2018, Singapore had launched its own career practitioner competency and credentialing framework – dubbed the Workforce Singapore Career Development Framework (or WSG CDF). Since launch, it has trained and supported local career practitioners in the education, union, public employment and career services sector. In this webinar, we will shed insights and learnings on what might be the first local, postgraduate qualitative study on career practitioner skills policy, its impact and support for pre-existing and new career practitioners at the CDF’s introduction. Factors covered in this study includes skills acquisition, skills utilisation, skills measurement at the workplace, continuous professional development and professional recognition with international models.

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Mr. Jeremiah Wong is a Career and Life-Design Counsellor and a Capability Developer with Workforce Singapore, a government agency that renders career services to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. He oversees the capability building and career development of career practitioners in Singapore, and constantly hones his practice with modern theories and practices to help shape the future discourse and design of career services. Jeremiah’s strengths lie with helping people transition, redesign their career-life and manage their careers, programme design and capability building of career practitioners. In 2018, he was awarded the Public Service ExCEL (Excellence through Continuous Enterprise and Learning) Innovation Champion Award for Career Development Innovation and Services, and Public Service ExCEL Innovation Champion Award for Re-branding of WSG Career Centres (team prize). He is also an Associate Lecturer and Supervisor for the Specialist Diploma in Career Counselling programme at Republic Polytechnic.

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