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Storytelling is a powerful tool that creates an emotional bond between learners and lessons. iikonz is an upskilling academy that was founded with the vision to empower children and adults to stay ahead of the game through extensive use of this powerful tool of storytelling. Our carefully planned curriculum is designed to impart value education and improve emotional intelligence that is needed to acquire new and relevant skills in any field. Our live interactive classes are conducted using tools like storytelling and theatre to make the training engaging and fun. These instructor-led training sessions use powerful and engaging presentations designed to motivate learning through interactive activities and quizzes.

iikonz offers live, online and offline coaching programs for children of various age groups starting from 4 year olds. Our programs are planned to strengthen their communication skills and develop public speaking skills with a strong emphasis on emotional intelligence.

We offer various live, online and offline training programs and workshops for adults using storytelling and theatre-based coaching. These programs and workshops will prove beneficial to teachers, parents, budding storytellers, creative story writers and story makers. 

We offer career counseling services to enable students and professionals to choose the most suitable career path matching their personality based on their psychological interests, abilities and skill set. We also offer International Certified Career Development Professionals program that certifies people as career coaches and counsellors.

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