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Supervision and training webinars

    • 01 Oct 2024
    • 9:00 PM - 10:30 PM
    • Recorded Webinar

    Recorded Webinar

    Peer Supervision for the Helping Professional

    By Dr. Timothy Hsi
    Recorded on January 27, 2021

    Traditionally, practitioners from the helping professions are required to receive clinical supervision form a senior practitioner/supervisor as part of their professional development.  However, as career practice in much of the Asia Pacific region is still in its early stages of development, there are currently very few qualified career supervisors within the community.  Until this changes, a highly effective alternative is for career practitioners to engage in peer supervision as part of their professional development.  This approach harnesses the power of social learning (Bandura, 1971) which proposes that new behaviors can be acquired by observing and emulating others.  Dr. Timothy Hsi will explain the process of peer supervision and the benefit for organizations.

    Dr. Timothy Hsi is the Founding President of the Career Development Association of Singapore (CDAS) and founder of Abundanz Consulting Pte Ltd.  He was instrumental in the development of a whole new generation of career practitioners in Singapore from 2015.  Dr. Tim currently teaches career counseling and psychotherapy at the Australian College of Applied Psychology and travels regularly across Asia, educating and training individuals to be career practitioners.

    • 01 Oct 2024
    • 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM
    • Zoom

    Recorded Webinar

    7 Practice Supervision Approaches to Support Career Development

    By Jeremiah Wong

    Recorded June 15, 2023

    The importance of clinical supervision or career practitioner supervision cannot be understated. Especially in the next decade of tumultuous growth and intensified VUCA world of work. As career life becomes ever more complex from an intra-personal and person and environmental perspective – therefore, we need sound, quality, founded and ethical supervision in career services delivery, career services design, practice standards and policy, coupled with personalized continuing development for every career development practitioner.

    Despite its importance, clinical supervision or career practitioner supervision are often not prioritized or known by public or private career development organizations, possibly due to:

    1. Low awareness or misunderstanding of about career practitioner supervision
    2. Lack of qualified and competent career practitioner supervisors
    3. Emphasis on practitioner outcomes versus practice efficacy & growth
    4. Lack of enthusiasm from CDPs to receive practice supervision

    In this webinar, we want to draw attention to this matter, to create awareness, dispel myths, and articulate the benefits of career practitioner supervision. To do so, we will showcase content related to:

    1. Introduction to 4 roles and functions of clinical supervisors
    2. 7 approaches that Career Development Practice Supervisors can use such as: Practice-to-Theory & Theory-to-Practice approach in Supervision of Career Development & Counselling/Coaching Models, Career Case Conceptualization, Ethical Considerations in Practice, Assessments in Supervision

    Mr. Jeremiah Wong is a Clinical Supervisor and Educator for Career Practitioners in Singapore. He started his career in the military and progressed into employment services as a Career Coach serving more than 4,000 individuals. Jeremiah was involved in the national capability design and development of Career Development Practitioners in Singapore and he trains budding Career Counsellors as a Senior Lecturer in Republic Polytechnic. Jeremiah is one of two trainers outside of US recognized by the National Career Development Association (NCDA) to conduct a 45-hour career supervision program, leading to the NCDA Certified Clinical Supervisor of Career Counselling. Jeremiah has been a member of the APCDA and was awarded the APCDA Outstanding Educator of Career Professional Award in 2022.

    • 01 Oct 2024
    • 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM
    • Webinar

    Recorded Webinar

    Thinking Soft Skills for Workforce. Think Critical Core Skills.

    By Corrine Peng and Hannah Lennon
    Recorded on September 24, 2020

    The adoption of technology, automation and digitalization over the years have led to the transformation at work and in living. The current COVID-19 crisis has accelerated these changes, impacting the lives of billions around the world. In the past, individuals and employers have assigned lower priority to soft skills while emphasizing technical skills acquisition for employment and careers. The crisis provides a timely reminder on the importance of building soft skills that would allow individuals to stay resilient, agile and connected in the increasingly digitalized world.  What can our career practitioners do to change the mindset of individuals related to soft skills, to encourage them to develop these skills and apply them to serve their lifelong career-learning development? A set of 16 Critical Core Skills for the Singapore workforce identified in consultation with industries will be introduced.

    Corrine Peng, a Jobs-Skills Analyst at SkillsFuture Singapore, collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to develop and derive jobs-skills insights and skills trends relating to evolving sector landscape and end users’ needs. She also engages with other teams of the organization to participate in jobs-skills analysis and proof-of-concept (POC) projects. With an extensive background and experience in capability and professional development, Corrine has contributed immensely to the development of Skills Frameworks and Critical Core Skills.

    Hannah Lennon, a Project Manager for Mercer’s Talent Consulting Business in Singapore, is a Project Manager for the SkillsFuture Framework Implementation in various industries in Singapore.  Ms. Lennon specializes in understanding how the future of work impacts jobs and skills and is passionate about enabling organizations to create meaningful employee experiences.  She gained valuable industry and cultural insights working with clients across multiple sectors, notably Financial Services, Education, Manufacturing, and Fast-moving Consumer Goods, both in the United Kingdom and Singapore.  Ms Lennon earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from University College London in 2015.

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