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Schedule by Time Zones

Walking on Uncharted Career Paths
2021 Annual Conference
May 19 – 29, 2021

For the virtual conference, the date and time of the conference depends on your location.  The links on this schedule allow you to download a schedule for the conference where you are located.

Click on your location for an accurate schedule for conference events.

Note:  The dates in North America are one day ahead of Asia & Pacific


May 18 -28

Asia & Pacific

May 19 - 29

North America East Coast

10 PM – 1 AM *


3 – 7 PM

North America Central

9 PM – Midnight *

New Zealand

2 – 5 PM

North America Mountain

8 – 11 PM *

East Australia, Guam

Noon - 3 PM

North America Pacific

7- 10 PM PM *

South Australia

11:30 AM – 2:30 PM


4 – 7:00 PM

Korea, Japan

11 AM – 2 PM

China, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Western Australia

10 AM -1 PM

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia

9 AM - Noon

Bangladesh, Kazakhstan

8 – 11 AM

India, Sri Lanka

7:30 – 10:30 AM


7 – 10 AM


6 – 9 AM

* We believe this region is observing Daylight Savings Time.

In addition to the scheduled events, the conference website will be open from May 19 through June 19.  Before these events take place, please plan your networking to take advantage of the other attendees.  Through the conference website, you may request meetings with attendees or exhibitors.  During the time the conference is open, a Networking Lounge will be available for information networking.  Please post topics on the Event Feed that you want to discuss with other attendees. 

After May 29, the recordings will be available so you can watch any that you missed.  There will be 6 simultaneous breakout sessions, so it is likely that you will want to watch some of them later as recorded sessions.

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