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The APCDA Career Services Competencies were created by the APCDA Standards Committee to help career professionals assess their own skills and identify areas in which they might wish to strengther their skills.  This comprehensive list was compile by searching for lists of competencies created by other major Career Development Associations plus many other governmental and professional organizations. 

Ethical Guidelines

The APCDA Ethical Guidelines were crafted by a multinational group of career -professionals who developed guidelines that we believe all of our members can agree on.  While we are confident that APCDA members value ethical behavior, having a set of guidelines to remind us of the meaning of ethical behavior is an important baseline for an association as diverse as APCDA. 

Glossary of Terms

A glossary ensures the consistency and accurate meaning of the career development terms in all our member countries. The APCDA Glossary of Terms was completed by its members.

Our goal is to offer versions in all languages spoken by our members.  We believe these glossaries will allow us to communicate more accurately and understand each other better.  We hope to add a few more languages each year. 


Asia Pacific Career Development Journal (APCDJ) is an international biannual scholarly journal dedicated to all career development and intervention related topics, such as career counseling, individual and organizational career development, work and leisure, career education, career coaching, and career management.  Issues are published each March and September.  The inaugural issue was published in September 2018.


The first two seasons of the APCDA Podcase include interviews with a wide variety of experts in our field dealing with diverse topics ranging from the early history of career development to workplace experiences of transgender people.  Starting in Season 3, the podcasts offer insights into the perspective of various industries. 

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