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Member Recognition

Messages from our Members in the Philippines

  • Light to Moderate Ashfall was felt around Metro Manila from Sunday to Monday despite its distance from Taal Volcano (100 km away). People from Batangas and Cavite were severely affected by this volcanic eruption. Thousands of animals were left in an island near Taal due to logistics concerns in the evacuation.
  • Batangas City, where I am at, is currently housing thousands of evacuees. University of Batangas is providing hot meals to those we can reach. If you wish to take part in this endeavor, just let me know. Please keep us in your prayers.
  • It’s been three days that we need to stay home.  Our village is 45 minutes away from Tagaytay where overlooking the Taal Volcano.  We  experienced the ash fall and foul smell of sulfur so we are not allowed to go out.  I made recycled masks since masks actually have run out in the market. 
  • We have good water supply here.  I am volunteering online for fund raising and we will reach out to people by passing messages to those affected so they can have help.
  • As of this moment we haven’t encountered ashfall yet. We are praying it will not reach our place, the Aurora Province.
  • My place is far from the area. And with God's grace we were able to transfer my mother prior to the eruption.
  • As of today, we are organizing ourselves to go to the evacuation areas and give psychological first aid to the evacuees. 
  • Our school is currently preparing for a relief mission for Tagaytay, Cavite and Batangas evacuees. 
  • As of yesterday, 11 towns/ municipalities within the 14 km danger zone were locked down and people were forced to evacuate to ensure their safety. These people are needing food, clothing and most importantly facial masks.  We’ve been looking for N95 masks around the metro and in nearby provinces but we did not find any.   I would like to know if it’s possible to ask our APCDA members to donate N95 masks? It is the immediate need of both the evacuees and those helping in the relief operations. 
  • There are thousands of Filipinos that were evacuated and need assistance.  I hope it’s okay that I will forward to you the email of Ateneo University that requests assistance to those affected 
  • Thank you for your continuous support and prayers for the Filipinos! Please continue to include us in your prayers as we prepare for the anticipated full eruption of the volcano. 

Remembering the PAC Conference in Shanghai

By Dr. Claire Ouyang, APCDA Macau Representative

December 13-14, 2019, People Achievement Consulting (PAC) held its 3rd Annual International Career Development Conference in Shanghai.

As the strategic partner of NCDA since 2011, PAC offers the Facilitating Career Development training program and credentialing services in China and beyond. This year’s conference discussed opportunities and challenges for the career development industry in China. From an industrial perspective, keynote speakers elaborated the global trend of talent development and challenges caused by Artificial Intelligence. From the educational perspective, discussions focused on the crucial role of career education in national educational development strategies and needs for career education and guidance in school settings as responds to the college entrance exam policy reformation in Mainland China. Front-line practitioners also shared successful experience and reflections during breakout sessions of the two-day conference followed by workshops. Attendees demonstrated their aspiration to elevate their practical abilities and skills.

APCDA was represented at this year’s conference by the Keynote Speaker Prof. Rebecca Dedmond and her in-depth observations on the global trend of educational reformation. Past President and Research Committee Chair Prof. Hsiu-Lan (Shelley) Tien, Macao Representative Dr. Claire Ouyang, and Taiwan Representative Anne Chen also attended the conference.

Prof. Hsiu-Lan Tien received the Outstanding Chinese Career Development Professional Award for her continuous devotion to nurturing and inspiring career scholars and practitioners in China and beyond. This award aims to honor and pass down an individual’s profound academic influence in the field of career development on Chinese cultural society. Prof. Tien shared her insights with the audience about the transforming yet solid role of career counselors nowadays after receiving this award.  She also provided a workshop introducing updated educational policies and trends which will be implemented in career curriculum design in Taiwan after the conference. Those sharing received warm responses from attendees.

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