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Member Recognition

Lifetime Member: Felicity Brown
Career Coach and Facilitator, Vietnam

By Lisa Raufman

Why I Became a Lifetime Member:

Phoenix Ho, now Vietnam Country Director, told me about APCDA in 2016.  When I first moved into the career development field back in 2011 and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I had become a member of CDAA (Career Development Association of Australia) thinking it was the nearest professional association.  I really had no idea that APCDA existed and regularly travelled to Australia for conferences to network and learn from others in the field.  So to hear that APCDA existed was a revelation!  I soon joined up and attended my first APCDA conference in Manila in 2017.  I didn't know a soul (except for Marilyn Maze via email) when I went to the Manila conference and it didn't take long til I realised I'd found my people.  I'll never forget the warm greeting that I received when I met Marilyn again 6 months later at the NAGCAS conference in Sydney in late 2017 - in her race to embrace me (it was pre-COVID days after all) she dropped her drinking glass!  

Professional Background:

I originally joined APCDA as an Organization Member for a couple of years before deciding to invest in this wonderful association as a Lifetime member.  In addition to working at an international university in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I run my own Career Coaching and Facilitation business, Maia Careers & Training.  I started this business in KL in 2014 which specializes in professional women in career transition - whether they be changing careers due to expatriation, migration, redundancy or choice.  I came to Careers work in my mid-forties after a long career in the Australian Government and prior to that in HR in banking.  Truthfully, I have been interested in Careers since my high school days and had considered Career Counsellor as a career choice each time I found myself in between careers.  

Career Development Training:

Finally, the timing was right and by 2011 there were Masters programs in Career Development offered in Australia for individuals who weren't teachers.  From 2011-2014, I completed a Masters of Career Development at Edith Cowan University (in Perth Western Australia) while living in Kuala Lumpur.  It had been 30 years since I left school and 25 years since I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics!  In February 2018, I achieved my ACC (Associate Certified Coach) level with the International Coaching Federation.  Very recently, I have become an Instructor for NCDA's Facilitating Career Development training course.  From what I can determine, I am the first FCD instructor in Vietnam and I am excited by the opportunity to train the next generation of career development practitioners here.

APCDA Contributions:

In 2019, I became Co-Chair of the APCDA Program Committee and this is one of the ways that I can give back to this great organization.  I've delivered a presentation at every APCDA conference that I've attended (Manila 2017, Beijing 2018 and Ho Chi Minh City 2019) and I was a proud host/organizer of the conference in 2019.  I look forward to many more years as a Career Coach and Facilitator and staying part of APCDA even when I return to live in Australia in 2022.  

APCDA Lifetime Member:  Dr. Xiaolu Hu

Professor, Department of Counselor Education, San Jose State University, CA, USA
By Dr. Lisa Raufman

Why I am a Lifetime APCDA Member?

I am currently a Professor at the Department of Counselor Education, College of Education, San Jose State University in San Jose California. I joined APCDA as a lifetime member as an adjunct for teaching graduate career counseling classes over the past thirty years with a desire to bring the concepts of career counseling to Chinese Higher Education. I have a strong interest in the development of career counseling in Asia including the Pacific Rim. Due to administrative and grant duties and responsibilities, I have had little opportunity to participate in conferences and participate in international activities. Now semi-retired, I hope to be more active in the career field.

Early Years and Career Development Training

I was born and raised in Beijing. I worked as a teacher in elementary and middle school prior to receiving my graduate degrees in China. I received an MA in Comparative Education from Beijing Normal University in 1982, and thereafter became faculty at the university. In 1985, I came to US as an visiting professor and received an MA in School Counseling (1986) and a Ph.D in Counseling and Human Development from Kent State University (1990) in Kent, Ohio. Being a student learning career counseling from the esteemed Dr. Mark Savickas, my career journey in this field motivated me to bring career counseling theories and services to China at a time when there was no counseling in China! 

Career Achievements

I coordinated the first career counseling training workshop in China with Professor Richang Zheng of Beijing Normal University, systematically introducing career counseling to China with Dr. Sunny Hansen, Professor, University of Minnesota and Dr. John Krumboltz, Professor, Stanford University.

During my 30 years at SJSU, I was promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor to Professor. I served as division and department Chair for thirteen years. I received a Fulbright Hays Grant in 1998 bringing 20 teachers and counselors from Silicon Valley to China to learn about Chinese Culture. In 1999, I was awarded a US Department of Education grant – GEAR UP ($4.3 million for six years) supporting students from low socioeconomic schools to go to college. In 2008, I co-directed another GEAR UP grant working with Dr. Andrew Hughey - a $14 million six-year grant. That grant provided us the opportunity to train Counselor Education students with career counseling and educational planning developing strategies and systematic support for achievement of underrepresented students.

During the past decade I took students three times to China for study abroad (Two study abroad classes and one at the behest of the San Francisco Chinese Consulate’s Education Office) and a delegation of interdisciplinary students from all colleges of SJSU.

I have presented often at colleges throughout China, met with national education ministers in China, and have hosted numerous delegations of Chinese education professionals visiting the United States. Following the Sichuan Earthquake of 2008, I was invited to China to provide training on crisis counseling also providing crisis counseling to affected education administrators in the region.

I joined and presented at APCDA conference in China in 2018. I hope to contribute and participate in more APCDA events in future.

APCDA Lifetime Member Bory You

Interview by Lisa Raufman

Bory You, APCDA Cambodia Country Representative
President of Talent Excellence Development Partner Co, LTD which provides Human Resources Consulting, Career and Performance Coaching services and supports SME (Subject Matter Expert) in Human Resources restructuring. She is a Certified Behavioral and Career Consultant, Instructor of Job Career Transition Coach and Certified Trainer for Women Entrepreneur Program by ILO.  Ms. You has held leadership positions in JCI Cambodia, Young Entrepreneur Association of Cambodia and Cambodia Women Entrepreneur Association.

What made you decide to become a lifetime APCDA member?

In 2018, she attended her first APCDA Conference in Manila, Philippines. The senior APCDA members were friendly, warm, and sharing, which inspired her to become involved. She found the senior APCDA members all expressing to her that they share the same value:  They like to share their knowledge and experience with all career practitioners.

She thought that the APCDA Conference provided her with many career tools, tips, and ideas. She continues to build an international network with career professionals by serving on the APCDA Board.  She loves her profession as Career Coach because she helps others in achieving their career goals.   

As a Lifetime member, she feels that she can look forward to sharing with more career professionals and that she will ultimately be able to provide more support to APCDA members.

Career Development Influences:

Mr. Richard L. Knowdell, MS, NCC, NCCC, GCDFI, who has been the President of Career Research & Testing, Inc., author of six books, many training materials and who trained her in Job Career Transition Coaching (JCTC) and Dr. Timothy Hsi, Founder of Abundanz Consulting and Master Trainer of the Singapore Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) program

Work Experience:

She has over 16 years’ experience in the banking industry, working in human resource and talent management for Canadia Bank PLC. Her best achievement in the Banking industry was successfully creating a performance management program on the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in 2010. Currently, she is the President of the Talent Excellence Development Partner Co, LTD.

Education and Training:

  • Master’s degree in Financial Management and bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the National University of Management, Phnom Penh
  • Certified Behavioral and Career Consultant, Advance Behavioral Consultant by Lifeskills/PeopleKey
  • Certified Job Career Development Coach by Career Network
  • Certified Trainer for Women Entrepreneur Leadership Program by ILO.
  • Certified KPI Professional by The KPI Institute


  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Performance Management Specialist
  • Career Development Coach
  • Human Resources Strategist

Volunteer Positions

  • Board Member, Federation of Education Services in Cambodia 2020-22 Board Member, Cambodia Women Entrepreneur Association for 2018-20
  • Vice President, Young Entrepreneur Association of Cambodia 2018-2021
  • Chapter President of JCI Phnom Penh-Cambodia in 2015
  • APCDA Cambodia Representative, 2017 - present

Youth programs founded by Ms. You:

Young Leader Program (YLP) for JCI Phnom Penh-Cambodia: started in 2015, this program has become a flagship program.  So far it has inspired around 500 young volunteers to become involved in leadership positions and in the SME sector.

Junior Entrepreneur Program (JEP) for Young Entrepreneur Association of Cambodia. This new program empowers young people to be involved in new creative initiatives and dare to take the lead in building more networks which will create opportunities for trainees to start their Entrepreneurship Journey.

Andrew Remington — Lifetime Member Interview

Interview by Lisa Raufman

I became involved with APCDA when it was being formed through attendance at the National Career Development Association (NCDA) Conferences in the US and later by attending APCDA Conferences.  As a member of the Executive of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) from 2010 to 2017, I hosting Rich Feller, Marilyn Maze, Cheri Butler and Dick Knowdell in Australia and met many other key APCDA members at APCDA and NCDA conferences and while serving as Treasurer of APCDA for several years.

I have admired the contributions of APCDA leadership to establish and ensure that this crucially important initiative in the region was vibrant, ongoing and sustainable. In renewing my APCDA membership this year I was able to join as a Legacy Lifetime member and in a small way contribute to the ongoing legacy established with those of vision, care and concern for professionals working within the field of career development and for those they serve in the Asia Pacific region.

Education -degrees, and certificates

  • TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (INTRODUCTION) – Total Quality Management Institute
  • Job and Career Transition Coach | Job and Career Development Coach – Career Planning and Adult Network, USA
  • QUALIFIED ISO 9000 AUDITOR, ISO 9000 Lead Assessor Certificate – IQA International Register of Certificated Auditors (P.E. Batalas)
  • Assessor Training, Quality Management, Quality Assurance Services
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator | Strong Interest Inventory (Australian Psychological Press, Melbourne)
  • Team Management Systems
  • Australian Interest Measure, Short Form
  • Perform Vocational Assessment and Outplacement for WorkCover & TAC Clients – Transport Accident Commission ACER Tests (Non-Psych Registered)

Professional influences

My early career in Commonwealth Employment Service (CES), beginning in the early 1970’s, afforded me the opportunity to work in employment advice, guidance and counselling. At that time there was an influx of refugees from Vietnam and the Middle East and the government introduced wage subsidies and training programs.  We developed specialist counselling services for people with disabilities, indigenous, ex-prisoners, youth, and the long-term unemployed.  We also did school visits to discuss career options.  My work in rehabilitation counselling in the prison system and various psychiatric hospitals afforded me a rare insight into those most vulnerable in society as they endeavoured to transition into mainstream society.

I have always been conscious of those facing significant difficulty in their lives and in particular have been passionate about Australia’s youth as they also transition into mainstream employment. I had the great fortune as a Regional Manager to implement and introduce the Australian Traineeship system to complement the Trade training system in Australian from mid-1980’s until 1990 when I moved into Executive Management. I joined the Victorian Chamber of Commerce in 2003, which enabled me to contribute nationally through the Australian Chamber of Commerce and was actively involved in contributing in writing and developing proposals that went to the Australian Government. This resulted in the funding and implementation of initiatives such as the Career Advice Australia network, the Employer Broker Scheme.

Your specialties, publications, contributions, awards (selected)

  • Certified Career Coach and Contract Service Provider Coach with extensive experience in the Employment Services and Vocational Education and Training sectors.
  • Accredited in behavioural psycho-metric personality instruments, and experienced, accredited rehabilitation counsellor for Workers Compensation and TAC – internationally
  • Recognised for professionalism and expertise in the career development space.
  • Contributions acknowledged through: ‘State Service Improvement Award’, Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs, and ‘Work For Australia’ Outstanding Achievement Certificate.
  • Recognised for career development policy and professional contribution in the Asia-Pacific region through the National Career Development Association (NCDA-USA) International Practitioner Award for 2017.
  • Institute of Managers & Leaders, Fellow, Bendigo regional Committee member
  • Career Development Association of Australia, Life Member, Incumbent Immediate Past National President and Ethics Committee Chair

Current Activities

I retired from the Chamber in 2015.   When I stepped down as National President of CDAA in 2017, I was awarded a Certificate in recognition of Outstanding Service and have since Chaired the Ethics Committee. I was awarded Life Membership of CDAA in 2019 in recognition of my contribution at State and National level over a 20-year period. I received Life Memberships at CDAA last September.

I am currently semi-retired and moved back to a rural location in Central Victoria at Bendigo where we raised our family of 4 children through the 1980’s & 1990’s. I have since moved into consulting across the VET, Higher Education and Career Transition space. I stay active in our field through sub-contracts with Outplacement Australia and also Randstad RiseSmart. I have enjoyed my journey and I hope it continues for some time yet.

Dr. Brian Hutchison — Lifetime Member Interview

Interview by Lisa Raufman

Growing up, books were my only contact with the world outside of the rural Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania. My working-class family had lived in my area for more than 220 years all as laborers, farm hands, and tradespersons before me. Much of my search for meaning as an adult has been to understand how I am the first Hutchison to go to college, build a white-collar career, and enter the upper middle class.

APCDA represents the fulfillment of two lifelong dreams. It represents my expanding scope of practice as a global career services professional and scholar. It also represents my interest and commitment to global citizenship. This is why I became a lifetime member of APCDA. It represents the best life I could have ever imagined for myself as a young person and so much more.

Educational Credentials

My bachelor’s degree is in social science education with a focus on middle and high school aged students. At the age of 35, I earned my Master’s in College Counseling with an emphasis in career and a certification in school counseling. At 38 I earned a Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision with an emphasis in career and a research agenda focused on poverty and education/ career development.

Today, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (mental health), Certified Career Counselor Educator (NCDA), and creator of the Advanced Career Facilitation for the 21st Century (ACF21) certification program. ACF21 training is recognized by the American Counseling Association, National Career Development Association, and International Coach Federation for Continuing Education Units.

Professional Experience

Currently, I am a Core Faculty in the Clinical Mental Health Program at Walden University after recently leaving my position of Department Chair at New Jersey City University. Prior to that, I held an academic appointment at University of Missouri – St. Louis.

I have been in private practice for 11 years. My focus has always been career counseling and coaching, although I did also see mental health clients during my first 3 years. Additionally, I have worked as a university career, community-based, and school counselor.

We all stand on the shoulders of others when we reflect on our career journey. More than anyone my grandmother, Rebecca “Grace” Gillam showed me the value of education and work. In fact, she graduated from high school the same year that I graduated from college which stands as a testament to lifelong career development in the truest sense of the word.  My earliest memory of work was going with her as she cleaned other people’s homes when I was only 4 or 5 years old.

In the Career Development field, Dr. Spencer “Skip” Niles is the one who saw something in me that I never saw in myself. Unasked, he nominated me for a prestigious fellowship award that allowed (some might say forced) me to study under him at Penn State University for my Ph.D. It is amazing to me that he went to such great lengths to help me know that a doctorate was something I deserved to pursue.

There are countless other influences that I don’t have space to name. I do believe that the aggregate of the 10,000+ clients and students I have worked with through the years deserve more credit for the professional I am than any individual person. If any of them read this, thank you.

Specialties, Awards, and Contributions

My scholarship focuses on career development as it impacts mental health, wellness, and school engagement. My practice is to influence the quality of career interventions that impact these three important factors with as many practitioners in as many places as I possibly can. I do this through teaching as a professor, training through the ACF21, keynote speeches, webinars, podcasts, and anything else that helps me positively impact career service professionals.

I am writing my second book and preparing a proposal for a third. My scholarly contributions include more than 30 journal articles and textbook chapters as well as dozens of columns, blogs, and professional articles. I also facilitate scholarship as Founding Editor of the Asia Pacific Career Development Journal which is published twice per year.

I have served as President of APCDA and MoCDA (Missouri), Treasurer of NCDA, and on various boards around the world. My work has been recognized with the Association of Humanistic Counseling Social Justice and Advocacy Award in 2015 and NCDA’s Merit Award this year (2020).

My desire is to strengthen the career development professional community so that we support, care for, and encourage one another to grow in our practice and service to clients. APCDA is the most exciting place for this to happen and for that I am eternally (or at least for this lifetime ;-) grateful.

Lifetime Member Mrs. Gyulnur Ismayil, CMF, GCDF

By Lisa Raufman

In your own words, what made you decide to become a lifetime APCDA member:

Joining APCDA as a regular member has impacted my life so greatly. I have spent more than 10 years in the field of career development and held memberships with many leading associations around the globe. Until 2015 nothing has affected me as much as my membership with the APCDA. It is a tremendously rich, vibrant and dynamic learning platform that creates an irreplaceable opportunity of meeting people from around the world. Different cultures, work perspectives, patterns of communication and cooperation can be found within APCDA, which leads to a better insight as well as provides an opportunity to understand global trends in career guidance, career education & research.

Actually experiencing APCDA's vision of sharing career development ideas and practices in the Asia Pacific region and engaging the world about these insights helped me to initially decide to represent my native country on the Board at first, and later to consider Lifetime membership. Now, as a successor fto our association's Executive Director role, I think the decision was indeed timely; both commitment- and responsibility-wise.

Joining APCDA is a great experience of internationalization, broadening your outlook, deepening your knowledge in the field, extending horizons of your network and having an opportunity to impact on a greater scale.


  • BA/MA in International and Area Studies from the Volgograd State University, Russian Federation
  • MA in Diplomacy and International Affairs from the University on Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Career and Talent Management from the Middlesex University & CIPD, United Kingdom

Professional certifications & qualifications:

  • Career Management Fellow, Institute of Career Certification International (ICCI), October 2018
  • Certified Global Career Development Facilitator (first qualified facilitator in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region, Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE), USA, April 2015
  • Global Career Development Facilitator, Certified Training Participant (120 CEU), National Career Development Association, USA, November 2014
  • Certified MBTI Administrator, American Management Association, USA, July 2011

Professional influences and career philosophy:

Gyulnur Ismayil was a founding Director of Career Services with one of the leading universities in Azerbaijan, where she remained for the last 9 years with her duties evolving to include training of career professionals, career education and guidance for the students/alumni of the University. Her position also provided Gyulnur with the opportunity to work with a number of international experts and consultants in the field that helped her grow professionally in the role, as well as increased added value for the University. Since 2009, she has designed a number of career development programs to meet the needs of BA and MA students of ADA, created career counseling strategies and established well-tailored employer relations strategies to penetrate local and international labor markets. Several of those programs have been academically incorporated to meet University requirements. Additionally, Gyulnur trained a team of Career Advisors to teach a skills course on Career Development Skills & Strategies followed by a credit–bearing internship for each undergraduate student of the University. Working with her team, she established professional seminars and PD Labs based on major curriculum courses. Recently, Gyulnur and her Career Services team received a record number of alumni placements.  Her current role consolidates the full scope of  support services for students including career planning, student life, alumni affairs, global outreach and partnerships. 

Furthermore, Gyulnur has been continuously engaged with other local universities to assist them in their efforts to establish successful career services with effective career guidance and counseling programs. Through the collaborative activities of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ministry of Education and the British Council, she delivered conference speeches and took part in discussion forums on graduate employability. Gyulnur also consulted with more than 200 students of partner universities to help them in their career choice and decision-making.

Lastly, through a number of government initiatives, Gyulnur engaged in civil servant trainings on soft and people skill areas. Within the last 4 years she personally trained more than 20 civil servants, up to 50 private sector specialists, and nearly 100 youth from other Universities and High Schools.

Memberships & Publications:

  • Asia Pacific Career Development Association member since 2015, Board Member since 2018, Lifetime member since 2019
  • Board of Governors of the Institute of Career Certification International member since 2018
  • National Association of Colleges and Employers, USA, member since 2009
  • National Career Development Association, USA, member since 2009
  • ‘ADA University: Model University – Employer Cooperation’ (private-public partnership), Career Convergence Web-Magazine, NCDA, March 2015
  • Young Researchers Union at the Volgograd State University member (prepared conferences, practitioner seminars, participated in various research-based events, prepared and conducted number of presentations to student and staff audience as part of my responsibility to my course)
  • Russian Canadian Studies Community in Russia member, February 2004 – 3rd class Diploma in ‘Young Professionals and Students Research Works in Social Sciences’ competition
  • ‘Canadian Counter-Terrorism Measures after 9/11’, Canadian Letters: collection of young writers’ articles; Vol.1; Volgograd scientific publishing: March 2005
  • ‘The concept of "Smart Borders" and meantime US-Canada cross border security cooperation’, "Old" and "New" borders in Eurasia and the Northern America: security and cooperation problems; International conference papers; Vol.1; Volgograd scientific publishing: February 2004

Remembering the PAC Conference in Shanghai

By Dr. Claire Ouyang, APCDA Macau Representative

December 13-14, 2019, People Achievement Consulting (PAC) held its 3rd Annual International Career Development Conference in Shanghai.

As the strategic partner of NCDA since 2011, PAC offers the Facilitating Career Development training program and credentialing services in China and beyond. This year’s conference discussed opportunities and challenges for the career development industry in China. From an industrial perspective, keynote speakers elaborated the global trend of talent development and challenges caused by Artificial Intelligence. From the educational perspective, discussions focused on the crucial role of career education in national educational development strategies and needs for career education and guidance in school settings as responds to the college entrance exam policy reformation in Mainland China. Front-line practitioners also shared successful experience and reflections during breakout sessions of the two-day conference followed by workshops. Attendees demonstrated their aspiration to elevate their practical abilities and skills.

APCDA was represented at this year’s conference by the Keynote Speaker Prof. Rebecca Dedmond and her in-depth observations on the global trend of educational reformation. Past President and Research Committee Chair Prof. Hsiu-Lan (Shelley) Tien, Macao Representative Dr. Claire Ouyang, and Taiwan Representative Anne Chen also attended the conference.

Prof. Hsiu-Lan Tien received the Outstanding Chinese Career Development Professional Award for her continuous devotion to nurturing and inspiring career scholars and practitioners in China and beyond. This award aims to honor and pass down an individual’s profound academic influence in the field of career development on Chinese cultural society. Prof. Tien shared her insights with the audience about the transforming yet solid role of career counselors nowadays after receiving this award.  She also provided a workshop introducing updated educational policies and trends which will be implemented in career curriculum design in Taiwan after the conference. Those sharing received warm responses from attendees.

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