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APCDA Committees, Work Groups, and Task Forces

APCDA Committees

APCDA's Committees perform the work of the Association, and there is much to be done.  Please volunteer.

Awards & Scholarships Committee is responsible for finding ways to inform people of the availability of awards and scholarships.  Students and recent graduates might benefit from scholarships and we need to find ways to let them know about this opportunity.  Members need encouragement to nominate a worthy award recipient or to self-nominate.  This committee also assures that applications are ready in time for the Past Presidents to make the selections. (

Bylaws and Policies Committee is responsible for drafting proposed wording for bylaws and policy changes.  It drafts amendments to the Bylaws and reviews the final wording of amendments presented by the membership at the Annual Meeting to ensure their consistency with the style and substance of the Bylaws. It also drafts revisions to the Policies and Procedures Manual to address issues that arise over time. (

Ethics & Standards Committee is responsible for assuring that leaders are aware of the ethical responsibilities of leadership, that the APCDA Code of Ethics is relevant and appropriate for all members, and that the standards,  competencies, glossary, and other materials are updated as new issues arise that career professionals are required to address.  (

Membership Committee is responsible for promoting membership in APCDA, welcoming new members, and encouraging continuing membership. It reviews procedures for processing applications and recommends improvements, offers services to members such as Orientation, and looks for ways to help members feel connected.  Promoting membership includes answering the question "Why should I pay annual dues to APCDA? How does membership benefit me?" (

News Committee is responsible for soliciting articles from the leadership and members for each issue of the newsletter.  It will edit and format these articles to follow the newsletter format.  It will make recommendations to the Board related to improvements in the newsletter. (

Nominations and Elections Committee is responsible for identifying a slate of candidates which includes at least 2 candidates for each open elective position.  It will canvass members for names of suitable nominees. A member may be nominated by any member of good standing or may self-nominate. It will be responsible for assuring that the nominations and elections procedures are followed in accord with the Bylaws. The Director of the Nominations and Elections Committee will be the Past President. (

Program Committee is responsible for planning and executing professional development activities for members of APCDA. It will identify topics that are important to the membership, venues that are accessible to the membership, and schedule events at times when members can attend. In the past, the Program Committee has scheduled month webinars and assisted with the selection of programs for the annual conference. (

Public Relations Committee is responsible for developing a strategy to build awareness of APCDA in our region and the world.  It is responsible for composing informational materials and announcements about APCDA events and services; assuring that our presence on Social Media is current and vibrant; recommending policies relating to the publications of the Association to the Board; and recommending changes in the media policies, marketing plans, and proposals for new publications or products to the Board. (

Research Committee is responsible for conducting research projects for the benefit of APCDA using APCDA members.  It will identify such projects and bring them before the Board for approval.  It will identify qualified members to conduct this research and publish the results of the research through APCDA. (

Work Groups and Task Forces

Note:  Both Work Groups and Task Forces are temporary and goal-driven.  Work groups are formed as needed to achieve association goals, while task forces are called by the current President to address a specific issue during that President’s term of office.

Glossary Project Work Group is responsible for developing a glossary that includes definitions of common career planning terms upon which our members can agree.  It is also responsible for pursuing the development of a comparable glossary in various member languages.  As our field grows and terminology changes, the glossary is likely to grow and change to fit current circumstances. (

Journal Editorial Board 

While the Journal Editorial Board has full autonomy in its running of the Journal (it is different from any of the above types of groups), the Journal Editorial Board also offers volunteer opportunities to those in the research community.  Click here for more information about the Journal Editorial Board.

Please email for more information or to volunteer.

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