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Conference Presentations


Topic Presenters Session
Why and How Purpose Comes Before Career Keis 111
Four-Step Career Development Model for Working with Clients with Disabilities Anctil, Peterman 113
Metrics Matter When Building a Sustainable Career Development Sector Hopkins 121
Making Career Choices is Hard; Mindfulness Makes it Easier Rizzi 122
Learning to Become Prophets of Realistic Optimism Schwartz 133
A Deep Dive into Career Engagement Across the Life Span Borgen 153
Sustainability and Career Development: Implications for Career Practitioners McMahon 161
The Career Development Experience of Azerbaijan Alakbarov 163
Career Development Around the World Romero-Rodríguez 182
Accelerating Your Career as a Young Career Professional Abbas 183
careerED™ Practice Excellence Program: Develop your clarity, capability and confidence 203
Career Activities to Engage Clients (and help them learn!) Pritchard  213
Beyond the Basics: Supporting the Career Development of Diverse Clients Borgen  222
The Career Mapping Project: The Missing Link in Education Planning Pardy 223
Calling on the United Nations for an International Day of Careers and Livelihood Redd 231
Knowing Me, Helping You; Designing Sustainable Futures Gatenby 251
Well Begun is Half Done: Content-Process-Context Assessment and Intervention Planning Levin 253
Using Mindfulness-Based Career Development (MBCD) to Create Careers with Hope Niles  271
Adaptations of Kuder Career Assessments™ in Asia Tham 303
Paradigm Shift in Job Search Joseph 311
Creating Effective Outcome-based Experiential and Work-integrated Learning for all Stakeholders and Contexts Godden 313
Panarchy, Pandemic, and Lifelong Careers: Adaptations to Galvanize Youth Montgomery  321
Thriving Through Hope and Action - A Reflective Career Recovery Journey Online Carlson 333
Using Challenge Mindset for Career Exploration in Youths Ku 353
3D Learning from the Pandemic: Dream, Design, Deliver Gatenby 361
Mapping Career Counseling Interventions as an Innovative Way to Navigate Uncharted Career Paths Rochat  371
Opening Doors: Integrating Learning & Career Transition in China Leung 372
IAEVG National Correspondents Meet and Share Dreams for Vocational Guidance in Their Country Goodman 374
Guiding Principals of Career Development: Career Work in Action Ibrahim 411
Thinking Like an Employer to Help Your Clients Succeed Sanders-Park  531
Application of Korean Alas for the Corporate Population in Korea Lee 542
Lifelong Guidance in the Heart of Lifelong Learning Vuorenin 551
Nurturing an Ecosystem for Lifelong Career Development Ibrahim 611
Hope-Action through Intergenerational Mentoring Amundson 621
Challenges of Managing Work and Family Roles in Time of COVID Pandemic and Rapid Technology Changes Cinnamon 651
Global Perspectives in Innovative Practices Symposium Vilhjálmsdóttir 661
5 Keys to Helping People Start Careers Sanders-Park 711


Topic Presenters Session
A Glimpse at Possible Futures: Involving Graduates in Student Formation Dela Cruz 172
Preparing for AI-based Interviews using Career Construction Theory Jones 233
Facilitating Career Development Services in Metaverse: RMIT Virtual Job Shop Phung  272
Evidence-based Practice: Developing a Career Accelerator Program for Post-secondary Graduates Ho 322
Understanding Generation Z in the Job Search Le 332
Careers and Employability Learning in Higher Education: Pedagogical Principles and Process Healy 351


Topic Presenters Session
Ethical Practice in the Gig Economy Pickerell 112
Client Engagement in the Times of Uncertainty Danaher 123
Remote Opportunities: Setting the Stage for Gen Z Rafi 151
Career Support Program for Single Women among "Employment Ice Age Generation" in Japan Hasegawa 152
The Development and Validation of Career Vision Inventory in Chinese Culture Tien 162
Knowing Your Value & Driving Force through Life Game "Golden Thread" Ikeda 173
FCD Training/Certification in Singapore and Kuwait: Considerations and Solutions Weaver Paquette 211
MAP – Metrics Activation Program Kibble 212
Building Innovative Employability Based University Curriculum Coffey 252
Becoming Irreplaceable in Industry 4.0 Ng 261
Updating Counseling Models and Theories by a Case Study Approach Mizuno 262
Career Development in the Business Sector: A US Perspective Pritchard  331
Taking on the Challenge of Decent Work as a Lifelong Career Development Ooi 362
Life Design in the Era of 100 Years of Life in Japan and the Support Required of Career Counselors in the Future Asaka 363
Supporting an Age-Diverse Workforce: Global Perspectives on Meaningful Work and Employability Luke 373
Professionalizing Career Services Delivery in Singapore and a Data-Driven Approach to Service Design Ng 511


Topic Presenters Session
Career Development Needs of Chinese International Students in U.S. Graduate Schools of Education Zhang 114a
 The Effects of Contextual and Personal Factors on Career Decision Self-Efficacy for Asian International Students Shao  114b
Cases for Career Consultants to Improve their Skill of Counseling for Foreign Employees in Japanese Companies Koyama 124a
Making the Case for Hiring International Students: Employer Perspectives Arthur 124b
Dispositional Employability and Career Adaptability of University Students Brown 134a
Validation and Reliability of Protean and Boundaryless Career Attitudes Scale for Undergraduate Student in Indonesia Verent 134b
A Systemic, Qualitative Exploration of Career Adaptability among Young People with Refugee Backgrounds Abkhezr 154
Work Orientations of Students and Employed Adults: Associations with Academic and Career Factors Willner 164a
Work Values over Time: Factor Structure Differences between Early- and Mid-Career Professionals Arosh 164b
Impact of a Structured Curriculum on Students’ Preparation for Internship and Work-Readiness Theng 174a
Using Single-item Scale to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Career Development Programs Ahn 174b
A Policy Framework for understanding Career Guidance in K-12 Schools Godden 214
Multi-level Career Adaptability Intervention Motivates Job Seekers to Adopt Effective Behaviors Tan 224a
Career Calling, Role Balance and Life Satisfaction among Female Counsellors in Malaysia Voon  224b
The Latest Evidence on Interview Anxiety and Performance: Implications for Interview Skills Training Lin-Stephens 232
Tourism & Hospitality Students’ Career Attitude during COVID-19 & Implication for Career Counselors Pham 234a
Is Think Pilot Think Man Stereotype Still Prevalent? Gender Ratio and Occupational Gender Stereotypes Adachi 234b
Professional Career Counseling in Companies: Innovation and the Need for Innovation in Collaboration Weber  254a
Adult Guidance – The Need for Innovative and Evolving Approaches Neary  254b
Innovation in Career Development: Perspectives from Career Development Experts Kettunen 264a
The Process of Career Development of Youths by Participating in “Communities of Practice” Morita 264b
Assessing Curiosity in Job Candidates Yang 274a
Validation of the Decent Work Scale with a Social Recognition Component among Chinese Young Adult Social Workers Su 274b
Publishing in an International Journal Nota 283
Adult ADHD in Motion: Workplace Physical Activity and Improved Occupational Outcomes Conway  314a
Supporting the Career Development of Homeless Youth Kennedy 314b
Efficacy of a Group Career Intervention with Unemployed Individuals in Singapore: A Mixed-method Approach Hsi 324a
Finding Meaning Within and Outside Prison Korey 324b
Enhancing the Career Capabilities of NEET Youth in Hong Kong: An Experience-driven Framework Su 334a
Career Journey of Young Mariners through LIFE Program in the New Normal May 334b
What Women Veterans Want: Work Life Support for Women Veterans on Leaving the UK Armed Forces Glendinning 354a
Career & infertility Colliding: The Paradox Model of Infertility Giving Birth to Change Parampota 354b
Nourishing Student Experience through Vocational Guidance Dos Santos 364a
Relationship between Perceived Future Employability and Proactivity of Undergraduate Students in Indonesia Angelica  364b
Global Perspectives in Innovative Research Symposium Arthur 561

School (K-12)

Topic Presenters Session
A Romanian School Counsellor Guide on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Career Development Andrei 131
 Career Development Micro-Credential for In-Service & Pre-Service Educators Magnusson 132
Career Ideas and Lessons for K-12 and Beyond Danaher 312
Developing Multicultural Competencies for Serving Chinese High School Students Zhang 323
Early, Often & Integrated: a Technology-Infused Career Education Program from Primary to School Leavers Bright 352

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