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Awards Ceremony and Member Meeting

  • 18 May 2021
  • 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM
  • Zoom


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Awards Ceremony and Member Meeting

Tue May 18/Wed May 19, 2021

The opening event of the 2021 APCDA Conference is the Awards Ceremony.  We are very excited about the slate of wonderful awardees.  I know you will want to be there to honor these very special people who have worked so hard to improve career planning locally and internationally.  We will also welcome our 24 scholars!!!  Please come and meet them so you can chat with them during the rest of the conference. (We could afford 24 this year because of the generosity of so many members and because the virtual conference registration was less expensive.)

Following the 30-minute Awards Ceremony, we will hold our annual Member Meeting.  While it is important for all members to be present at this annual meeting, we hope others will join us, too. It begins with introductions of our leaders, followed by the new Year in Review Video.  Of course, there is a bit of business – approving the minutes from last year, the Treasurer’s report, and the Call for Nominations by Past President Woongtae Kim.  Then we will use Breakout Rooms to discuss our values and how they related to APCDA.  APCDA needs your ideas and feedback to improve its offerings for the coming year.

Please find the time in your location:


Tue May 18

Asia & Pacific

Wed May 19

North America East Coast

10-11:30 PM *


3 – 4:30 PM

North America Central

9 -10:30 PM *

New Zealand

2 - 3:30 PM

North America Mountain

8-9:30 PM *

East Australia, Guam

12:00 – 1:30 PM

North America Pacific

7- 8:30 PM *

Central Australia

11:30 – 1:00 PM


4 – 5:30 PM

Korea, Japan

11 – 12:30 PM

China, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Western Australia

10 -11:30 AM

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia

9 - 10:30 AM

Bangladesh, Kazakhstan

8 – 9:30 AM

India, Sri Lanka

7:30 – 9 AM


7 – 8:30 AM


6 – 7:30 AM

* We believe this region is observing daylight savings time

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