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Australian Career Professionals Comment on the Fires

05 Jan 2020 4:10 PM | Marilyn Maze (Administrator)

Below are comments from members about how the fires in Australia affected their lives

  • I am not close to the fires but they are like nothing we have seen to date in Oz.
  • I am in Melbourne 100's of miles from fires so only very smoky conditions. here.  Fingers crossed for people in the fire areas - today is predicted to be the worst day yet.
  • We live in a rather densely populated inner suburb of Melbourne, only 8 kms to the city centre so we are safe, but even here we have a lot of smoke haze from the many fires burning in our state as well as in the other states. The high temperatures and strong winds all work against the fire fighting efforts. We can only hope that a lasting cool change gets here and helps. 
  • I work at the Wollongong campus. Most of the staff in our careers teams are fine but many, many across the uni are being impacted.  Several of our careers staff from the southern campuses, though, have been heavily affected - families evacuated , one staff member’s mum has lost her home, another was the only house in the street than survived, another has several people staying with her because they’ve been evacuated.... It’s huge and totally devastating for them.  All our southern campuses have been closed until 13th Jan, and then the uni will reassess the situation.  And today is due to be another hot day so there’s a high level of concern still for many. 
  • It is indeed a disastrous catastrophe, especially in Victoria and New South Wales. We are still at the early stages of summer, so this might go on for a while.
  • We live on the Northern Beaches area of Sydney, which thankfully though surrounded by national parks has not been subject to any bushfires.  However, the air quality due to the smoke is the worst I have ever experienced in Sydney over such a sustained period.  About 30 people have been killed already and around 13 million hectares has been burnt out.  I have heard reports that 40% of the koala population in New South Wales has been killed. 
  • It is very distressing for the whole nation, until we get some solid falls of rain across the continent, which does not seem imminent.
  • My parents and brother were in the thick of it.  He was evacuated from his house in Long Beach and was able to care for my parents in Caseys Beach just a few kilometers from the devastating fires on the south coast of NSW.  Thankfully they are fine but food and petrol is virtually non existent and power is off a lot of the time and mobile contact patchy.  Fingers crossed for no more of the horrendous weather conditions.  


  • 05 Jan 2020 6:07 PM | Allan Gatenby
    I say to:
    * my family … hang in and be prepared
    * our firefighters … you are heroes
    * the world community from which support is coming … thank you … you are inspirational
    * our Prime Minister … please listen and be proactive in leading a positive response to climate change.
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