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February 2019
Natalie Kauffman, Editor
President's Message
by Carla S. Siojo

This February issue of our newsletter focuses on an apt theme: Career Development Challenges, Research and Best Practices with the K-12 population. I hope the articles will shed light on the K-12 learning system and how useful it is in not only helping students land jobs, but also in preparing graduates for the workplace.

Graduate employability has become a measure of success of schools. This is evident with the results of the QS[*] 2019 Graduate Employability Rankings (, which is an innovative exercise designed to provide the world's students with a unique tool by which they can compare university performance in terms of graduate employability outcomes and prospects.

Our work as career development practitioners has never been so important. APCDA's goal of improving career development practice has never been so relevant. We are grateful to the APCDA Executive Director and Administrative Assistant, the Board, Committee members, and the Vietnam Conference Planning Team for their dedicated hard work during the holiday season. Here is a snapshot of some of their recent action:

  • The new Policies Committee Director, Allan Gatenby, ably assisted by Gemma Williams, worked on revising the Bylaws to reflect the new structure that will take effect, once approved by our members, in October 2019. You will receive a ballot in July with the results of their work.
  • Jon Sakurai-Horita our incoming Membership Committee Director continued working with Lisa Raufman, our out-going Membership Director, on scheduling New Member Orientations in February and March.
  • The Glossary Workgroup continued to expand APCDA's Glossary of Terms begun last year by focusing on Chinese and Japanese language versions.
  • These and the other committees are still seeking additional members. Your involvement in APCDA makes it possible to implement goals to serve you. Please contact the Committee Director of interest to you and volunteer to help.
  • Our Executive Director, Dr. Marilyn Maze, represented APCDA at the PAC (People Achievement Consulting) Conference held in Shanghai during December 2018. On her return, she urged the Board to find a way for APCDA to be represented at local conferences of member countries. The APCDA Board is studying ways to make our leadership more available for local conferences in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Plans were made for APCDA to participate in the March 2019 Global Career Services Summit (GCSS) hosted by Ryerson University and the University of Toronto for college/university career center directors. GCSS is interested in offering scholarships to qualified APCDA members for the following year's Summit and will talk with interested attendees at our May conference in Vietnam.
  • We agreed to co-sponsor the Career Construction Institute led by Mark Savickas to provide very special prices for our members at their event on March 27-29.
  • We agreed to be a media partner for the 2nd Future Worksforce Asia Summit in Singapore on April 10-11 so our members recieve a discount and we can offer one scholarship for the event.
  • The number of proposals submitted for presentations at the APCDA Conference in Vietnam almost doubled, including many from new countries. In December, an ad hoc committee of APCDA volunteers reviewed and selected the proposals. As a result, this year's Conference Program is jam-packed with great topics. Major themes include (1) techniques to support workers in coping with the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution, (2) training challenges in preparing workers for these changes, (3) addressing the needs of the NEET population - those Not in Education, Employment or Training, (4) expanding employability skills. Other topics related to disabilities, resilience, career adaptability, model programs, new inventories and computer-based tools, accountability, and systems thinking are included as well.
  • The large and enthusiastic Vietnam Conference Planning Team continued attending to the details of welcoming us and meeting our May conferencing needs in the warm style for which Vietnam is famous. We are happy to be holding our conference at a university which is so oriented toward Industry 4.0. Click here to read more about RMIT Vietnam.

I am looking forward to meeting and socializing with new and returning APCDA conference participants, colleagues and friends during coffee breaks, lunches and other social activities from May 21-25, 2019. Scholarship Applications are due February 15, Earlybird Registration ends February 28, and Award Nominations are due March 15. Why not nominate a professional associate or colleague for an award?

With your ongoing active participation, APCDA will continue to do its part in improving the career development practice in the Asia Pacific.

* Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) is a British company specializing in education. Generally, the QS World University Rankings are regarded as one of the three most influential university rankings in the world, along with the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

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Career Guidance in Sri Lanka - CareerMe®
by Anjana Kulasekara

Workforce development in Sri Lanka faces the changing realities of globalization and competitiveness. Demand for job-specific skills is growing in Sri Lanka as its economy has grown and the composition of its GDP has shifted from agriculture to higher value-added industry services. Although Sri Lankan government continues to invest much resources for providing free education there is a huge skills mismatch between the educated youth and needs of the labor market. Skills mismatch and wrong selection of education courses has resulted in loss of government investment in education.

Career Guidance (CG) is recognized as an important tool to address the issues of skills mismatch and the more appropriate selection of education courses by helping young people identify and prepare for their careers along with the skills needed for the new economy. Career identification and preparation are critical for Sri Lanka's youth to realize a successful future. Studies by various ministries and international organizations confirm that delivery of career guidance and soft skills are weak in Sri Lanka's public-school system. As the public-school system practically has no structured career guidance delivery program and relies on outdated labor market information, a vast majority of students progressing through the educational system are ultimately unable to receive any guidance and depart frustrated at being unable to achieve their educational goals and underprepared for entry into the labor market.

CareerMe® was founded on the belief in the power and potential of career guidance to develop and realize aspirations of young people for sustainable national growth. The organization was initiated with the intention of addressing issues in delivery of career guidance and operates in technical collaboration with Grow Careers Australia. CareerMe® recognizes technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring all youth island-wide have the opportunity to obtain, at minimum, key aspects of guidance prior to leaving school. To this extent CareerMe® has set up a free, web-based platform to provide nationwide, impartial career guidance services in all three national languages (Sinhala, Tamil and English) for youth to explore education and career options that 'FIT'. As part of CareerMe®'s career guidance process, youth are referred to the right education and training providers, financial service providers, as well as employers. Complemented with technology, CareerMe® also conducts trainings for school career guidance teachers/advisors so they receive the know-how to navigate through the complex web of information in the fast-changing world of work and can deliver effective, modern day career guidance to students.

As a pioneer, technology driven career guidance company in Sri Lanka, CareerMe® has been recognized by USAID-implemented project YouLead as their official career guidance partner and selected as the winner of the national digital social impact award, e-Swabhimani, under the Learning and Education category. CareerMe® is devoted to working with students, parents, teachers, career advisors, schools, training institutions, employers, donor community, the UN and international non-governmental organizations to ensure all Sri Lankan youth obtain vital career guidance before entering the world of work. We welcome opportunities to collaborate for the benefit and empowerment of Sri Lankan youth.

Anjana Kulasekara, APCDA Sri Lanka Country Directory, Founder/CEO of CareerMe®, is an alumnus of the University of Hong Kong where she graduated with a FirstClass Bachelor of Science degree, Dean's Honor's List with a double major in Biotechnology and Finance. She is a recipient of the Philip K H Wong Foundation Scholarships and recipient of the Lee Chung Yin Jubilee Prize for best student in Biotechnology 2014. During her school academic years, Anjana was also a sports captain and has a Cambridge High Achiever Award for A/L Mathematics. Additionally, she was an organizing member of a Hong Kong volunteer group that focused on holding vocational skills transfer programs for women within disadvantaged communities in Kolkatta, India. Post-graduation, Anjana worked in Singapore for several years in the area of Responsible Investment before deciding to return to Sri Lanka in 2017, with the aim of giving back to the country.

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Differentiated Career Services in Schools
by Dr Catherine Hughes

All high school students need access to career services to help them manage current and anticipated vocational development tasks and develop the capacity to adapt to a changing world of work and manage multiple career transitions throughout life. Yet, limited resources can make it challenging for schools to provide career services that meet the individual career development needs of all students. The differentiated career service delivery model (Sampson, Reardon, Peterson, & Lenz, 2004) offers a solution to this dilemma.

The differentiated career service delivery model involves assessing student career decision-making readiness and using the information gained to make decisions about level of career service delivery and intensity of career counselor support. The three levels of career service delivery are:

  1. Self-help career services for students high in career decision making readiness. Interventions involve independent and self-directed use of career resources. Career counselor support may be limited to guidance in locating and using career information and resources.
  2. Brief staff-assisted career services for students with moderate career decision making readiness. A career counselor supports groups of students, e.g., career classes, group career counseling or workshops.
  3. Individual case-managed services for low readiness students. Career counselor support is intensive and typically involves one-to-one career counseling.

Selecting a readiness construct and related measure that is inexpensive, brief, quickly scored, reliable and valid (Sampson et al., 2000; Sampson et al., 2004) is the first step in implementing this model. Career adaptability and career decision state are two examples of career decision making readiness constructs for which brief, reliable, valid and quickly scored measures are available free of charge for practitioner or research use.

Career adaptability refers to internal self-regulation resources and strengths that enable individuals to cope with vocational development tasks and career transitions. The Career Adaptabilities Scale (CAAS: Savickas & Porfeli, 2012) is a measure that can be used to assess career decision making readiness. CAAS can be accessed from In some collectivist cultural contexts the CAAS with the Cooperation scale may be preferred (CAAS+C: Savickas & Porfeli, 2015). The CAAS or CAAS+C can be administered to students in a grade assembly, career classes or individually. It may be helpful to develop school norms to assist in choosing an appropriate level of career service delivery. For example, using school-developed norms, students with CAAS or CAAS+C scores at the 16th percentile (low readiness) may be candidates for individual case-managed career services, students at the 84th percentile or higher may benefit from self-help career services. Brief staff-assisted career services may be suitable for the remainder (Hughes, 2017).

Career decision state refers to consciousness in relation to one's career goals or aspirations, ranging from being "… goal-directed, satisfied, and confident on the one hand to being immobile or frozen and confused on the other" (Leierer, Peterson, Reardon, & Osborn, 2017). The Career State Inventory (CSI: Leierer, Peterson, Reardon, & Osborn, 2017) is a measure of career decision state that can be used to assess career decision making readiness. The CSI and accompanying manual are available at: interpretative information for CSI score bands assists in selecting an appropriate level of career service and possible career interventions.

The differentiated career service delivery model is cost-effective for schools as it ensures that students receive the level of career service they need and that the amount of career counselor support is proportional to student need. Through the generosity of the authors of CAAS and CSI, schools with limited resources are able to deliver improved, evidence-based and targeted career services that meet the career development needs of all students.


Hughes, C. (2017). Careers work in schools: cost-effective career services. Samford Valley, Queensland, Australia: Australian Academic Press Group.

Leierer, S. J., Peterson, G. W., Reardon, R. C., & Osborn, D. S (2017). The Career State Inventory (CSI) as a measure of readiness for career decision making: A manual for assessment, administration, and intervention 7.0. (Technical Report No. 57). Florida State University Libraries, Tallahassee, FL: Florida State University Libraries. Retrieved from

Sampson, J. P., Jr. (2008). Designing and implementing career programs: A handbook for effective practice. Broken Arrow, OK: NCDA.

Sampson, James P, Jr., Peterson, G. W., Reardon, R. C., & Lenz, J. G. (2000). Using readiness assessment to improve career services: A cognitive information-processing approach. The Career Development Quarterly, 49, 146-174.

Sampson, J. P., Jr., Reardon, R. C., Peterson, G. W. & Lenz, J. G. (2004). Career counseling & services: A cognitive information processing approach. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole - Thompson Learning.

Savickas, M. L., & Porfeli, E. J. (2012). Career Adapt-Abilities Scale: Construction, reliability, and measurement equivalence across 13 countries. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 80, 661-673.

Savickas, M. L., & Porfeli, E. J. (2015). Career Adapt-Abilities Scale + Coopertion Scale (CAAS+C). Retrieved from:

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Dr Catherine Hughes is the founder of the Grow Careers website for Australian school communities and author of books on careers work in schools. Catherine's educational background includes a doctorate in vocational psychology, involving a cross-cultural study of adolescent career development, as well as two other post-graduate qualifications in career development. She has 30 years of experience in designing, delivering and evaluating school career services.

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A Look Back at Recent K-12+ Involvement at the US National Level
by Natalie Kauffman

Last fall I enjoyed the privilege of actively participating in the 2018 National Career Development Summit, A Call to Action convened by the Coalition for Career Development, at a reduced conference rate because of another professional association hat I wear, Government Relations Committee member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA). The Summit brought together leaders from government, education and business to design a plan to make career readiness a central priority in the US national education system. Invited speakers included Governors, Congressional leaders, prominent business and industry leaders, career development professionals and educators. All participants took part in facilitated breakout sessions, where they were encouraged to share their suggestions in small-group settings. All attendees were encouraged to come to the Summit with a pledge of what they or their organization would do to promote high-quality career development in the US education system.

The 2018 National Career Development Summit began with the premise that our current US educational system for preparing young people to achieve the American Dream is badly broken. The symptoms shared included the world's highest college dropout rate; over $1.4 trillion in student loan debt; and staggering levels of teen and young adult unemployment/underemployment. One of the questions posed to Summit participants was how can you begin to respond to a crisis that touches virtually every family in America ('the FOREST/Big Picture'), if you are not certain what is broken ('the TREES/Component Parts')?

During the 2018 Summit, we worked with final White Paper information that summarized efforts of the previous 2016 Summit (also presented by the Coalition for Career Development). One of the TREES/Component Parts identified by the 2016 Summit that needed immediate repair was the national average student-counselor ratio. In 2014-15, the most recent year for which data are available, the ratio was 482 to 1.

Identified as needing immediate repair, doing something to 'FIX' the national average student-counselor ratio resulted in this TREE/Component Part becoming a COALITION INITIATIVE for the next scheduled summit. In other words, homework was created. The specific assignment given was to develop training to alleviate this burdensome ratio and the assignment was given to NCDA to complete. During the recent Fall 2018 Summit, participants were able to hear directly from various NCDA leaders how the association completed their 2016 assignment and the type of training that was not only developed, but also piloted. NCDA President, Paul Timmins, immediate Past President (and also a past APCDA conference presenter), David Reile, and Counselor Educator Academy Co-Chair (and also an APCDA member), Rebecca Dedmond shared information about the association's newest credential, the Certified School Career Development Advisor (CSCDA), and how it was created and piloted to not only complete the 2016 COALITION INITIATIVE assignment, but also, more importantly, to assist " . . . providers who work with other staff in the K-12 sector coordinate the design, implementation, and monitoring of school and community based efforts to improve the chances of students entering the job market with skills, knowledge, and credentials to be competitive. (Click here for more information.)

APCDA and NCDA member, Dr. Constance Jenkins Pritchard, will be presenting more information about the CSCDA and other available NCDA credentials at our May APCDA Conference in Vietnam. She also will be delivering a webinar for APCDA in August about the same.

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Recognizing APCDA's Longest Lifetime Member — Han Kok Kwang
by Dr Lisa Raufman

Han Kok Kwang has been a Career Professional for more than 29 years, playing diverse roles as senior manager of a global corporation, international MBA lecturer and entrepreneur. He is a National award winning professional, Bestselling author and Founder of the boutique career development training business, Personal Mastery Resources.

What made you decide to become a lifetime APCDA member?
"Because I believed that the 21st Century is the Century of Asia Pacific, with enormous potential for career development and career practitioners. And APCDA is well positioned to ride on the wave. It's also super cool to be the 1st, to go where no one has. That was why I signed up to be the 1st Legacy Partner Lifetime Member of APCDA way back in 2014."

Guess he thrives on being the first:

  • 1st Certified Master of Career Services (NCDA, USA) in Asia
  • 1st International NCDA (US) Master Trainer in Asia
  • 1st Certified Professional Retirement Coach (USA) in Asia
  • 1st Legacy Partner Lifetime Member, Asia Pacific Career Development Association
  • 1st batch of Accredited Senior Human Resource Professionals (SHRP) in Singapore
  • 1st Certified Personal Branding Strategist (REACH, USA) in Asia
  • 1st Certified Career Developer for people with barriers (USA) in Asia

Han is the youngest winner of the National Human Resource Professional of the Year Award, a pioneer recipient of the Inaugural National Lifelong Learner Awards and a winner in the Inaugural MIS Best Personal Brand Awards (Entrepreneur).

APCDA Conference Presentations:

  • Coming at the 2019 Conference:
    • Tuesday May 21, with Constance Pritchard: Facilitating Career Development Training – Day-Long Professional Development Institute (PDI) for the GCDF and/or CCSP Credential
    • Panel speaker on Careers 4.0
  • Skills for the Gig Economy by Han Kok Kwang and Roberta Neault (2018)
  • Trends in Asia by Sungsik Ahn, Han Kok Kwang, Ivy Liao, and Cheri Butler (2016)
  • Million Dollar Mission: Exploring Career Success with Youth by Han Kok Kwang (2016)

Education - degrees, certificates and where you studied

Han does not have a Bachelors' degree but earned an MBA (Master of Business Administration with Distinction) from the University of Hull (UK) and a PhD accredited by Varna Free University (Bulgaria). He has 16 other certifications, ranging from assessment tool certification to marketing, training & management consulting. He is truly a model of a life-long learner!

Professional influences

Han is grateful for the many mentors that he met in his career journey. Special mention must be made to Ms Ellen Weaver Paquette, who showed him the way to become a Global Career Practitioner.


Han is a firm believer in performance and results, as reflected in his provocative bestselling books on career management below. He also donated more than $80,000 to Charitable Organizations through his book sales to help the disadvantaged in Society.

  • So What If You Don't Have A Degree? (National Bestseller)
  • Beyond Buzzwords: Expanding Mind-sets, Exploding Returns
  • No Job? No Problem! (Bestseller)
  • So What If You Are Not The CEO?
  • Million Dollar Mission: Exploring Career Success with Your Youth Complimentary eBook link.

Contribution & Impact:

  • Empowered 60,000+ people from 21 countries in their career development through his books, seminars and workshops
  • Empowered 3,000+ students as Adjunct Lecturer/Career Mentor in Diploma, Bachelors' & Masters' Degree programs from 1995 to 2014
  • Trained 100+ Allied Educators & staff from the Ministry of Education to provide education & career guidance to students in Primary & Secondary Schools
  • Trained 350+ Educators from a Polytechnic to provide career guidance to students via effective career conversations
  • Trained & certified Career Advisors in almost all the local Autonomous Universities
  • Trained Officers from the Ministry of Social & Family Development to provide career assistance to those in need and at-risk populations
  • Helped jumpstart the Employment & Employability Institute in 2008 by training the first 10 batchesof their Employability Coaches, who assisted over 40,000 people during the global financial crisis
  • Empowered 1,000+ career transiting officers in the Military & Police since 2005
  • Trained over 70% of Global Career Development Facilitators (US) in Singapore

You can connect with Han at

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Meet APCDA Lifetime Member - Elisabeth P. Montgomery, Ph.D.

Dr. Elisabeth P. Montgomery is a renowned Educational Innovator in Shenzhen, China and one of three Designers of YuCai High School, International Department, ( For nearly two decades Dr. Montgomery has lived and worked in Shenzhen, China, just over the mainland border with Hong Kong. Her current position is Senior Advisor on Internationalization for the Nanshan District Education Bureau, public school Inspector, and Foreign Vice Principal at the South China University of Science and Technology (SUSTECH) Education Group in Shenzhen. She also is International advisor in China and Latin America.

Dr. Montgomery's SPECIALIZATIONS include:

  • Supervision & Training of Career Service Providers
  • Foreign Career Placement Services
  • International Collaboration
  • Job Development Skills - Internships, Job Shadowing & Targeted Industry Training
  • Early Career Awareness (Children), Exploration (Teens) and Development
  • Youth and Adult Social Entrepreneurship
  • Career Theories, Creativity & Cultural Innovation

Dr. Montgomery's APCDA Lifetime Membership is based on her desire to fully develop the indigenous career and innovation theories with practical applications in China with a focus on businesses, teachers, students, and parents (grade 1 through 12). For Montgomery, happenstance or career opportunity and the foundation of relationships can create a "happy accident" known in China as the cause and effect or yuan fen. Yuen Fen, as a career concept developed by Dr. Jin Shu Ren among many other colleagues in Asia, recently had a profound influence on Dr. Montgomery.

APCDA 2019 Conference Presentation:
Designing for Change in Shenzhen's Nanshan: Parents Take the Lead on Career Exploration in Chinese Elementary Schools. Parents, Teachers, and Students Working Towards A Prolific Industry 4.0 Model

Dr. Montgomery is the first foreigner to hold high-level public-school district posts and positions in China. Currently she is charged with training one thousand English teachers in the Great Books Shared Inquiry methodology to increase higher order thinking and activities in the language classrooms. To develop "teachers as leaders" she established a progressive annual Dragon & Eagle Dialogues - a day of relevant conversations between local Chinese and international school students grade 1-12, which teachers lead as part of their Great Books practicum.

For six years, Dr. Montgomery served as the first foreign Principal in China running an experimental Great Books/Shared Inquiry Academy founded as an international department within a Chinese public school. Montgomery and her team also designed high school career practices and techniques including job shadowing programs and job internships for Chinese students before college placement in international universities. She also developed the first Nanshan grades 1-12 career education curricula in the Nanshan school district and has since trained the public-school career counselors and teachers.

Additionally, in 1999 and the early 2000s, Dr. Montgomery conducted cross-cultural training classes for Chinese government officials at Shenzhen Manager Training College for business and education leaders headed to America to study our professional customs and philosophies in universities. In 2009, one of Montgomery's former students, Liu Gen Ping, became the Director of the Shenzhen Yucai Education Group. Liu later became head of the Nanshan Education Bureau and requested Montgomery's assistance to change the classroom stance of teachers from teacher centered to a student-oriented environment.

Building on Past Experiences - Career Counseling through Job Creation
Prior to arriving in Shenzhen, Dr. Montgomery had worked for 18 years in the field of youth employment, career counseling, and social entrepreneurship. Her essential work in careers and job creation started at Jane Addams Center (JAC) Hull House in Chicago. While at JAC, Dr. Montgomery established not only youth employment services but also enterprise development programs based on social entrepreneurship; she put disenfranchised young people, including serious youth offenders, to work.

Social Entrepreneurship: JAC's Youth Department did more than offer jobs. They set up a non-profit business incubator, the Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC), as an umbrella for their for-profit companies. The JARC used targeted industry training programs to supply local hospitals, mechanics and tool-and-die manufacturers with qualified workers.


  • Ph.D., Human Organizational Systems - Fielding Graduate University, 2006
  • M.A., Human Organizational Development - Fielding Graduate University, 2003
  • M.A., Human Services Management and Business - DePaul University, 1985
  • B.A., American Studies and Spanish - Kent State University, 1977

Publications: Wang, Y. and R. Prem (2010) Thirty Years of China's Economic Reform, Chapter Four: Contemporary Entrepreneurs in South China - A discussion of their individual values. R. Littrell and E. P. Montgomery, Nova Science Publishers.

Associations: Systems Dynamics Society, The Long Now Foundation, Roots & Shoots International (Jane Goodall), NCDA and APCDA.

Awards: In addition to numerous local and district awards for education and training. Dr. Montgomery is the recipient of the . . .

  • Honorary Nanshan District Elite Manager Award
  • Elisabeth Montgomery Primary School Career Day Award (annual November event)
  • Shenzhen Peacock Award

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Connect with the APCDA Glossary Project: With Your Input We Can Do More!
by Danita Redd and Agnes Banyasz

Do we all mean the same when we say career or entrepreneur? What is an intrepreneur? The APCDA Glossary Project is at your service as we develop definitions and explanations for the words and expressions we use in our work across many industries and countries. Please send your contributions, in English, that should be included in the glossary. Here is the link to it.

Please send your submissions to

Danita Redd, M.A., NCDA-CCSCC, has been a higher education counselor and professor in the USA, for 32 years where she teaches Career Development and specializes in advising students majoring in STEM and Health Sciences. As an ambassador for Shared Hope International, she assists in raising public awareness about steps one can take to eradicate sex trafficking and was trained by the Foundation for Human Enrichment to provide somatic assistance to people with PTSD. She is a published writer and has been an international volunteer for several years serving mostly in Mexico City, Mexico.

A bio for Agnes Banyasz, and all Board members, can be found at

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New APCDA Member Orientations

New APCDA Members are invited to join an Orientation webinar, either Feb 13/14 or March 13/14.

For more information or to register:

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Upcoming Webinars

For more information or to register:

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APCDA Scholarships for the 2019 Conference

Martha Russell Scholarship. This scholarship is funded by the Martha Russell Educational Endowment Fund. The purpose of this scholarship is to help graduate students, from low income countries, to receive additional training by attending the APCDA May conference for free. It will cover all expenses to attend the 2019 conference in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam.

Emerging Leader Scholarship. This is to recognize and encourage graduate students and recent graduates who have the potential to become leaders in our field. This scholarship is open to all graduate students and career professionals who have graduated within the last five years.

Just send one application. The Scholarship Selection Workgroup will automatically consider you for the scholarships for which you are qualified. Notifications will be sent before the end of February so you register before the Earlybird Deadline.

The scholarship application and instructions are here.

Registraion before the end of February to get the best price for conference registration. Conference information and registration are here.

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APCDA Awards for 2019 Conference

The call to nominate for the different APCDA Awards is now open. We encourage our members to nominate people who are deserving of the following awards:

Outstanding Career Practitioner Award. To recognize practicing career counselors or consultants for outstanding performance in day-to-day service to others.

Outstanding Educator of Career Professionals Award. To recognize professors, instructors, and teachers who have devoted their lives to the development of other professionals in the career development field.

Lifetime Achievement Award. To recognize those who have spent a lifetime contributing to the career development field.

For a list of the awards and to download the nomination form, please visit our Awards page.

Nomination Deadline: March 15, 2019

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Career Construction Institute and Conference

APCDA chose to co-sponsor the Career Construction Institute and Conference so that our members can receive a special rate. Registion for this 3-day event is unusually low, at $250. For APCDA members, it is only $225.

This is an in-depth workshop that will lead to mastery of this valuable method.

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2nd Future Workforce Asia Summit

APCDA is a media partner of the 2nd Future Workforce Asia Summit, which is scheduled to take place in Singapore on the 10th and 11th of April 2019. This event will offer insights on cutting-edge workforce development strategies to drive integration, innovation and efficiencies to futureproof your enterprise for the business of tomorrow.

Click here for more information.

The standard price for this event is $2999 SGD, but early registration is only $2399 through February. APCDA members who register before the end of February are eligible for a discounted price of $2099. There is also a Chinese New Year Special: Buy 2 and get 1 for free until February 8.

In addition, APCDA is offering one scholarship (free registration). To apply for the scholarship, send an email to by 5PM New York time on Friday, February 8. The winner of this scholarship will be randomly selected. Be sure to mention Future Workforce Asia Summit in the email.

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