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APCDA Annual Scholarships

Scholarships cover registration, so all conference events will be available at no cost.

Scholarships are available to:

  • Students earning a degree in counseling or a related field, or students in a certification program in the field of career development
  • Those who graduated from such a program within the last 5 years

Applicants must also meet these requirements:

  • Plan to attend the entire conference
  • Have not previously won a scholarship from APCDA
  • Can explain how this conference will help you to provide better career services in your home country

To apply:

  1. Complete this application form
  2. Submit one letter of recommendation from a faculty member or supervisor who knows your work well.

APCDA wishes to thank the members who contributed to the 2021 Emerging Leader Scholarship fund. The following members made cash donations:

  • Diana Bailey, Consultant, USA
  • Catherine Hughes, Grow Careers, Australia
  • Kazuyo Ikeda, Japan Career Development Association, Japan
  • Mai Kato, Japan
  • Natalie Kauffman, KauffmanNcareers, LLC, USA
  • Lois Keay-Smith, Career Wisdom, Australia
  • Yayoi Kitamura, Professor, Kyoritsu Women's University, Japan
  • Jason Low, Workforce Singapore
  • Vijay Paralkar, International Career Counselor, USA
  • Jacqueline Peila-Shuster, Colorado State Unversity, USA
  • Andrew Rimington, RIMINGTON GROUP, Australia
  • Elisabeth Sanders-Park, Worknet Solutions, USA
  • Michihiro Tanaka, Japan

Please complete this form to apply.  Applications are due by Monday, February 15, 2021

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