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December 2018
Natalie Kauffman, Editor
President's Message: Progress
by Carla S. Siojo

The last 2 months have been full of progress for APCDA and have engaged many of our members. The journey to develop a Vision statement and revise the Mission of APCDA is close to completion. In October, the Board debated whether our Association attempts to help people find fulfilling work or attempts to provide training and sharing opportunities for professionals in our field. We then convened a taskforce of experts to advise us. Based on their advice, the Officers identified Vision and Mission statements in November which the Board will finalize at the December Board meeting.

Conference planning continues, gathering more details about costs of new services, such as a Shuttle Bus to take people to the RMIT campus from local hotels, and numerous other details. On Saturday, we now will be attending the Golden Water Puppet Show in place of the dance/music show. We have added a new, all-day Professional Development Institute which will introduce NCDA's Facilitating Career Development course. Also keep in mind these conference deadlines:

  • February 15 - Scholarship Application Deadline
  • February 28 - Earlybird Registration Deadline
  • March 15 - Award Nominations Deadline
  • April 19 - Regular Registration Deadline (before you are charged a late fee)
Later in this issue, we'll review those we honored at last year's conference.

The Committees have been working hard to carry out the goals of APCDA. The Program Committee has identified Webinar presenters for December, January and February. The new Policies Committee Director, Allan Gatenby, ably assisted by Gemma Williams, is working on revising the Bylaws to reflect the new structure that will take effect, once approved by our members, in October 2019. You will receive a ballot in July with the results of their work. Jon Sakurai-Horita has accepted the position of Membership Committee Director and is working with Lisa Raufman, our out-going Membership Director, to schedule New Member Orientations. The Glossary Workforce is completing Chinese and Japanese language versions of the Glossary of Terms developed last year. These and the other committees are still seeking additional members. Your involvement in APCDA makes it possible to implement goals to serve you. Please contact the Committee Director of interest to you and volunteer to help.

One of our partners in China, People Achievement Consultants, is holding a conference in Shanghai on December 13 through 16. APCDA will be represented there by Dr. Marilyn Maze, our Executive Director.

We would like to extend our condolences to Dr. Woongtae Kim, our President-Elect, who has recently lost his father.

Thank you very much to all the active APCDA members who selflessly commit their time and talents to keep APCDA vibrant and relevant. Happy holidays to everyone! Have a safe and healthy start to the coming new year.

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Celebrating the Achievements of APCDA 2018 Award Recipients
by Dr Catherine Hughes
An important feature of the annual APCDA conference is the announcement of the award recipients. The APCDA Awards recognize:
  • outstanding practice by career counselors and consultants;
  • outstanding professors, instructors and teachers who develop other career development professionals; and
  • lifetime achievement of 25 years or more of exemplary contribution to career development.

In addition to awards, APCDA offers Emerging Leader scholarships to graduate students or those who have graduated within the last five years who have potential to become leaders in our field.

The APCDA 2018 Award and Scholarship recipients were announced at the Awards Ceremony at the annual conference on Thursday, May 17th, at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

2018 APCDA Awards and Recipients

President's Award

Dr José Domene, Canada, was the recipient of the 2018 President's Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the advancement of career development research and practice in the Asia Pacific region and for his ongoing and willing support and engagement in APCDA activities.

Dr. Domene's research interests and contribution include couple and family contexts of career development, intersections of technology and counseling/career development, and professional issues in counseling and counseling psychology. As a career development practitioner, Dr Domene provides pro bono psychological counseling services and administers a pre-doctoral internship program.

Dr. Domene's contribution to APCDA includes his roles as:

  • Associate Editor and manuscript reviewer for the Asia-Pacific Career Development Journal;
  • Treasurer of APCDA;
  • past Country Director

Outstanding Career Practitioner Award

Dr. Sungsik Ahn, Korea, is the recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Career Practitioner Award, in recognition of the quality of his day-to-day work with clients and for the career development profession. Currently a Research Professor at Korea University Institute of Educational Research, Dr Ahn previously worked as Assistant Manager and Career Counselor at the Korea University Career Development Center. He has instigated career development programs based on career development theory and research and launched career counseling services and career development workshops at the Korea University Career Center.

Outstanding Educator of Career Professionals Award

Dr. Timothy Hsi, Australia and Singapore, is the recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Educator of Career Professionals Award. Dr Hsi has been involved in teaching career counseling since 2009. Courses that he teaches at the Singapore campus of the James Cook University include "Careers and Leisure Guidance & counseling" and "Careers Portfolio". In 2016, Dr Hsi was appointed as a co-instructor with Richard Knowdell to deliver the Job and Career Transition Coach Certification workshops in Asia and is currently the main instructor for this program in Singapore.

The Lifetime Achievement Award

The recipient of the APCDA 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award is Richard (Dick) Knowdell, USA. Dick has had a profound impact on the career development and coaching field. He has trained and certified over 7000 career counsellors and career coaches in several countries across Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America and South America over a period of 45 years. Dick is the author of six books and four popular and highly practical career assessment instruments. His workshop on Marketing and Business Development for career counselors helps practitioners start or expand their private practice. Across the years, Dick has spoken at multiple national and international conferences. He also is the recipient of numerous awards in recognition of his exemplary contribution to career development practice.

Newsletter Contributor Award

Mr Andrew Rimington, Australia is the recipient of the 2018 Newsletter Award. Mr Rimington is a Certified Career Coach and Contract Service Provider Coach with extensive experience in the Employment Services and Vocational Education and Training sectors. He has widely diverse experience in educating, mentoring and energizing job seekers across all sectors and levels. Additionally, Andrew has experience providing career exploration and direction, selection criteria and résumé development, working one on one and with small to medium groups.

Conference Host Awards

APCDA is very grateful to our conference co-hosts. Tsinghua University provided the location for the conference. Dr. Leili Jin and her staff worked closely with APCDA for months to organize the conference. Chunyu Li, representing New Elite Development Program arranged all of the off-campus events, such as the tours and the Meet-up Dinner.

2018 APCDA Emerging Scholarship Recipients

In 2018 APCDA Emerging Leader scholarships were awarded to:

  1. Ms Kendal Drew, Australia
    Ms Drew has worked in the field of career counseling for the past 5.5 years. Her qualifications include a Certificate IV in Career Development, Bachelor of Social Services (Career Development) and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Career Development. Ms Drew is passionate about occupational wellness, committed to maintaining an apprentice mindset and to ensuring that the provision of career services remains fresh and client focused.
  2. Dr. Yanfei Huang, France
    Dr. Huang is a recent PhD graduate of the University Montpellier 3 Paul-Valéry. Her research investigated the acculturation strategies of Chinese students in France, their identity dynamic and their capability system by applying quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  3. Dr. Yolanda Li, New Zealand
    Dr. Li is a Career Development Consultant and Employability Coach, delivering one-to-one career counseling, group career facilitation workshops and individual employability coaching to working adults, university students, job seekers and international students at Auckland University of Technology.
  4. Ms Jen Rowett, Canada
    Ms Rowett is a third year doctoral student at the University of New Brunswick. Her research utilizes the theory of "Etuapmumk" (Two-Eyed Seeing), which brings together Indigenous knowledge and mainstream, Western ways of knowing, in the context of counselor education. Ms. Rowett is an instructor with the Faculty of Education at the University of New Brunswick, where she has taught a range of counseling psychology courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. She has delivered or co-presented at numerous conferences on a range of topics, including supervision of career counselors and career development practitioners, self-care for practitioners, two-eyed seeing in counselor education and practice, career counseling and career development education and practice, mindfulness and more.
  5. Dr. Rashmi Saroha, India
    Dr. Saroha finished her PhD degree at Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, Delhi. Her special interest lies with aligning a favorable industry-academia interface wherein the institutional infrastructure can be utilized to impart employability skills to the students as demanded and desired by industry, over and above their educational degrees. Two of her recent research publications address the use of psychological interventions in order to impart employability skills (communication and time management skills, respectively) to the students.

Certificates of Appreciation

Certificates of Appreciation were awarded for those involved in the Member Engagement through Technology Taskforce and the APCDA Glossary Project. The recipients of Certificates of Appreciation are:

Member Engagement through Technology Taskforce

  • Dr Eric Anctil, USA
  • Satomi Chudasama, USA
  • Hector Lin, Singapore
  • Elvo Sou, Macau

APCDA Glossary Project

  • Agnes Bayasz, Australia
  • Sing Chee Wong, Singapore
  • Vandana Chopra-Gambhir, India
  • Serene Lin-Stephens, Australia
  • Danita Redd, USA
  • Carla Siojo, Philippines

Preparing for 2019 APCDA Scholarship and Awards

The next APCDA Conference will be held at the RMIT University, Saigon South Campus, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 21-25 May, 2019. The NEW, Martha Russell Scholarship will be awarded to a graduate student from a country that is not high income to take advantage of training opportunities. This scholarship honors the outstanding service and career development practice of the late Martha Russell, a tireless contributor to APCDA and former Bylaws and Policies Director. Funded by the Martha Russell Educational Endowment Fund, the scholarship will cover all expenses to attend the 2019 APCDA Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Applications for the Martha Russell Scholarship or the Emerging Leader Scholarships close on February 15th, 2019.

Nominations for other APCDA Awards close on March 15, 2019. Nomination forms are available for download on the APCDA website.

Dr Catherine Hughes is the founder of the Grow Careers website for Australian school communities and author of books on careers work in schools. Catherine's educational background includes a doctorate in vocational psychology, involving a cross-cultural study of adolescent career development, as well as two other post-graduate qualifications in career development. She has 30 years of experience in designing, delivering and evaluating school career services.

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Lifetime Member
by Dr Lisa Raufman

As APCDA Membership Chair, I would like to encourage current members to consider becoming "lifetime" members. I joined my statewide college counseling association as a lifetime member when I was 30 years old and stayed active in that organization until I retired (more than 30 years later!) Can you imagine belonging to an organization for 20-30 years? Such a time commitment inspires involvement and leadership. Although much can be learned from career development experts who present at our annual conferences, professional growth and development also is attainable through ACTIVE professional association participation.

Lifetime membership goes hand-in-hand with ACTIVE professional association participation. As you read our newest APCDA Lifetime Member biography, note her specialties and career paths. You will see a deep passion for our profession showcased by her accomplishments in projects, publications and service to our career development field. When you meet one of our 16 Lifetime Members at our upcoming APCDA conference, you will have something to discuss with them because you have read about them. Our newest is Phoenix Phung-Hoang Ho. Phoenix is one of the organizers for our 2019 Conference in Vietnam. Networking and finding mentors (or role models) is a core belief of belonging to APCDA.

Phoenix Phung-Hoang Ho
Manager, Careers Education and Guidance Centre of Hon Viet - Vietnam Insight

If you look Phoenix up on LinkedIn, you will find that she has . . .

more than ten years of experience in the field of education, counseling, career counseling and career education. Her skills include career services management, program management, train-the-trainer facilitation, career counseling, career program teaching, curriculum development, MBA course lecturing, parenting workshop presenting, community radio show hosting, substance abuse prevention, data collection and analysis, interviewing and writing, theatre art performing and classroom management. Phoenix is recognized by students, clients, staff and colleagues as a passionate counselor, effective team player, servant leader and community change agent.

Phoenix works with

  • teachers who provide career guidance to students in lower and upper secondary schools
  • parents who want to accompany their children in their study choice
  • students in one on one counseling sessions to help them find suitable university programs

When asked what made her decide to become a lifetime APCDA member, Phoenix responded . . .

"As a busy career professional, I try to set my priorities so that I can be efficient and effective. Since I plan to be a member of APCDA until I die, I chose to become a lifetime member now so that I will have many years to not have to think about renewing every year and have many years to be a contributing member.

I am proud to be a part of APCDA. Before APCDA existed, I felt isolated doing my work in Vietnam. Although I was also a member of NCDA and attended NCDA and CDAA conferences here and there, I felt disengaged from the world of careers practitioners. I strongly appreciate APCDA's presence, and that's why I chose to become a lifetime member with the wish that I want to contribute into the growth of this association."

Phoenix's education includes the following degrees:

  • Master of Counseling, Career Development emphasis, Santa Clara University, USA
  • Bachelor of International Business, San Jose State University, USA
  • Master of Educational Leadership and Management, RMIT University, Australia

Her professional influences include:

  • Theatre arts: she was trained by Victoria Rue, author of the book Acting Religious: Theatre as Pedagogy in Religious Studies, for two years. Since then, she has applied theatre arts in her counseling and teaching practice.
  • Careers education: her first mentor in the career field was Col McCowan, Director of Cromach Careers. Col came to Vietnam to help set up the strategic direction and the structure for RMIT Vietnam's Career Centre. Without him, it would have taken years to realize the many results achieved in one year. She'll always remember Col McCowan saying, "Phoenix, I know how much you love doing one-on-one counseling, but you gotta make sure 6,000 other students receive career education too."

Phoenix's publications follow:

  • Ho, P. (2016) Just walk and the path will become your way (Cứ đi để lối thành đường). Hochiminh City, Vietnam: First News.
  • Ho, P. (2015) Walking the first steps with you (Mẹ dắt con đi). Hochiminh City, Vietnam: First News
  • Ho, P. & Tran, T. (2015). Career Guidance Skills for Discovering, Selecting and Developing Career for Secondary Students (Kĩ năng Tư vấn Cá Nhân về khám phá, lưa chọn, phát triển nghề nghiệp cho học sinh trung học). Hanoi, Vietnam: National University Publishing House.
  • Ho, P., Nguyen, T., & Tran, T. (2013). Revised Career Orientation Material for teachers for grades 10, 11,12. (Tài liệu bổ sung sách giáo viên giáo dục hướng nghiệp lớp 10, 11, 12). Hanoi, Vietnam: National University Publishing House.
  • Ho, P., Nguyen, T., & Tran, T. (2013). Revised Career Orientation Material for teachers for grade 9. (Tài liệu bổ sung sách giáo viên giáo dục hướng nghiệp lớp 9). Hanoi, Vietnam: National University Publishing House.
  • Ho, P. & Tran, T. (2013). Book for parents: Career guidance to your children (Tài liệu dành cho cha mẹ "Giúp con hướng nghiệp"). Hanoi, Vietnam: National University Publishing House.
  • Ho, P. & Tran, T. (2013). Career Guidance Management at Secondary Education (Quản lí Hướng nghiệp ở cấp trung học). Hanoi, Vietnam: Pedagogy University Publishing House.
  • Vu, C., Le. T., Tran, T., Nguyen, T. & Ho, P. (2013) Training Guide "Career education innovation in secondary schools" (Tài liệu tập huấn "Đổi mới giáo dục hướng nghiệp trong trường trung học). Hanoi, Vietnam: Ministry of Education and Training.
  • Ho, P. & Nguyen, T. (2013) Career consulting activities and college recruiting consulting for groups in upper secondary schools (Tổ chức tư vấn hướng nghiệp và tư vấn tuyển sinh cho nhóm lờn học sinh cấp trung học phổ thông). Hanoi, Vietnam: National University Publishing House.
  • Ho, P. & Nguyen, T. (2013) Career consulting activities for groups in lower secondary schools (Tổ chức tư vấn hướng nghiệp và tư vấn tuyển sinh cho nhóm lớn học sinh cấp trung học phổ thông). Hanoi, Vietnam: National University Publishing House.
  • Ho, P. & Tran, T. (2013) Career education through vocational education in secondary schools (Giáo dục hướng nghiệp qua hoạt động giáo dục nghề phổ thông). Hanoi, Vietnam: National University Publishing House.

In addition to Phoenix's Lifetime Membership in APCDA, she is also an Executive Officer in CCEPD, the Centre of Careers Education Professional Development. Additional information about Phoenix can be found at

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IAEVG Conference 2018: A Need for Change
by Gulnur Ismail

The 2018 International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) Conference was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, in cooperation with The Swedish Association of Guidance Counselors and the Career Guidance Center of the City of Gothenburg. From October 2-4, conference organizers welcomed more than 725 participants from over 40 countries for research, best practices and innovative approaches in career guidance focusing on the theme of A Need for Change. Within the context of globalization and global movement, the conference aimed to discuss issues of mass immigration, refugee inflows and new generational perspectives on careers and the role of career counselors in guidance and work. What we need to change, where changes in technology is taking us and how we use ICT in the career field to communicate and serve our clients were additional featured topics.

Continuing IAEVG's tradition of having pre-conference meetings and focus group discussions prior to the conference opening, members of IAEVG met for a Symposium on October 1st. During the Symposium, a panel of experts from organizations like UNESCO, , CEDEFOP,, and ICCDPP,, discussed recent global challenges including the importance of policy work, guidance counselor training programs and the role of ICT in career guidance at a time of unstable economic environment and precarious employment. (The long-term goal of IAEVG and its members is to enhance sustainability of international co-operation among organizations which globally promote career guidance practice and policy development.) At the close of the panel presentation, small group, thematic discussion sessions ensued and addressed the following questions:

  • How can career practitioners work alone and collectively to overcome challenges experienced by clients with the precarious nature of work?
  • What approaches have turned out to be successful?
  • How can we overcome in practice possible gaps in the implementation of guidance related policy initiatives?
  • Where are we as a guidance community and what concrete action steps would contribute to more systematic co-operation and effective communications between international organizations in the field of career guidance and career development?

[Further discussion of these questions and more is planned during the 2019 National Career Development Association (NCDA) Annual Conference in Houston, TX, US, from June 27-29 (For more details link to]

The President of the Swedish Association of Guidance Counselors, Mrs. Karin Ausplud, and the President of the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance, Mrs. Suzanne Bultheel, officially opened the conference. Mr. Collin Moon, well-renowned business speaker on intercultural communication, provided the opening keynote. Major keynote sessions also featured Social Media and the Evolving Role of the Counselor by Professor Emeritus James Sampson, Mrs. Jaana Kettunen and Mr. Raimo Vuorinen; Career Guidance Theories and Practice for Change by Dr. Mary McMahon, Prof. Jenny Bimrose, Dr. Roberta Neault and Dr. Nancy Arthur; I Never Want to Lose that Key by Dr. Mats Trondman; Migration, Learning and Social Inclusion by Mr. Andreas Feijes; and How Strange is a Stranger by Mrs. Zinat Pirzadeh.

In addition to the keynote sessions, more than 130 papers were presented during the conference through oral sessions, workshops and symposium. The Conference Agenda further included a number of break-out sessions, a welcome reception by the City of Gothenburg Municipality on October 2nd and a Gala Dinner on October 3rd, which provided participants with multiple networking opportunities in a multi-cultural environment and an introduction to Swedish cuisine.

As an organizational member of the IAEVG, a number of Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA) members not only attended, but several presented a panel discussion on Jobs for Youth: Winning strategies from Canada, USA, Pakistan and Azerbaijan. Moderated by Executive Director, Dr. Marilyn Maze, APCDA panelists, Dr. Roberta Neault, Dr. Brian Hutchison, Mrs. Gulnur Ismayil and Dr. Marilyn Maze (presenting on behalf of Mr. Raza Abbas from Pakistan) briefly introduced the latest initiatives in youth career development, national policies, competency frameworks and other activities to help improve youth employability and access to jobs. They touched upon how the fourth industrial revolution has changed the labor market, widening the gap between the wealthy and the poor and how decent jobs are increasingly beyond the reach for large segments of the population. The panelists also shared some of the ways to facilitate youth entering and moving up within the workforce and achieving success. Canada focused on competency frameworks to facilitate effective school-to-work (and lifelong) transitions. Their framework includes competencies related to technological fluency, global citizenship and social emotional learning. Pakistan focused on entrepreneurship, rapid growth of business incubation and awareness of cultural intelligence for recent graduates to thrive in a multi-cultural world. The USA focused on employer-community initiatives, helping schools, government agencies and NGOs preparation of youth for local workforce needs, with a special focus on low-income or minority youth and those with disabilities. Azerbaijan has taken further initiatives within the framework of National Strategic Roadmap for the development of national economy including major changes to the education system as a leading force of its human capital development to achieve best quality knowledge - intensive labor.

At conclusion of the IAEVG Conference 2018, Dr. Guobjorg Vilhjalmsdottir, Professor in Career Guidance and Counseling at the University of Iceland, was announced as a winner of the Guidance Counsellor Award, which acknowledges commendable work in the development of career guidance. Dr. Vilhjalmsdottir received a diploma, a monetary prize (funded by Trimedia) and one-year membership with the Swedish Association of Guidance Counsellors.

Mark your calendars now for IAEVG Conference 2019 scheduled from September 9-13 in Bratislava, Slovakia in cooperation with the Slovakian Association for Career Guidance and Career Development.

Links to sources:

  1. IAEVG Website
  2. IAEVG Conference 2018
  3. Euroguidance Workshop results
  4. IAEVG Communiqué on Precarious Employment

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Greetings from the APCDA PR Committee!
by Satomi Yaji Chudasama

This year, one of our Public Relations Committee goals is to increase a sense of community among APCDA by more actively engaging YOU in our social media space as well as other APCDA activities. We are hoping that, with more frequent interactions with other APCDA members, you will feel comfortable with asking questions, sharing and seeking resources and advice and just having a dialogue with other members. You will be invited to participate in fun one-word challenges, photo contests, "Meet the Member", etc. as well as to share your insight and ideas. No, you don't need preparation as we will find ways for you to easily get involved. All we ask is for you to participate and have fun!

Here are the main social media sites for APCDA.



Note: to join WeChat, send an email to the PR committee at and provide your name and WeChat account/cell phone number. Personal information will be only used for joining the WeChat group.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at

Guidelines for Facebook, LinkedIn, and WeChat groups:

Our social media groups are intended to meaningfully connect current and prospective members of APCDA. You are invited to ask for and share advice, resources, best practices, and other career development related questions, relevant success stories and inspirational thoughts.

Group Guidelines:

APCDA respects the diversity of social media participants and reserves the right to remove any inappropriate postings and members who violate the association mission, and the following rules without advance notice.

  • All social media participants are expected to treat each other respectfully.
  • No business marketing or solicitation is allowed.

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Hope, Connections and more from Australia
by Agnes Banyasz

Sharing Government Level News

Hope is not a strategy - our shared responsibility for the future of work and workers

The Australian Senate Select Committee on Future Work and Works have released their report. Few concepts are more complex and less tangible than 'the future'. Work is an integral part of life for most adult Australians. At a fundamental level, the work that we do pays for the necessities of life and determines our standard of living. It is also part of our identity, has the capacity to be engaging and a source of satisfaction, or to be a source of uncertainty and stress. The availability and stability of decent work and decent pay is important on an individual, family and community level. The social and economic success of our society depends on this.

There are a variety of forces shaping our society and the world of work. Increasing globalization, geopolitical factors in the Australian region and beyond, climate change and an ageing population are among them. The challenge for our government in this contextual setting is to build on the solid economic and social foundations of our society for the benefit of all Australians.

Connecting the Worlds of Learning and Work: Prioritizing school-industry partnerships in Australia's education system

This report addresses a collective challenge for education and employers; ensuring that all young people in Australia develop the skills and capabilities that will enable them to succeed in the future of work.

In recent years, there has been a growing consensus that partnerships between schools and industry are a highly effective way to connect young people to the world of work and support the development of skills valued in current and future workplaces. Many schools across the country have been building partnerships with industry, but progress has been ad hoc and partnerships are not yet common practice in all schools (Gonski et al., 2018). Disadvantaged learners have the most to gain from industry exposure, yet, too often, school-industry partnerships rely on the social and professional connections that exist within the school community - which risks leaving many disadvantaged students even further behind.

Sharing Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) News

CDAA President reported on the six following completed projects.

  • 3-level Networking and Learning Initiative
    CDAA now has a series of sector-based Career Conversation sessions scheduled through to the end of next year. These sessions will be facilitated in the first instance by a member of the Leadership Group, and then as negotiated with participants. The first of these sector-specific Career Conversation sessions was targeted for practitioners who are working in the tertiary education sector. The next one will be targeting practitioners who are working in schools.
  • Revised Mentoring Program
    A revitalized Mentor Program, available to all CDAA members, is now active, with a number of people already signed up - both Mentors and Mentees.
  • New Corporate Partner Program
    A new structure is now in place for CDAA's Corporate Partner arrangements. National Office is communicating with existing and potential Corporate Partners, in accordance with an agreed upon communication plan.
  • Operation of the CPD Program
    CDAA's National Office has now taken on the responsibility of coordinating operational activities associated with their CPD program.
  • Promotion to vocational and tertiary career development students
    National Office has successfully rolled out a small marketing campaign which has resulted in a number of new membership applications from students.


Sharing Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) News

Link to significant local and international reports and studies:

2018 Review of the Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners

The Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners came into effect on January 1, 2012 and heralded an important milestone for the career industry in Australia. The introduction of the Professional Standards was a significant step forward in professionalizing the industry and providing confidence to stakeholders for the delivery of career services.

In developing the Standards, CICA was focused on ensuring that they were practitioner owned and endorsed through an extensive consultation process with all CICA Member Associations. Professional Standards are living documents that need to be responsive to changing contexts. In October 2017, the CICA Council commissioned a review of the Professional Standards and established a Working Group to manage the review. CICA is committed to ensuring that members of CICA Member Associations are provided with an opportunity to provide input into the review of the Standards through a developed survey.

World Economic Forum - Future of Jobs Report 2018

The emerging contours of the new world of work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution are rapidly becoming a lived reality for millions of workers and companies around the world. The inherent opportunities for economic prosperity, societal progress and individual flourishing in this new world of work are enormous, yet crucially dependent on the ability of all concerned stakeholders to instigate reform in education and training systems, labor market policies, business approaches to developing skills, employment arrangements and existing social contracts. Catalyzing positive outcomes and a future of good work for all will require bold leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit from businesses and governments, as well as an agile mindset of lifelong learning from employees.


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Career Development Fun in Canada's Capital City
by Jon Woodend

CANNEXUS19 is being held January 28-30, 2019 in Ottawa, Canada, and will feature many career development presentations that may be of interest to APCDA members. Specifically, topics include Engaging the Online Generation by Gamifying Career Development, Our Career Practitioner Role in Mental Health Interventions, Indigenous Engagement & Economic Inclusion, When Career Development Meets Curriculum, Work-Integrated Learning: Exploring Challenges & Solutions, Innovative Approaches to Supporting Newcomer Jobseekers, Labor Market Trends and Employer Expectations.

Special guests include Mary McMahon (Honorary Senior Lecturer, School of Education, The University of Queensland, Australia), Deborah Saucier (President, MacEwan University, Edmonton, Canada), and The Right Honourable David Johnston (Governor General of Canada, 2010-2017).

You can find out more specific details with the conference program and how to attend here:

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Update on APCDA themed Newsletter
by Natalie Kauffman

As a result of our second APCDA Newsletter Committee meeting, our next newsletter issue, with a deadline of Wednesday, January 23rd, and every other issue thereafter, will be crafted around themes. The focus for our upcoming February issue is Career Development Challenges, Research and Best Practices with the K-12 population. Like our Public Relations Committee Director, Satomi Chudasama, shared earlier in this current issue, our Newsletter Committee is hoping that YOU, our APCDA member, will share resources, advice, best practices and research, YOU are involved with regarding this population and will submit an article to Newsletter@AsiaPacificCDA.orgby the January 23rd deadline.

Our APCDA Newsletter Committee also needs YOUR input in selecting themes for our June and October issues with respective deadlines of:

  • Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Previously proposed newsletter theme ideas include:

Career development education for and practices/research with . . .

  • College/University students
    • Employer Partnership Strategies
    • First Generation
    • Immigrants
    • International College students
    • Internships and other 'hands-on' experiences
    • those with Special Abilities/Needs
    • Successful Job Placement Programs
    • Displaced Workers
  • the Homeless
  • Immigrants
  • Private Sector Workers
  • Public Sector Workers
  • Refugees
  • those with Special Abilities/Needs
  • Succession planning in Corporations

Once again, we are asking for your thoughts and feelings, but you now have a bit more time to respond. Please email us back,, by the end of February 2019, with YOUR theme suggestions for our June issue (Issue Deadline is: Wednesday, May, 22nd) and October issue (Issue Deadline is: Wednesday, September 18th). Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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Water Puppet Show

After the 2019 Conference in Vietnam, on Saturday, May 25, a group tour has been added to the Golden Water Puppet Show, followed by dinner. The art of water puppetry originated in the North of Vietnam to entertain villagers in flooded rice paddies. Current shows include old folk tales and colorful wooden puppets on a water filled stage.

Since food is at the heart of Vietnamese culture, 2019 APCDA conference participants will enjoy an authentic Vietnamese dinner after the Golden Water Puppet Show.

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Facilitating Career Development Training at Conference

An additional, all-day Professional Development Institute (PDI) has been added to the 2019 Conference in Vietnam on Tuesday, May 21st. This PDI offers 7 hours of credit toward an International GCDF and/or CCSP Credential. It will include:

  • Why Career Practitioner Credentials are not created equal
  • Introduction to the 120-hour NCDA Facilitating Career Development (FCD) Program
  • Overview of the 12 GCDF/CCSP Competencies
  • How to facilitate Career Conversations effectively for best client outcomes
  • How to use tools to help your clients build self-belief
  • Next step towards earning your GCDF & CCSP Credentials

Program applicants should have a recognized Degree, preferably with 8 years of progressive work experience. This PDI is offered by senior master trainers Han Kok Kwang and Dr. Constance Pritchard. All income from the PDI will be donated to APCDA.

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5 Steps to Your Dream Job

On December 3/4, APCDA will offer a webinar called 5 Steps to Your Dream Job. Mr. Williams will explain 5 proven, Bible-based steps that can be taken by job seekers to achieve a job to which they can be fully engaged and perform at their highest level. These steps will help job seekers increase confidence, reduce stress, increase productivity and increase job satisfaction. According to Gallup Daily tracking, 32% of employees in the U.S. are engaged -- meaning they are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace. Worldwide, only 13% of employees working for an organization are engaged.

Vernon L. Williams is a Certified Federal Job Search Trainer and a national speaker, coach and author.

Don't forget to register. While on the Live Webinar page, please scroll down to see APCDA's January and February Webinars.

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