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Malaysia Country Information

Malaysia Country Director:
Dr. Poh Li Lau
Dept of Educational Psychology & Counselling
University of Malaya
Kuala Lumpur

Reopening of schools and universities

Reopening of schools starting July 15. Co-curricular and sports activities cannot be held yet, students and teachers only come to school for teaching and learning.

Malaysia Cabinet had agreed for all university  students to eventually return to campuses by October 2020.

  • In Malaysia according to The Malaysian Department of Statistics which have conducted a survey on around 168182 workers, the results shown that the agriculture and services sectors are those that affected the most by this pandemic with highest job losses compared to other field at 21.9% and 15% respectively (The Edge Malaysia, 2020). There are 33% of workers from the fishing sectors lost their jobs whereas there are 21.1% of the labours from the agriculture and plantation have lost their jobs. Meanwhile, there are also 35.45% from the food services sector lost their jobs (The Edge Malaysia, 2020).

April 2020 Country Report

International Counseling Convention (ICC2020), Malaysia

International Counseling Convention (ICC 2020), Malaysia is postponed to another date due to COVID-19 happening worldwide.  

November 2019 Country report


University of Malaya (Malaysia) will be organising STEM For Shared Prosperity Forum on 29th November 2019 (Friday) at Physics Department, University of Malaya (2.45-4.30pm).

September 2019 Country report
Prepared by Poh Li Lau


The 2nd International Seminar on Guidance and Counseling on Oct 14th -15th 2019 at EASTPARC Hotel Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This conference is a collaboration between Malaysia-Indonesia through ABKIN and PERKAMA.


Social Support, Resilience and Work Readiness among University Students: A Structural Equation Model. – RM5000 Research Grant Faculty.

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