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Conference Tips

This page will be updated regularly.  Check back monthly to see what is new.

The 2021 APCDA Conference begins May 19 and ends May 29.  The presentations are schedule for no more than 3 hours each day, with most presentations schedule May 25-29.  This Virtual conference is designed to fit into your life, and still leave time for the rest of your normal activities.  The website opens May 19 and will remain open until June 29 - so you have an extra month to see any presentations or content you may have missed.

What makes a conference special?  Great content is very important - so we chose important leaders in our field to provide keynotes, and scheduled breakout sessions with the most interesting and valuable topics select by a team of career practitioners just like you.  

You also want to meet people who will be useful for you career advancement.  We selected special software for this event that recognized the many ways people meet online.  Our conference software, by Hubilo, will open on May 19 and offers these features to help you connect to others:

  • Event Feed: Just like Facebook, you can post photos or ideas.  You can ask people who are interested in a specific topic to contact you, and add a button that says "I'm interested" which lets others tell you they want to talk to you about that topic.
  • Attendees: We ask you to add your photo when you first enter and select your interests, work setting, and the services you offer. Hubilo will suggest people for you to connect with based on your answers. It allows you to "chat" (send a text message) to any other attendee or "meet" (request a 15 minute time to meet) with any other attendee.  Chat and Meetings are handled by the software - so your meeting will be online or on your phone, using your camera and the other person's camera to let you see the person you are talking to.  You can schedule up to 60 meetings.
  • Sponsors: You can read about and watch videos about the products offered by our sponsors and connect with them using Chat or Meet.
  • Lounge: Grab a virtual chair at a virtual table and you will join a virtual meeting with anyone else sitting at the table.  Speakers, Sponsors, and Presenters will have assigned tables, specific topics will be assigned to tables, and there will be open tables where you can causally meet others who want to talk.  The Lounge is always open, but we encourage you to use it during the scheduled breaks.
  • Contests: in addition to adding an element of fun to the conference, contests are a great way to meet other attendees. 
    • The Conference Attire Photo Contest is designed to allow you to express yourself visually by posting a photo that reveals some interesting information about yourself (like your national costume, your family, or your pets).
    • The Favorite Music Contest is designed to allow others to learn more about you through music.
    • The Presentations Quiz is designed to make you an expert on the content of the presentations, so you can use your time effectively and get the most information from the conference.
  • Conversations Matter Workshops: These 1.5 hour workshops are designed to facilitate deep conversations with other attendees. You will be randomly assigned to a small group by the facilitator and get acquainted with those attendees through a guided discussion process. These workshops are offered May 19, 20, and 21, to help you connect with other attendees, as well as learn about a new online team-building tool.

In addition, several attendees have created Virtual Tours of their community or career services. These tours will be available for you to watch any time from May 19-June 29.

Watch for more information to be posted on this Conference Tips page as we add features to our first and only planned virtual conference.

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