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GRC provides international workshops and study programs to local companies, groups, educational tours, and individuals with personal needs. We develop various global workshops to aid the process of internationalization of businesses and human resources in the future. We also provide standard educational programs including foreign
language training to equip the next generation who will live in a more global society.

With the advancement of technology, Japan is able to access worldwide information throughout the nation.

This has transformed individual lives into more globalized connections. Local industries are expanding abroad to promote the inbound tourism industry. In addition, the Japanese government is prioritizing English education to introduce a more global approach in the school systems. It is clear that local communities are internationally more aware.

Therefore, it is essential to raise globally-minded individuals who will play crucial roles during this new era.

Our mission is to provide various resources to not only connect different countries but also build relationships between local communities and the global world. The skills and knowledge of GRC’s human resources aims to contribute to local communities by increasing communication and relationships between diverse people. We hope to become a “bridge” that connects these communities to the world around them through our resource center.

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